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I think this theme is brilliant. Simple, stylish and very flexible. Congratulations!

I have one very basic question that I cannot figure out. The default font colour is grey and I want to change it to Black. I have searched high and low in the css files but cannot see where it is getting set. Could you please help?

Thanks again!


If the default color isn’t changing for you in the CSS , try what they use on this page: http://github.com/sorccu/cufon/wiki/styling


Thanks Cudazi! I am now very unlikely to purchase these bundles – did not realize that you didn’t get updates.

Thanks for the suggestion to resolve my challenge with the home slider. I’ll make a slight variation on that.

Hey there, to be honest, it never crossed my mind either since I wasn’t in one until this year.

Either way, it’s a good deal and a way to test out the files. WordPress 3 just added some quirks that needed fixing. :)

Thanks, Curt

Curt pls help me out here. I bought this one in the bundle.

I’ve never used wordpress in my life. But still I handle to install it, and activate the theme. But I don’t get any images, slider, nothing. just an exmaple post. And I can’t find where in the “wp admin” can I edit all these stuff, I mean where do I edit the Slider? Where do I upload pictures? How do I access/edit each and every single page. I only get an “about” page. and that’s it. Should I edit the PHP files?

I just want it to look exactly as in the PREVIEW here, that’s it.

Please help me out, I feel complety lost.



Ok I got he home page with the slider working, thanks to your screenr vid. But still there are SO MANY FEATURES that are NEEDED to be SET UP before they can show up on the website. I find this so hard, harder than plain HTML . Are you planning on uploading more SCREENRs? How do we fully set it up? How to handle all those CUSTOM FIELD NAMES , and VALUES , they all look like PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE to me. I just want my website to look like the PREVIEW . How hard can that be?


Please take your time and explore the help file, note that most settings are optional.

This allows people to re-use many of the same templates with multiple option sets on a per page or per post basis.

My best advice is to set up about 10 sample posts, assign some categories, and set the “Featured Image” (very important last step, in the help file).

Then, any settings you apply on the custom page templates (see help file) will make a lot more sense.

Thanks, Curt

Hello! I haven’t purchased yet but have a couple more questions.

- Can I switch the columns in the body so the sidebar is floating left, content area floating right? I tried it with Firebug and it screwed with the header as well.

- See this portfolio listing layout: http://eighthourday.com/work/bastianskoog-website/ I want to do something just like this, with several images down the page and a description to the side. I know it can be done with tables, but is there a way to achieve this with one of your layouts?

- I want the subcategories to be visible when under that section. For example, Click Portfolio, you would see the sub-navigation on that page to click through (Print, Web, Multimedia, etc). Is this something I’d need to hard code? What file could I place this code in?


Hey there,

There won’t be a point and click way to accomplish customizations to this extent but if you know HTML /PHP and some WordPress it can be done.

The site is built on the http://960.gs grid system which is very flexible as far as layout options.

Thanks and best of luck deciding. :)

Is it possible to change the dimensions of the home page image slider ?

Yes, you can make it taller/shorter but the width should stay as-is – thanks!

Where do I change the widget header color? Thanks.

You can add-on css in the custom settings page without having to edit the original css but first, I would suggest downloading a plugin called FireBug. It will allow you to fake-edit the site without causing any harm, it will reveal what styles are being used and where to locate them.

Here’s a nice link about it: http://jasonbobich.com/web-design/how-to-make-your-own-css-customizations-easily-with-firebug/

Are video portfolio posts supported?


The thumbnails do need to be images (like a thumbnail of the video) but the posts themselves can contain anything you wish.


Thanks for this info – it was helpful! http://jasonbobich.com/web-design/how-to-make-your-own-css-customizations-easily-with-firebug/

I’m still trying to figure out how to remove the rule under the widget title. The rule doesn’t show up on the widgets on the home page, just the interior pages. I tried removing the hr css style but that just gave me a darker rule. Thanks.

Try adding this below, thanks!

.widget hr { display:none; }

That worked – thanks!!!

Hi, this theme is great. i would like to know if it possible to remove link from the slider. i just want to have the picture sliding. how can i do that ?


