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Discussion on Opta - Minimal Portfolio and Photography WordPress Theme

Discussion on Opta - Minimal Portfolio and Photography WordPress Theme

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Hello I recently got the template and it’s nice. Anyway when I tried importing the dummy data it was only I importing hello world for the blog post so how do I get the other blog post..2) the page builder is not working for my WordPress how can you help me out


Yes there is one post only and I don’t see why that can be a problem because on our demo we have 3 posts all 3 all the same – content is the same only the title is different.

We don’t use any page builder in Opta – all content is created using shortcodes, meta box. custom post types and templates. Maybe you are using some 3rd part plugins here, but by default there is no page builder.

If you have more questions, please use our support forum – https://cocobasic.ticksy.com/

Hi CocoBasic, I love your theme, especially Opta WP and already have it. But, it version 1.2 there’s no CocoBasic – Opta WP plugin. Can you give the link for that?

I know and I understand this situation. And this is one more reason why I have moved the plugin inside the theme – not to get any more in situation like this. Unfortunately, I can’t do here anything, sorry.

And I want to say one thing more (nothing personal here) – the theme was free file in June (I think) – 6 months ago and I have updated the theme couple of days ago and now I am getting the same question about the plugin. I really don’t understand why you have not used the theme in past 6 months and how right now, after the update, I am getting all this questions. By downloading the free file you are agree to use it only on 1 site and it is hard for me to understand how you have not already used the theme.

Again, nothing personal here – that is just how I am looking on this situation.

Yeah, I’m like a freebies collection, collecting from free files of the month and maybe sometime I want to using it. Now, I want starting a personal blog and find your theme already downloaded, but I had the problem.

Thanks for replying my comment. Hopefully, someday I can buy your masterpiece. I love your design.

Thank you for kind words, again.

I have updated all themes in last 30 days and move plugins inside the themes.

I can only “help you” with our Park WP – it is free file this month and core plugin is inside the theme – you will not have the same situation like with Opta.


hi, great an clean style.

I have some questions before i buy.

1. is there an option to add the feature picture that we see in the blog overview in the single post.

2. is gutenberg support planned

3. can i use a normal menue instead the hamburger

4. how will look videos

5. what means the numbers 1/3 etc.

Thank you!

Ok, cool thank you very much for the response! Can you send me a code snippet for the menue.

Thank you.

Take a look on this video (sorry for my poor English): https://youtu.be/sZcNzBedw9k

Contact me on our support forum to provide you code which is used in video – https://cocobasic.ticksy.com/

Great! Thank you very much. Works fine! Thumbs up!

Hi there! Love your theme, was just wondering if it is possible to use slider buttons/navigation for the image slider instead of the default dots at the bottom?



Yes it is. Contact me on mail and I will provide you instructions.

Hi, a nice theme. As @ramageek said I have the theme by freebies too. And I have the version 1.1. I noticed that the plugin CocoBasic – Opta WP ver. 1.1. is not anymore at your host, so I can not download it and to test the theme. OK I read your discussion with @ramageek ... About what is this plugin CocoBasic – Opta WP ?


Thank you.

CocoBasic – Opta WP is a core plugin and there are placed all shortcodes which the theme is using. Also there are placed Portfolio and Gallery custom post types which are used for “Home” and “Gallery” page.

Without plugin you will not have columns, sliders, etc… Only Posts and Blog page will be there.

I see, thank you for your reply. So what means, now when I can not get it, because you remove it – I can not test the template? I mean to test because if I like it for sure I will buy the new version. It’s a little bit not fair :)

Theme was free maybe a year ago. And I have waiting a couple of months to make this changes (I was thinking that is enough time to give customers to test the theme).

Buy and try the theme – if you have any trouble, feel free to contact me on our support forum.

If the theme is not good for you, no matter from which reason, there’s the 7 days no questions asked refund policy, so just give it a try for a week.

Hi CocoBasic, your theme seems to be what I’m looking for. Is it ok with the new version of Wordpress ? No bug ?


Theme should work fine on last version. Content on the page is created using shortcodes (with old editor) but in case that you need the functionality of Gutenberg – it is supported and you can use it (example of single post https://imgur.com/a/SzGSktu ).

Also there’s the 7 days no questions asked refund policy, so just give it a try for a week.

is there a way to change the nav bar to a regular one and not hamburger

No without some modification in code. I can only provide you a option to have a menu bellow the logo but the menu will be depth 0 – there will not be a sub-pages option.

