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Hi there, John is it? I bought your theme for a client – http://morganlaw.co.uk – and they’ve been using it successfully for 3+ years now, but they recently got back in touch with me and I discovered that they hadn’t updated WP, any plugins, or the theme in all that time. I’ve upgraded WP and the plugins today, but I wanted to ask if you thought it would be okay to upgrade the theme after so long? They’re using version 1.4 but it must be about 3 years since I first installed it, so I’m not sure if your subsequent updates will crash the site or anything :-)

Oh, and I do know the support has expired, but I’d really appreciate it if you could let me know about this. Thanks in advance, Paul

If you update Wordpress after all those years then you should definitely also update the theme. In fact I would expect your old theme version to not fully work with the newest Wordpress. That said this all assumes you haven’t made any theme file modifications, If you have then updating the theme will remove your changes.

Many thanks for your reply! I did make some customisations, but I can’t actually remember what they were now apart from the property listing pages. I saw your upgrade FAQ page and will probably give it a go, but I’ll take a backup of the existing files first :-)

Yep, good idea. :)

I saw an error when I open your real home demo page from mozilla and chrome but when open from opera everything is ok.


Hmm… I can’t reproduce any errors. Maybe it’s better for you now? As for your link, I can’t find the error you’re seeing there.

Look at the sidebar, it shown php code on loan calculator

Ok, I see the screenshot now… before there was nothing there. I don’t get this error here, and I tried all browsers. I really don’t know what’s going wrong on your end.


Hanif85 Purchased

How do you link to just SOLD listings?


Hanif85 Purchased

When I setup a property listing and assign the features, it breaks it down as separate features instead of putting into the Features category. How do I fix?


Hanif85 Purchased

figured it out…have to add Features as a parent and add as sub features

Hi, is it possible to export the XML details for each individual vehicle listing?

I need this to upload to other vehicle listing website, I have been told.

Or do you have a newer website theme, that does this?

Thank you

No, there is no way to export individual posts/listings, and I don’t have any other theme that does this. But maybe there is a plugin somewhere that can do this?


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Does it work fine with the new Wordpress 4.7?. Thanks. :)

Sorry for the late reply. Yes it does. I need to update the theme description to show this.

Hi, nice theme. Is it possible to widen the width of the content area?

Thanks and happy new year.

Sorry, no, the width cannot be wider.

Hi, my support has run out and for some reason the map on the contact page is no longer showing, any idea why that could be? thanks

What do you mean? .... please explain outside of the comments, as support isn’t the best place to do this. Please message me from here: http://themeforest.net/user/buchmanndesign

Sorry I mean I want to zoom out of the map a bit, but there seems to be nowhere to do it

By default there should be +/- buttons, so I’m not sure why it’s not showing that for you. Please email me from here your WP login info so I can check this out: http://themeforest.net/user/buchmanndesign

Hello brother, help please, I have a problem http://www.up-00.com/Vu5TATsr

I think that template is not compatible with WP 4.7 !!!!!

No, it’s fine with 4.7. I got your email with login. I installed the theme and all seems good. I’m not sure where you got that message. You can just reply to my email instead of replying here.

Thank you


How do I go by stripping out the layers from the responsive images? I’m using the opendoor theme for another purpose other than vehicles.


I’m not sure what you mean. If you want to edit the elements in the homepage slider, then edit /includes/slider.php.

How do I remove the pricing, manufacturer and the rest of that information from the slider? I’m using this theme for a local business not a car dealership.

Those bits of information come from /includes/twofeatures.php. The /includes/slider.php is the parent file for this (it includes this other file).

Hii BoSS, I need demo XML File (Car Dealership), send it to me please

The link is in the setup section of the documentation… but here is the direct link since you asked. :) https://dl.dropbox.com/u/418387/themeforest/Opendoor/opendoor_carsales.zip

I left comments/questions along with screenshots at Google forum but not sure where I can reach ou and get help so tyring here as well: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/opendoor-theme-support/slideshow%7Csort:relevance/opendoor-theme-support/EAz8PD0buRg/_18cLutbMgAJ

The images or listings’ images do not appear on the slideshow. Neither do Thumbnails of listing images on home page (images show in the detail pages).

I switched Slideshow options between “Just Photos” and “Listings,” added new listings or new “slideshow images” but any image does not show up. I reinstall the theme (1.5.3) and deactivated all the plugin but did not help. Would you advise any other was you can think of? Thank you,

I have been spending a lot of time trying to solve it. I appreciate your help. Thank you.

Hi, sorry for the response delay in the forum. I just replied, and in there I asked for your WP login info in case my advice didn’t help.


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hi, i haven’t have aproblem with this theme in a long time, but now my client notice something on the front end since last year and i haven’t been able to fix it, the error shows on everypage: Warning: htmlentities() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in ../../../index.php line 22 issue related to wordpress updates? help please

Note, I see your support has expired (you can buy more support time). That said, I will still go ahead and help you.

I’ve never seen such an error. But if you’re not on the latest version of the theme, please try that to see if it makes a difference since it definitely works fine with the latest version of WP. If you still have a problem, i’ll help you out… just send your WP login info to me from here so I can assist: http://themeforest.net/user/buchmanndesign


Is these easily compatible with http://www.ihomefinder.com ?

I have a website running on this theme and need to hook up the idx feed with ihome finder.


The only IDX the theme is tested with is dsIDXpress, mostly due to popularity and also they offer a demo for my theme demo to use. That said, as long as ihomefinder uses standard widgets for their content, search, etc, it may work fine as a replacement to dsIDXpress. But even if it works, the theme may override some of ihomefinder’s styles. So if you try ihomefinder, then I would not be responsible if it doesn’t work well for you.

site has a big NOT SECURE next to an exclamation mark in the address bar. Chrom is flagging site as having a password/ credit card field. the message also shows on your demo site. Most other sites show with just the ! symbol …. this theme shows a big NOT SECURE label next to the !

The only field I can think of is the password field where you can log in. Is this the one? I cannot reproduce the symbol and label here… are you using some sort of browser extension?

hi sorry i posted this twice and thanks for the quick reponse… the initial comment didnt show. In the latest update of Chrome they are hitting not https sites. and I am getting the messgae shown in the first image on this page https://developers.google.com/web/updates/2016/10/avoid-not-secure-warn.
The dev tools console says the page contains a password or credit card input in a non secure context. I can only assume it is to do with that login in the subheader. It shows even if the subheader menu is hidden in theme options.

I amm not using any browser extensions I have just tried it on a fresh install of Chrome on a newly formatted Acer Iconia. Message shows up on every PC i run it on on my site and your live demo. Only on Chrome latest version earlier versions do not show

Site show a ! NOT SECURE message in Chrome since Feb 2017. With Devtools stating that the site has an insecure password or payment field … I can only assume it the login field in the subheader menu. Still shows the error if you hide the subheader menu….. Any theme update in the pipeline to fix this. The ! we can live with the NOT SECURE in big capital letters is a turn off.