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Ah, finally a theme that works in EVERY browser. I’ve been true quite some themes and most were visually impressive but that allways comes at a prize. Every theme I had so far had small display issues depending in what browser you looked at it.

This one is now to stay, plain, simple, clean with all the focus on the content and not the design. Just as it should be.

Glad you love it – thank you for the great comment!

I sent in some updates to this theme today so watch the item description / twitter to see when it’s ready for an upgrade. (upgrades are always free)

About the coming update, is it just some bugfixes or did you add some functionality?

What I realy mis in this theme is some shortcodes to create 2 or 3 columns of text, do you think that might be an option for future upgrades?

Hey there see the item description under “9/2/2010 Updates” for more info – thanks!

Hi Cudazi,

I have another question… I am trying to resize the height of the slider on the home page.

To do so I entered the promo_height custom field of 600, then uploaded my featured image (whose height is 600 px). There was no change in the slider height -the only difference was my 600 px image was centered.

Next I went to functions.php and changed the height to 600 there…. still no luck. Can you point me in the right direction?

Many thanks!!

If you change the “featured image” add_image_size attributes, you need to re-attach the images to see the effects.


Hi Cudazi,

I have one more quick question….

I’d like to remove the page title from the top of my pages, specifically two of em that have graphics right at the top.

Is there any easy way of doing this? I tried to make the font white (.post h2 a, .post h2 { color:#FFFFFF; }) in the custom CSS area. This worked for all page titles, which I do need the titles to show up on the blog entries so I need to think of another way.

Any advice is greatly appreciated man. Thank you!!!

This theme uses the post_class function, which adds post/page specific classes to the body tag:

<body class="single single-post postid-264" />

You could then style pages individually by adding additional CSS in the theme settings page:

.postid-264 h2 { display:none; }

Or similar…

I am a total amateur when it comes to building blogs/websites and I had no idea going into this that I would need to purchase a cPanel account. I have spent the past 5 hours trying to figure out how to download this theme onto my wordpress account, only to realize I need to spend money I don’t have.

is there anyway around cpanel? or is there any way I can receive a refund on this theme?

thank you,

very frustrated user

The (free) accounts only use the provided themes, takes full advantage of any theme available as well (ThemeForest, etc…) allowing you to control the site 100%.

Please visit for more information on WordPress or ThemeForest support for any refund/issues.


I’m having trouble with the thumbnail pics. How do I adjust the position and size so that it fits the way I wanted?

I’ve search all over but still couldn’t find the solution.


The thumbnails are created automatically by WordPress “Featured Image”, the sizes/dimensions are defined with the add_image_size functions.


I’m sorry i didn’t explain correctly. What I wanted is to be able to crop the image for thumbnails. The size of thumbnail would be the same as the default, but sometimes cropping is not enough to fit the whole logo. That’s why I need to crop and resize as well.

thank you very much..


I’m still not quite sure what you’re asking, you could crop the images beforehand to the same proportions before the image gets resized using the “featured image” feature.

Please see the link above for additional information.


I love this theme. I got it when I purchased the Envato Birthday Bundle. Because it came in the bundle, I have to download the bundle as a whole, and as a result the update doesn’t show up in my downloads section. Is there another way that I can get the update for the theme. I really want to use the new WP menu system. Thanks.

To be honest, I’m not sure how the bundle and updates work – Envato support may be a better place to ask – thanks!


I am having trouble setting up the image slider. I want to feature a few images on a page and only have copy without any posts. So for a example, for an about us page that I made using the home template. How do I add the image slider to the top of that?

Thanks, Shawn

Hey Shawn, check the documentation on the add_images add_urls custom fields if you do not want to use the featured image / resizing. Thanks!

Is there and easy way to add paging to the home page?

Hi. I recently purchased this and so far very pleased (just setting up at the moment). But I cannot find the PSD file(s), where should they be?

There is a folder titled /PSDs/ alongside the /Theme/, /_Help/, and /License/ folders.

OOPS – found it. Sorry I was looking in the theme folder.

I’ve also purchased your 960 WordPress template. Is it possible to incorporate the Lighibox on images in your Open template.

I’ve also purchased your 960 WordPress template. Is it possible to incorporate the Lightbox on images in your Open template.

I will need to check the help file again to see if you can set the link of the auto-thumbnails to link to an image but in general a lightbox should work fine, try FancyBox for WordPress for images you insert into the post content.

Thanks for your reply. Can you let me know about the auto-thumbnails.

I must have been thinking of another theme/function, in includes > default post display, you can see where the thumbnail and it’s link are coming from. Thanks, Curt

How do we add custom item to header menu?

Presently it only shows pages automatically but we would like to add other links which are not pages.

The latest version of OPEN supports the new menu system which has this functionality, otherwise there are many plugins to enhance the older style menu system.


Just another question, instead of slider I want to add a widget.

I have added a text widget in Home Promo Area.

Its not displaying on the Homepage how to activate it.

Greetings, I purchased this theme via the Birthday Bundle and was wondering if there was a way to receive the new version that supports wp 3.0 menus?


hello! I love this theme, but want to make sure it can do what I need.

- I already have a portfolio website with all images 700px wide. Therefore, I would need the theme to have two columns on all portfolio pages. I saw that two columns was an option for the homepage, just wanted to make sure it can be used site wide. Is there any way to see this two column layout on a portfolio page?

- What would be able to go in the second column/sidebar? Could i place my Portfolio categories here for easy portfolio navigation?


Hey there,

The main column on a page such as this one is 620px.

The portfolio template auto-sizes images to 220px but could be customized with a little php+css knowledge.

The second sidebars can be found here but you can always change them or customize with something like the “Widget Logic” plugin to get really exact control as well.


Like CraftyDevon, I purchased this theme via the Birthday Bundle as well. I did not see an answer to that question about the 3.0 updates from . I can’t seem to access it via Themeforest download page.

I also cannot see the Post Thumbnails in the Add New Post section.

I have been able to answer some of my own questions by reviewing the comments from the top.

I surmise the following:

“Featured Image” replaces the “Post Thumbnail”; therefore, you cannot have any images on your portfolio that are not appearing in the promo slider on the home page. I am building a site for an artist that has 200 art pieces. She only wants a few images featured. How do I get an image to show up in the Portfolio template, but omit from the Home page promo Slider?

I’m told from support that birthday bundle items are one-time purchases so to get the updated version, you would need to purchase a regular item which gets free updates.

Correct – featured image replaced post thumbnail in WordPress 3.0. Be sure you’re running the latest version.

For your situation, I would put all art posts in the same category but for the ones you want on the home, give an additional category like “featured” and then tell the slider to pull only that category’s id in. See the help file for setting that promo category id on the home page.