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Hi ! Please can you tell me what feature is there to charge the customers for putting their advetisements ? Did not hear anything about this feature, which is reasonably important feature. Thanks.

This theme does not have a feature for charging money for posting.

Quería preguntarles si el javascript en la parte inicial hay forma de quitarlo.

No sé a qué te refieres. ¿Puede explicar de otra manera? (Nota: escrito con Google Translate)

Hi there I have just gone to install this and the xml does not exist? any idea? OpenDoor_RealEstate_XML.zip

You’re welcome! :)

Hi mate, ive just gone to go Live with the website and for some reason none of the theme images are showing. Please see here where I have installed it on the new server http://www.msproperty.uk/ it was on here: I have no idea why this has happened, any advice would be really appreciated….. Ive spent hours trying to work it out with no joy.

If you exported your dev site to your official site, and images aren’t showing, then I really have no idea, and I can’t really help. But on your real site, if you upload images and they aren’t showing, then I can help… but for me to see what’s going on, I’ll need to enter your site. So please send me your WP login info from here when you get a chance: http://themeforest.net/user/buchmanndesign

What version of PHP is compatible with OpenDoor? Is there an update coming soon?

It should be compatible with all versions as far as I know. Currently I’m working on re-doing the theme from scratch, so that it will continue to be relevant for the next few years. No word yet on the date. Note that it’s a total re-do, so there will not be guaranteed backwards compatibility, and is more targeted towards new customers. (although current customers can dive in too) :)

Note: I just realized that your 6 month support period has expired, so for continued guaranteed support you should consider getting a support extension. :)

Can you tell me how I can only display 3 footer widgets instead of 4?

You’ll need to edit footer.php. Starting on line 18, you’ll see Divs with classes “four columns”. Remove the LAST div block. In the third Div block, add the class called “omega”. In all Divs, replace the classes “four columns”, with “one-third column”. That should do it!

I changed my slideshow to Just Photo and all I’m getting is a blank slideshow. I uploaded the pictures and still having this issue. I have spent more than 3 hours on this without luck please is there any suggestion? Thanks for your help.

Whoops, I’m so sorry for the late reply! I’m not sure why you have this problem, but I’ll check it out… please send me your WP login info from here: http://themeforest.net/user/buchmanndesign (note, I see your initial 6 months of support has expired, but I’ll help you anyway in case this is a new bug. But for the future, you may want to buy a support extension) :)

I found out that it’s a plugin issue (your Maintenance Mode plugin). I emailed you back a long response with a screenshot, but it “bounced” back to me. Do you know of an issue with your email?

Thanks a lot you are the best. I appreciate your professionalism and promptness. Remain blessed

Every once in a while (happened again today) the thumbnail photo for a property listing will not appear on the home page – the others do, but the new one does not. Why would that be ?

Sorry for the late reply, was away on vacation.

The first thing to note: it is required to upload your images every time, and don’t just choose an “existing” image in the library. This is the most likely reason why images don’t show up.

The second reason could be from a bad plugin. Try to deactivate all plugins and then try uploading the image again. If it works, then reactivate each plugin one by one until you find the bad plugin.

is this PHP 7.0 compatible ?

Whoops, sorry for the late reply! I just tested this here with 7.0 and it seems fine.

Added to basket but no preview for admin :((

Can it look like the picture or does it look like a stamp in the preview?

I’m actually not understanding your question. Can you explain in a different way?

I have the old version on Openhouse Real Estate & Automotiv car dealership. if i purchase this theme , may i know whether yourside can help do upgrade and how much it cost please? my email sylii8858@gmail.com

Ok, I just emailed you.

Hello! I’m searching for an event-based real estate template, just like this website – https://rentlikeachampion.com/ There is a tennis event all year everywhere so I need to build a website that homeowners can post their home and attach to events. User enter location into search field and gets a list of events for this location. Each event has a list of houses for rent. Can it be realized with your template out of the box?

Sorry, such a thing cannot be done with this theme.


When I create a new Vehicle Listing and publish it says the the page is not found. I’m not sure what would cause the new listings to show as a 404 error. I disabled the active plug-ins and same thing happened.

