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I can not find where I can change the “Default Welcome Message”. I read the previous post and the location you gave did not make any since to me. can you please be more specific on how and where to change this.

Open Themes Folder > pos_optima > modules > blockuserinfo > Open blockuserinfo.tpl file. Change the Default Welcome Message on line 26.

some modules are missing in this theme as well as some extensions i cant get to use it. on my website i have opened a ticked and it is yet to be looked into i am beginning to think otherwise and might ask for a refund if my issue is not looked into..

We have checked your website. It’s working. If the modules don’t display you can reset them in admin or you can make a ticket We will help you

Hello, i’m sorry, but my home page does’nt look like the optima theme homepage anymore. I don’t understand why !

My “MegaMenu” is not placed correctly” Check it on :

Thank you !

You can make a ticket . We will check and help you config it.

i want my home page to look like the pos optima thats why i purchased it.. a help will be highly appreciated a support ticket have already been made and i am looking to buy more themes for my other website i am currently working on.

You can follow your ticket. We will help you.

we would like to display our prices with and without taxes in optima. could you please send the proper codes or the related files?

You can provide more details. We will help you

Can customers see the prices with and without taxes on the price display line/section?

You can check this website for an example:

Hi, It isn’t available. You need custom it

What about the RTL support ? Good work

Thank for your interested. This theme doesn’t support RTL

In the menu, I have multiple custom menu blocks (Using identify as “pt_item_menu_custom_menu” under Pos Extenstions—> Manage Staticblocks). How can I give each of the menu item to have different colors?

Thanks in advance.

Is there any other way I can create a ticket?

I guess the tickets were created, I just got replied. I will follow the ticket, thanks

hi, i was able to use the social icon link with the image you you sent but why is the specials product have a question mark instead of the images also, why is the image for the payment in question mark as well pls fix issues with images and if possible, help me out here. i have uploaded the images and done all things necessary but it still remains desame.

You can make a ticket . We will check and help you solve this issue

Hi! I just bought your template and it doesn’t display properly. I tried to make a ticket on your site, but your system show me #XXXXXX….

Hi, You can set featured product > ASSOCIATIONS > tick Home. You can find more detail in the document

Thanks, it’s work :) Another question – What I must to do, to show statick block (with “free delivery”, “order online”, “support”) on any site?

You can add your ticket. We will help you


I tried to open a ticket but got no #XXXXXXXX. Can you check you received a request from optimize.ict[at] ?

Thanks in advance.

You can check your email optimize.ict[at] and follow your ticket . Thanks

hi, how do i change the default welcome message and.. how do i upload my own payment logos as we accept visa, mastercard, interswitch, verve, gtbank, zenith bank, diamond bank, and any other banks in Nigeria i need to input their logos but when i do that, i get a question mark on the images… thanks for your assistance in fixing the special product module. i appreciate your help pls help me on this one as well…the default welcome message should have read YOU ARE WELCOME

The default welcome message: open nature Prestashop folder > themes > pos_optima > modules > blockuserinfo > edit blockuserinfo.tpl file > on line 26, replace “Default welcom msg!” with your message. The payment logo: with my theme, it be supported 5 logo payment. You can change them. Open nature Prestashop folder > img > cms, you can change or overwrite theme with your images. With a question mark on the images problem, we need more information to help you. If you want to display more logo payment, you can make a ticket we will help you

hi, i observed that there is an update on the theme… how do i update my own?

We updated new fashion style + blog. If you want you can install new template or update blog

Hello, nice work, but since this 1.2 update, all went messy.

Could you please help me getting everything right ? I posted a new ticket on your website.

Hi, You can download newest version from themeforest.

I’m talking about this newest version.

Hello, i would love you to assist me with the update inorder not to mess up anything.. pls…

i want it to be like exactly like that of the demo pls. i will provide login details as requested

details i will like to add DISTINCT PLAZA #12 MEDICAL ROAD,IKEJA LAGOS. EMAIL:SALES@MHYKTEKCONCEPT.COM PHONE: +2348033714608 +2348139022882 +2348023054483 +2348103381915 BB PIN. 2729661D BB PIN. 759FFF38

You can make a ticket and provide details. We will help you


Is your blog contains blocks like: “Recent post”, “categories” and “comments”? Because the demo looks like a newsfeed “news” but not a real blog !

thank you

you can make a ticket . we will help you

create ticket. Thanks in advance.

ok, you can check your email and follow your ticket


I’ve purchased your theme, and it’s great, but there’s something strange going on with the “Digital Theme”; I cannot see the images/products with discount, in the SPECIAL PRODUCTS block, but a “QUESTION MARK”...

The only way it works fine is when I activate the multistore option, but I was having many problems with it (error 404) so I deactivated it and I deleted the Furniture theme. Is there a solution for this?

Thanks in advance.

You can make a ticket . We will check and help you. You don’t worry.


nice theme

Thanks !

Hello, and thank you for this them !!! I’ve got a problem witch is on the demo. If you go to a category : -> no problem But if you go to a sub category like , there are many problem with the right column, the grid list option… I have exactely the same problem when i install the them. Could you help me ? (excuse for my english) Vince

We have fixed this issue version 1.2.1. After it approved you can download and updated for your website. If you need you can contact us we will help you update this issue. Thanks !

Greetings, I can`t get the Zopim chat widget to work. I’m using the “Block Zopim” module with the “short” code, but it doesn’t show on the website. I also tried to embed the widget using the HTMLBox Module with the long zopim code, but it does not work either. if there any solution for this?

Thanks in advance.

You can contact your provider module Zopim chat. They will check and help you fix it.

I’ve got the exact same problem as yooole.

And also when you add a product to the shopping cart when you are on a product’s page, the shopping cart appears under the menu. (same on demo).

I opened a ticket on Plaza Themes for this. They seem to be reactive, and hope they will take care of those bugs.

You can follow your ticket we will help you fix this.

Everything seems OK now. Thanks for the great support.

ok, You don’t forget review and rating us 5 stars. Thanks !

Hi, I’m almost seduced by this theme ;) but unfortunately I’ve found out some issues and design flaws that I would like to share with you:

1 – The Top Horizontal custom menu looks great but the menu animation drops very fast, it’s a little uncomfortable and annoying, the menus should drop only when the last one is closed, and instead of dropping effect it would be better a fade effect.

2 – After adding a product to cart in the product page, the shopping cart popup window opens under the Top Horizontal Menu.

3 – I Don’t see any other category in the blog, is it possible to have categories in the blog like Reviews, News, etc…?

4 – Why do I see two icons “My Account and Login” it’s no need, it becomes confuse, only customers already logged in should see the “My Account” icon, and the people that are not logged in should only see “login” icon, the “My Account” icon should not be displayed if I’m not logged in

5 – Is it possible in the product list to have a list of 4 products in a row instead of only 3? For mobile devices 3 products list its ok but in a desktop browser it’s too big and feels like empty and a waste of space.

6 – Is it possible to change the Welcome message from the prestashop BO Translation, Is this Welcome message multilingual? If not, It should be.

Best regards.

Thank for your interested. We will check and fixed issue.