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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you Cudazi!

Problem solved! I greatly appreciate your timeliness in getting back to me!

You’re very welcome!

Hi Cudazi,

I’m having trouble with utf-8 characters. like ç, á, ã. The titles of the post does not show the characters.

Any solution ?


Tiago Menezes

See the help file section > E) CuFon Fonts for a link to re-generate with more symbols/options. Thanks!

I love the theme however, I cannot get the blog to exclude the Portfolio category.

I’ve used, “categories” and “post_categories” in the custom field on the “blog” page and the “portfolio” page and only the “portfolio” page is excluding “blog” post. However, the Blog is still pulling in Portfolio posts.

What am I missing?

Any help would be appreciated.


Double check you’re using the custom blog / custom category page template and you do not have anything set in settings > reading > posts page, otherwise your theme will use index.php not the custom blog page I created.

Hey, I would like to be able to print the name of the category when on a Custom Category Page.

So if my page uses category 3 I would to add a title which may say “Articles Under Apple” (where apple is category 3).

But I can’t seem to use the usual

<?php $category = get_the_category(); echo $category0?>cat_name; ?>

so i did this:

<?php echo $categories;?>

and I received this cat=3. How can I edit this so when I echo the category I in fact get the category name?

please view for more


$categories is the variable that gets pulled in by custom field, it may be just 3 in your case but other people may be using it like 3,44,23 so it would have multiple names.

You could add an if_numeric($categories) to see if it’s just a single category and then process as a standard category id.

<?php if ( is_numeric( $categories ) ) { 
echo 'Category: ' . get_cat_name( $categories );


i changed:

if($categories) { $categories = "cat=".$categories; } to if($categories) { $catID = $categories; $categories = "cat=".$categories; }

and then to print the category name:

<?php echo get_cat_name($catID); ?>

worked great!

Where is the contact box gone, to contact the author?

I have questions?

1. What was the thinking behind the decision not to use jQuery Lightbox for the Sub Gallery. Each image opening in a different and unattractive window is not the best use of a great portfolio layout. I have tried to install Lighbox (3 versions ) but all failed with the image opening behind text.

Shadow box was better but not quite right in functionality and options. I notice that you recently (or I recently discovered) that you added LB functionality to Studio 960, awesome btw. Are you planning on doing the same with OPEN ?

2. The “Single” page did not show as an option for Template. I had to add /* Template Name: Single */ in order for it to work.

3. The Instructions speak of “Post thumbnail” and version 2.9 WP. I can only guess that this functionality has been superseded by Featured Image. If so please amend the instructions. Its very confusing.

My biggest concern with this template is the use of Lightbox. Other than that I am satisfied with it so far.



I was able to have some success with Lightbox on regular posts by following your advice to another user.

I lowered the z-indexes to these values in screen.css


{ position:relative; z-index:100; } #main { position:relative; z-index:99; }

AND raised these values in jquery.lightbox.css (balupton edition)

lightbox, #lightbox-overlay {

position: absolute; top: 0px; left: 0px; bottom:auto; right:auto;

z-index:600; width:100%; height:auto;

I realize this wont help on the Sub Portfolio pages as the images are placed via the custom fields. Perhaps you can come up with something?

Hey, Me again,

another update, just in case anyone else is interested.

After making the above adjustments I tested several Lightbox and variations of Lightbox.

I have settled upon and am very happy with Fancybox. Specifically Easy FancyBox – Version | By RavanH.

Like I said I wish this functionality was there from the start but hey, Ive spent several hours getting an education. FB has great transitions, many options for color, borders etc aswell as integration with video for youtube and Vimeo along with Flash.

Much happier now.

Keep up the slick designs, expand the instructional data, and reap the rewards. ;)

Hey Ripit – shoot me a message via my profile page with any unresolved questions – thanks!

Hi recently started using this theme for my website (bought with Envato bundle), my problem is overflow of slider images when Home page loads. Loading of slider takes time meanwhile all images are already rendered on page, this problem occurs with Chrome only. How can I fix this?

You could modify the slider code to add class=”hidden” to all but the first list item or do it via css to eliminate that, or try a cache plugin to speed up the page load – thanks!

thank you very much, fixed now with

  • After I add a shortcodes I can no longer update the page I added it to. When I try to edit the page, wordpress redirects me to the post pulled in by the shortcode. Any ideas?