This error is usually because of a Permalinks setting. Be sure you go to Settings -> Permalinks. make sure the first option is not chosen, then click the button to save settings. (click this button regardless what setting it’s already at)

If this doesn’t solve the problem, then I’ll personally check this out out. Just send your WP login to me from here: http://themeforest.net/user/buchmanndesign

If you can, I’ll buy your theme. Please, this is very important: Hello I have just one question that none of the sellers of themes goods and roots has answered and has been able to realize until this moment. I think it is of vital importance that you have these options to make in multiple countries (Example in my country you use Currency € and $); If there are not these options in wordpress misses interest. (If this were possible with your theme I think it would be higher above your competitors)

Please, I want you to respond.

1: There is some way to add multiple currencies so that the customer can select only one: Example the user can select one of the coins

USD $, EUR € y GBP £

Example Image: https://image.ibb.co/bQWb9v/Monedas.png

Whoops, I thought I replied yesterday but the reply was never sent. Trying again now. :) This theme does not support multiple currencies, but you bring up a great point. In case we incorporate this feature, I just have a follow up question…. In your proposed solution, it looks like you actually enter the price value manually, right? There is not currency “conversion” calculation going on anywhere? Also, I could see a concern with the search, where you can search by min/max price. Not sure how that could work when each listing is in a different currency.


I purchased years ago Open House and recently tried to make it mobile friendly, but no success. I really like the new version and the option to “renew” the theme with a new one is very much welcomed.

My concerns are the following: 1. Are images loaded automatically after changing the theme? Now they work as attachments of listings, are not directly inserted in the body of the listing. 2. On the listings is there a featured image? I care about this feature because on RSS feeds now there is no picture. 3. I changed a lot in the code of Open House to match Romanian Real Estate specific terms, also have the content multilingual. Will that break? Is the coding of new theme similar to Open House so I can change all that again?

Thank you so much for your time, looking forward for a different upgrade with this new theme.

Best regards, Andreea.

Oh right, I forgot about the dedicated separate multilanguage version of OpenHouse. It has been discontinued for so many years now that I forgot. The way multilanguage works in the newer themes is VERY different to the old OpenHouse… so I’ll just say it’s just not compatible in that regard, and some work will need to be done using the new way in OpenDoor, Top Producer, OpenHouse (new one), and TurnKey. If you’re on the fence with the new OpenHouse, you could consider TurnKey since the design language is very similar and it actually is a lot more mobile friendly as far as image downloading and layout. If you notice on the homepage, the latest listings section is very compact with small images. This makes for a faster mobile experience. Good luck with your decision! :)

Thanks again for all your guideline in my case. This will be indeed a hard one. When you have too many options its not easy. Good luck in all! Regards, Andreea.

Is it possible to create only member can see the feature listings from the theme and not from IDX? Also members have 3 levels like regular, vip and realtor and each level can view only a certain listings that I set. thanks.

Sorry, that’s not possible with this theme.


catolino Purchased

Hi, i installed the 1.5.3 version for real estate site and used all the plugin suggested, i used THEME OPTION>CUSTOM TEXT to translate in italian some texts, but when i open the ADD NEW LISTING PAGE many of the CUSTOM field like LOCATION, City and State/Province, PRICE, Year Built ect ect are in english !! is there a way to translate them , with a po file for ex ?? where is this po file in what folder ? thanks

Those bits of text (in the WP Admin) must be translated manually by editing the functions.php file. This theme does not use PO files. If you need to translate the front end into multiple languages then you need the free qTranslateX plugin, and you can do the multiple languages super simply without messing with a PO file. But if your site is only in Italian, then you don’t need to use that plugin.


catolino Purchased

Ok i just change some text in functions.php file, but with this i can’t translate some titles in the right side of the new listing adom page below the blue button PUBLISH , titles like Features, Other, Property Type, Price rangesProperty location , By or rent , is there another file that i need to modify for this ? Thanks

The text for that is in /functions/customposttypes.php. Be careful to not break anything! :)


jagbuff Purchased

I have had the dealership version (www.minicoopermart.com) for a couple of years. Overall good, but one negative is that you cannot force the order in which the images are presented or the featured image. Seems to be depend on the sequence they were uploaded to the media library so you have to take your pictures in the order you intend to have them presented on the slider, the first being the featured image – other than that, template is pretty easy to use.

You can change the order by editing the listing. Click on the “Add Media” button, and then in the dropdown filter the images to be the ones in the current post. From here, you just drag around the images to be in the order you need. Then only thing you cannot do is change the thumbnail image that shows in the Listings admin screen. That does use the first image ever uploaded for the listing, and there is no way to override that.