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Hi, we recently purchased your template. Just one thing, how do you change the default message in the top bar? and get the languages to show there too?

You can change default message text in themes > modules > blockuserinfo > “Default welcome msg!” . Add language: admin > Localization > Languages > Add new .

Thanks for the quick response! We’ve had a few small problems and we have sent a request through your website. we haven’t gotten a confirmation email though for our ticket No.

Thanks in advanced, Nigel

we will check and help you

Hello, when i activated the ccc (parametros avanzados -> rendimiento) “Smart cache” para el código de JavaScript y Compresión del JavaScript dentro del código HTML, the template not work properly. The megamenu dont slide the categories and not appear. And the image of the static slider don’t charge. Excuse me for my English that is very bad. ¿What can i do for activate this options? Thank you.

Please, you can make a ticket and provide more details, screenshots. We will check and help you solve it

How to show the subcategories in multiple columns in mega menu? Sorry my english, nice template!

You can config in the admin panel. Login admin > Modules > Megamenu Customer > Config

Hello, we have buy the theme, but we have a problem, when in a product, we can see the categories, and the megamenu don’t work also… Only when we are viewing a product.

Nice theme anyway :)

Well, the problem actually is i can’t see the megamenu category animation when i’m in a product item…

Okay i found the error, it is because i use jqzoom.. the theme works better with Thickbox

You can use Fancybox

I bought and installed the optima theme but main functions like filters, ordering, short by, compare etc are not working. I asked help from you for it but i get some very unhelpfull answers like <<You can see image we have sent you>>.

Is there any way to make these functions to work?

Thanks in advance

You can check your email and follow your ticket.

Hi. I am interested in buying the theme but I would like to confirm first if it is compatible with Prestashop 1.6. Have you tested and tried it on Prestashop 1.6? Does it works well with the native PS 1.6 modules and are all the theme modules updated to work seamlessly with PS 1.6 both on the frontend and backend? I read through your item details and you mentioned Magento 1.6 which is confusing. Thank you.

This theme is compatible with prestashop 1.6. We have installed and tested it on prestashop 1.6. Our clients used it on prestashop 1.6. You can buy and use for your website.

Sent a ticket two days ago with access details still waiting on resolution, theme is very buggy, numerous issues found on theme. Ticket Number 211697

we’re checking and fix it for you. You can follow your ticket

There is nothing being updated on your ticket. the more time I am looking over the site the more bugs I am finding, the search is still flashing at time making it unusable as well as the mega menu. I really need all this resolved or please refund me my money and I will go elsewhere.

we fixed it for you. You can check your ticket

Hi! I have 2 problems with theme Optima – Multipurpose Responsive Prestashop. I have Prestashop

My first problem is in displaying Czech characters when I switch mode products. Example: 1. go on no problem 2. switch mode display products from grid mode to line mode 3. Czech characters are displayed incorrectly but only in #product_contents

Second problem with pagination. 1. go on 2. down click 2. page

When I have grid mode display products and down click to 2. page, automaticly switch display mode line.

Can you help me pls? Lukas

You can contact us via email yoosolution(at) and provide your website info. We will check and help you solve it

No answer on the site The ticketing and support were not timely and did not meet the required help. They need to return my money.

Sorry, Our system is currently under maintenance. We apologize for this inconvenience. Our services will be back up shortly.

Hey Guys, your demo-shop link doesn’t work ;( I’m interested to buy this theme, but i have to see it first…

Update: okay…your support seems not really well…i will buy a theme by another developer!

Sorry, We’re upgrading our server. You can check later. Thanks !


I purchased your theme, and contacted you over a week ago as the theme is not displaying properly only Prestashop 1.6. I haven’t heard back from you yet. This is holding us back from launching our store. Please reply ASAP with assistance.

I never received an email, I just submitted another ticket and it told me my ticket number was #XXXXXX, which doesn’t work, can you confirm if you got my ticket (from email Perhaps your ticketing system is still broken? :(

We have fixed it for you. You can check you email and ticket

Thank you for the very speedy response and fix :)

hello! I need to move the unit categories, multilevel navigation unit and all other units on the right to the left side. how can I do this?

Ok, I waiting for answer…

ok, you can follow your ticket

Thanks for the quick response and help!

