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Hi, i purchase your theme, but am not able to make multiple color in menu. Please help me how to do ?


You can contact us. We will help you change it


Raspal Purchased

The template has many problems. The support service is totally disastrous. Respond within three days without stating any resolution. Really the worst we’ve bought.

Sorry, we don’t work at weekend. You can contact us and provide detail. We will help you.


I’d like to buy your template but I have a concern. 1 – Is it possible to put as many items they want in this template? unlimited articles? 2 – On the home page, the visibility of items added may be expanded so as to see many products?

Thank you for your support !

please you can add your ticket. We will help you

Ok done please check and come me back !

please you can wait and follow it

I bought it and now is my shop down i still wait for 4 days for the support??

You can check your email. Our theme doesn’t cause this issue

Have a Bug i Still wait for Support

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You can create a ticket We will check and help you

I still wait for Support No answear?


You need follow your email. Currently, you website can’t load

How can i change the optima logo?

You go Backoffice > Preferences > Themes > Here you can upload your website logo.

One last thing. How can i change the menu colors?


You can change it in css file style. If you need we can help you change it

I changed it in css, but i have a problem. In chrome browser i see the new colors, but in safari no. Why? i changed custommenu.css file at line 50.


You can create a ticket We will check and help you

I still wait for Support Image and Footer of some themes doesnt work


You can follow your ticket. We will fix it for you.

Please Contact me The theme bug at my store

You can send new email and provide detail

I send it see you it?

please you check your email and follow it

How can i import sample data, i followed all installation steps but after installed and configured design is not showing good

when i installed i received this message: You are going to install the following theme: pos_optima_fashion3 version 1.0.

This theme is for PrestaShop version up to version

i have prestashop will this theme works with lattest version of prestashop multistore activated?

i have tried to install it several times but its not installing the sample data


If you want use sample data. You need install quickstart package


visarut Purchased

The support service is totally disastrous. I waiting for 5 days ago. I need to open the site tomorrow but no respond from Wednesday until now. What happen???

Sorry, we have a summer holiday. We back to work now. We will check and help you


first of all, sorry about my bad english isn’t my native language. I have a some question about Optima.

How can I change the defaut message welcome? I translate almost everything in French, but some text don’t want to change even with the new translation that I did from back office (translation > front office & modules). And even when I changed the .tpl himself, there isn’t any modification in the front office. Until now, I want to change 3 things : – defaut welcome message – Title “Features Product” in “Produits Phares” - and the last one is the “ADD TO CART” below the new product categorie inside the box product on homepage.

The strange thing is that the “ADD TO CART” is translate in french inside the Features product but not the title , and Conversely, the title “New products” is translate but not the “ADD TO CART” in the box product.

How can I fix them ? Is it possible to change the template himself ?


Send a ticket here : . Our support team will help you.
Thanks !


Is-it possible tu use this menu module with your theme “Furniture #2” and keep the same appearance (color squares with icons) ?

Do you know if someone has already use this menu module on your theme ?


You should contact module developer and ask them. It’s a good module. We think you can use it to make menu same our demo.

how cange seo title and meta description?

how can i change title and meta description? And also shop name?

Title: admin > references > store contacts > shop name Meta: admin > references > SEO &URLs > select page > and change meta description

Open a ticket last week but did not get anything until the moment. Is it urgent


You can check your email again. Thanks !

My customer purchased this template. Is it possible show subcategories when i click on category? Because in the demo whe i click on a category, it will show all the products


You can create a ticket and provide detail. We will check and help you

First of all the theme is great. However I have a couple of minor issues with this theme and hope you can help. On siteload the logos on the index page jump from vertical to horizontal. The featured category box on mobile phone devices shows two rows instead of one like the new product slider.the search box stays open after hover on every device. The sale icon from the product are on top of the child menu from the megamenu. And a couple more.


You can check your email. We will help you. Thanks !

See my email

We see it

Hello, I wonder where I can change the variable of images http to https on slider modules and brands


You can contact posthemes(at) We will check and help you

You can help?

You contact email above and provide detail. We will help you.