Hey there,

In page-custom-home.php remove (or comment out) the link in lines 97 and 99 if you’re using the images being pulled from the “Featured Image”.


Got an issue lightbox and fancybox. The script launch but display under the menu and the post images.

Check screen.css, you can probably lower my z-index settings to a lower number, just put “main” one below…


Hi Curt,

I am having trouble including/excluding categories on specific pages. I am working on moultonstudio.com. Here is a link to a video that shows what I am struggling with. http://screencast.com/t/1fRMBn8h

If you have time, a little heads up would be wonderful.


Hey David,

Thank you for the screencast, it was very helpful to investigate.

Actually, adding category ID 16 only should be ok, by including 16, you’re effectively excluding all others. The field you have is manipulating the cat= you will see here: http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/query_posts#Category_Parameters

When using the custom category page template to create a blog or multiple blogs/sub blogs, be sure you do not have a page set under Settings > Reading > Posts page or wordpress will use index.php instead of the handy reusable custom category page template.

Let me know on the reading settings – thanks!

Actually I discovered that my mental model of how this all works was off. I think I have it. Thanks for the link, I will compare what I have working to it and see if there is additional functionality that I am missing.



This is a perfect Theme for our needs = Thank you!

http://www.halfpluseight.com/ WP – 3.0

Why can’t I get my Ordered Lists to read properly in the Sidebar Text Widgets?

If you could lead me to where I can make this work, I’d be grateful.

Thank you, Scott

Hey Scott, great work – plus I’m a huge fan of PDX .

I’m not 100% sure what you’re referring to – you can always add-on CSS through the theme settings page to alter the list styles, ex:

.textwidget OL { margin-left:20px; }
.textwidget OL LI { padding:2px 2px 10px 2px; }

(just a sample…)

Cudazi – thanks for the Kudos and Props to PDX and the Very quick reply.

I tried adding the CSS you sent to the Theme Setting page and still no luck.

I’ve posted an example of what I’m trying to do here:


It’s all about the Indents.

Thanks again for your help. Scott

Sorry, you had mentioned Ordered lists (OL) you can change what I sent to UL which is the Unordered lists.

Also, to the .textwidget OL LI , add: list-style-type:disc;


Thank you cudazi,

The addition to the CSS got me half way there.

The indents are working … but…

The Bullets are still not showing.

Any clues?

I tried some other CSS from your link “w3schools” with no luck.

Thank you

I think it may be just a problem with it not being specific enough in the CSS , by default I have the list item bullets hidden so we’ll need to go with:

.widget .textwidget li { list-style-type:disc; }

Or, remove this from screen.css but it will cause your other items to have bullets…

.widget UL LI



.widget .textwidget li { list-style-type:disc; }

Worked like a charm = Thanks a Ton!

BTW – I’ll probably be purchasing your Studio 960 in a few moments for an Exclusive BMW Repair Shop.

I absolutely love your clean Design sensibility.


Awesome :)

I love Studio960, especially the “miniposts” formatting & how it can be used & re-used as needed in galleries, post grids, etc…

Thanks again for the purchase, I appreciate it.


Hello – great theme!

One question:

How can I allow for posts on the homepage to show links? Right now, a viewer can click on the homepage post title, and then view the link in the full page post, but I want the link to show up on the homepage as well…

A timely response would be much appreciated!

Thank you!


If you’re referring to the area where currently 2 posts display in with the small thumb, it’s pulling in the_excerpt but could pull in the_content so your text displays full HTML too.

The image thumbnail can be set to link to a custom URL as needed if that helps too.



Thanks for the quick response. I’m not sure if you’re understanding me…please see http://chelldesign.com

The posts on the homepage are supposed to have links in them (created in a post), and the links only appear when viewing an individual post (single.php).

I looked for the_excerpt in the index.html and other files, as you mentioned, but had no success in finding it…

Please help!


The function the_excerpt() strips it of links/formatting in the post “intros” – It’s in includes/common.default_post_display.php if you wanted to swap it over to the_content();