Take a look on this video (sorry for my poor English): https://youtu.be/sZcNzBedw9k

i bought the theme, can you please provide me the coding. also is there a way to import your site demo? thank you

Thank you. This should help you to import demo content – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS1lqGPhEZk&feature=youtu.be

For code, please open a ticket on our support forum – https://cocobasic.ticksy.com/

Hello, I have a presale question: how pagination is managed in blog? Classic pagination? There is not enough posts to have a good idea :-)


There is the same “Load More” button like on Home page (Portfolio) and works the same way like that one.

If you are interested, I can prepare you a demo for you to see it – contact me via email from Profile page.

OK, thanks for your quick answer. I have a ton of posts and I don’t like Load more button as user cannot jump to a blog page easily. Too bad.

I can create for you a classic pagination, no problem. Contact me over the email if you are interested.

When I try to import the sample data I get this error. Any solution?

Error al importar Medios «gallery_01» Error al importar Medios «gallery_02» Error al importar Medios «gallery_03» Error al importar Medios «gallery_04» Error al importar Medios «home_image_03» Error al importar Medios «home_image_01» Error al importar Medios «home_image_02»


It looks like you have not installed the required plugins first (CocoBasic – Opta WP plugin) . So, Install the plugins first and then try to import demo content (sample data).

If you still have troubles, please use our support forum – https://cocobasic.ticksy.com/

Thank you.


Nice work on the design! Can I somehow add a pagebuilder without messing the layout you have? (like creating the columns+rows and then adding the shortcodes in HTML elements?)

Thank you


Yes, that could work. For example, About page – you can create easy layout with page builder (rows/columns) and to insert shortcodes.

On other side, Home page is “Page template” (I am talking about the Portfolio images on Home page and “Load More”) and that part can not so easy be changed with page builder (Home page is the only one which is using “Page Template”).

Hi guys,

First of all thanks for your great minimal and functionall design – I really enjoy it. I have a question. Is there any way how to use my portfolio pages also as gallery items?

Thanks and keep it up!


I would also like to ask you if I can somehow use one these text effect in my homepage?


Thank you.


For first question – sorry, that requires some bigger modification.

For the second question – there are couple of free plugins which should do that (I have not tested them but I saw couple of customers are using them in my themes). One of them – https://wordpress.org/plugins/animated-typing-effect/

You can try that plugin.

If you have more questions, please use our support forum – https://cocobasic.ticksy.com/

Thank you.

Hello there! Beautiful theme— just purchased.

Question: How can I add a post excerpt to main blog page? Under the entry title and before the read more arrow?

Thank you!


Please open a support ticket on our forum and I will help you with that – we will need to add 2-3 extra lines of code (I will create you a video tutorial).


Thank you! Will do!

Hello ! I just bought the Opta Theme and I struggle to change the width of the slider inside of each entry of my portfolio. I want to get 1600px width but for the moment, it’s larger and I need to unlock this feature. Where should I act on the the CSS ? What should I write ? Is there any simplier solution ? Please, help !! Thanks a lot


Please open a support ticket on our forum and leave a URL to your website – https://cocobasic.ticksy.com/

Thank you.

Is it possible to display just images on the homepagina without a link to a project detail page?


Yes, it is possible to disable a link on homepage items (portfolio items) with some CSS.

Here is a CSS code:

.grid-item a {
    display: inline-block;
    pointer-events: none;

vcnl Purchased

​I installed the theme with all the required plugins then i imported the demo content. installation went well. after installation i noticed you used classic editor so i installed the classic editor plugin and when i try to use the customizer it keeps loading and i get this javascript error message:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘extend’ of undefined at load-scripts.php?c=0&load[chunk_0]=heartbeat,customize-base,customize-controls,customize-widgets,accordion,wp-sanitize,customize-nav-menus,mce-view,imgareaselect&ver=5.7.2:7 at load-scripts.php?c=0&load[chunk_0]=heartbeat,customize-base,customize-controls,customize-widgets,accordion,wp-sanitize,customize-nav-menus,mce-view,imgareaselect&ver=5.7.2:7

so how do i fix this


I am out of office today. But when I get back, I will check that.

If you have some additional plugins on your website try to disable them. If the error is still there, please open a support ticket on our forum. Thank you.


vcnl Purchased


even when i disable all the plugins i still cant get into the customizer and i’ve tried to make a ticket but i can’t because it states that my purchase code is from another product


I have just check on my localhost and all works fine – no errors/bugs. Try one more time to use our support forum and to select Opta WP category (maybe you have tried to select Opta HTML category) – https://cocobasic.ticksy.com/

If you still can not access the support forum, send me an email via our profile page here (there is a contact form) – https://themeforest.net/user/cocobasic