Hello.I want to buy this theme.I wonder if all theme files are included in it so that will i be able just buy and install this theme on my prestashop without any codin? and 2nd question is that will i be able to change the categories icons(phones) to somethiong other? Thank you beforehand

All files included in it. You can download and install for your website. It’s possible to change the categories icons to something other.

Hi! My client purchased last friday the theme, I wonder if I have to enter with his mail on ticket system… I found the following issue: I couldn’t find pos slideshow on my modules (I checked All and Posthemes) as docummentation suggests, what could be happening?

Thanks a lot!

This is the problem. In my case in posextendion I don’t have manage slideshow. In modules we couldn’t find posslidershow

I couldn’t find the module, if I filter by posthemes I can find: Featured products with slider on the homepage, Megamenu customer, pos banner sequence, pos logo, pos staticblock, pos static footer, pos switch mode product, products category with slider, porduct tabs, scroll to top and special products… any suggestion?

You can find “possequence” banner for manage items

Hello, I purchased your theme, but when I install it the theme is not displaying properly only Prestashop 1.6, nothing work properly, please can you help me, I need to launch our store new design.


You can make a ticket We will check and help you.

I generate a ticket, but I don’t receive in my email a copy for the ticket and your system show ticket #XXXXXXXX

You can check your email and follow your ticket

I need support.

I have reason to believe this template is not compactible with Prestashop 1.6.

i find the following missing in my prestashop optima digital install

missing modules/estension/components from pos optima prestashop theme

POS THEME OPTIONS MANAGE POS SLIDESHOW MANAGE POS LOGO blockpermanentlinks new product with slider on homepage pos slideshow pos banner fractions product tabs pos banner sequence category tabs facebook likes social images showing question mark and not displaying… image missing even after uploading so many modules, extensions missing…..

I need this issue resolved now or please make me a refund and i am very unsatisfied with this purchase

This theme is compatible with prestashop 1.6. We have 140 clients used this theme on prestashop 1.6. You can make a ticket we will check and help you

Hi, I’m interested in this theme to buy but i have some questions before i buy it does it support Arabic language css RTL compatible ? and How i Can Add visa to this website and Paypal to it thanks

Thank for your interested. The RTL language doesn’t available in this theme. If you want this theme for RTL language you need custom it.

Hello Plaza;

We’ve bought your Optima template from themeforest. We have a problem with some issues.

1. How to change or create the Navigation Bar icons ? (phone, tablet icons in the dropdown menus)

2. How can we add, change or remove images to that Dropdown Menus? There’s two images at the bottom of the phone menu dropdown. (Macbook Air, Meet the family etc.)

3. Also how can we add or remove that Custom Menu and Home Menu from the main navigation?

4. Additionally; is it possible to make and send us a quickstart with presta 1.6?

By the way we already read the comment section on themeforest Optima page also read the whole pdf documentation. Please tell me the page number if the explanation is already there.

Thanks in advance!

To remove “Home” : admin > modules > megamenu Customer > on line “Show Home page”, select Yes to display and No to disappear in Navigation Menu.
1. Static Block manages images in navigation Menu. You can go: admin > posextentions > manage staticblocks > here, we have 3 static blocks in Navigation Menu (Static Sub col bottom, static sub col Right and Custom menu ). You can give these images a link or remove or add images another.. by edittign them. To editting them, on the Description table, select ”</>” button.
2. To changing the Navigation menu colors. Open themes folder > pos_optima > css > edit Global.css file . On line 579 to 587, you can see link background and color of menu.
To changing the popup color : themes > pos_optima > css > modules > posmegamenu > css > edit custommenu.css file > on line 111 to 130, there is color of popups.
3. To upload logo with no background: You need set the PNG format images. Go admin > preferences > Images > On line “Image Quality”, select Use PNG only if the base is in PNG format. Then, upload logo again.

Just made a ticket reply. #849788

3 questions with buy this theme:

1 – This theme is about 2 columns on all pages?

2 – Is it possible to display the column of categories to the left (instead of right as in the demo)?

3 – Is it possible to add a blog CMS (several pages) that will be displayed in a single column?


1. You can change all pages to 2 columns.
2. Yes, we can change the column of categories tho the left.
3.Go admin > preferences >themes > select Edit themes > In APPEARANCE OF COLUMNS table, You can manage displaying columns of page…

Hi, How to change right column to the left side on all pages?

ok i done this myself. just need to add to global.css this: #left_column { float:left;} #center_column { float:right;}

Ok, thanks !