    I’m not quite sure, does it still work fine when editing from the wp-admin area?

    As soon as the short code is added to a page to pull in posts, that page seems to no longer exist in wp-admin. You can click on the page, but it will open the wp-admin edit page for whatever post its pulling in.

    found a simple solution :: fyi: The page status must be set to “draft” if edits need to be made after adding shortcodes.


    Hi cudazi!

    It is a great, simple theme. Thank you!

    I am puzzled by the fact that the blog main page removes links from posts – the links are there only on the post page. How do I fix this. Also, I would like to display full posts by default (and define myself where content is cut), I see no purpose of forcing users through another click to get to the content.

    Thanks! Olli Savolainen

    Hey Olli,

    You could swap out the_excerpt() in includes/common.default_post_display.php with the_content(‘Read More…’). You may need to add global $more; $more = 0; above the_content() you add in the file to get the read-more link to take as seen here:


    Another thing – I see Open lacks author.php so I created my own using . However, I can’t figure out how to add a “people” menu in the main menu and then have the authors in there as submenu items? Thanks!

    The latest version of this theme uses the new wp_nav_menu() wordpress menu system, which will enable you to add any link you would like to the main menu.

    For the old menu system, you would most likely need a plugin to override the main menu.


    Thanks for the advice!

    What kind of a plugin do you mean? I can’t override something in OPEN code?

    I bought OPEN as part of a bundle in autumn so am I entitled to an upgrade?


    Off the top of my head, this plugin comes to mind but there are probably quite a few that would let you choose the exact url:

    You will have to check with envato support but I believe bundles are a one-time purchase, I have the 2010 bundle and it looks like the original files.


    Hello! I got this in the Envato birthday bundle. Thanks for the great theme.

    I am wondering if there is a way to add text/captions on the images displayed on the home page slider.

    We are still in the process of adding to the site so it is incomplete, but here is the location:

    I am not sure if this is a function that the slider actually provides and if so how to activate it. I have read the documentation and watched the video.

    thanks again!

    Hey there, the slider does not have that functionality at this time but themes are a great starting point for customizations. Thanks!

    Hello! No worries … I figured as much, just wanted to check first. Thanks for the reply!

    I really like this theme and am about to purchase. I just have two questions. Firstly, is it possible to remove the coloured strip from the header completely?

    And secondly, is it possible to change the background colour to 100% white?



    Hey Ella,

    Yes, both are possible through editing the CSS /stylesheets.


    Hello cudazi— When I try to add widgets to the “Footer Columns A-D”, nothing shows up at all. I have tried several different widgets.

    I recently moved my site to a new domain and also upgraded to wordpress 3.1… Before the move/upgrade, the footer widgets worked fine so im wondering if the new version is causing this?? This is the only issue since the move. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hey there,

    My demo is running WordPress 3.1, you may want to just try removing and re-adding the widgets and see if they pop back in.


    unfortunately, still not working. Any other ideas? I also noticed I’m unable to disable drop downs, and exclude pages from the main navigation. Do you think re-installing the theme might work?

    You could first try to activate another theme and then re-activate this one. If that doesn’t solve it, shoot me an email via my profile page with your info and I can take a closer look. Thanks!

    Please note
    The live demo site is now running WordPress 3.1



    I activated Open on a different Wordpress site and for some reason I don’t have any dialog boxes on Pages after main WYSIWIG box. The only difference between this Wordpress build and other site is version from 3.01 to 3.1. I have deactivated all 3rd party plug-ins, deactivated and reactivated theme and looked through all help and themeforest blog area so I wouldn’t have to bother you. Also deleted theme via FTP and reloaded. Any ideas?

    Thank you, Thavelos

    By dialog boxes, do you mean the boxes where you enter custom fields? Some elements in the admin are hidden in 3.1 and need to be shown via the display tab, I think it’s in the upper-right.


    Got it. Thanks. Did not realize they would be unselected by default. Interesting. Thanks for your time. Love your work.



    I am having a strange issue, which I am sure is die to something I have overlooked.

    I am using the default template. When I add an image to a page, it displays twice. Once where I have inserted it, and another time above the page title.

    How can I stop the image from appearing above the title?


    Will theme generate thumbnails from images that are hosted on flickr? Or do they have to be uploaded to the theme?

    If they’re uploaded & set as the “featured image” in WordPress, they need to reside in the media/uploads area vs. a 3rd party site – Thanks!