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Hi! I installed pos optima furniture theme.. I need to change the top menu icons (ipod …etc), but when I try to put new one in themes-pos-optima-furniture - img … I can’t because the operation is not permitted. I can try to change permission and put 777, but I haven’t permissions to do this! What can I do?

You need change file to 777. If it doesnt’ work you can make a ticket . We will check and help you

Hi! the sort selection disappeared from my page! and all products fall down at the bottom of the page! What can I do?

You can make a ticket We will check and help you fix it


Pre purchase question :

Are you planning to add parallax functionality ?


If you want add parallax. we can help you do it

I selected the theme “Digital” and I get the following error on mega menu module prestashop 1.6

Fatal error: Class ‘MenuTopLinks’ not found in / home / develop / public_html /modules / posmegamenu / posmegamenu.php on line 305 [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module posmegamenu: Class ‘MenuTopLinks’ not found

You can make a ticket and follow your ticket. We will check and help you


It seems that your theme does not work in mod catalog Prestashop 1.6.

“Prestashop catalog fashion. Enable catalog Means That way you turn your shop into GaGa’s gallery of products, WITH NO possibility OF PURCHASE”

And that is Exactly what I want. But you have not fixed for me : - No shopping cart. No button “ADD CART” - No account customer.

also the search engine does not work model catalog

Ticket #640567

You can follow your ticket. We will check and help you solve it.

05/29/2014 3:04 am your Support Dept. said “We fixed it”

Sorry but you have not fixed. Please, Take the time to look at my problem. Please.

Ticket #640567

thank you

You can follow your ticket we will check it again and help you solve it

Hello, Sorry for my English. I speak Spanish. When a product has a combination is always the amount 0,00 €. I have the 1.2.1 version of the optima template. Prestashop

Thank you


You open file themes/theme_name/product.tpl find line 61 change
 var group_reduction = '{$group_reduction}';
var group_reduction = '{1-$group_reduction}';

Thank you for quickly response.

hi i want to buy this theme but i wonder Does this theme support RTL languages? like Persian or Arabic Thank You

This theme doesn’t support RTL language. If you want use for your language you need customize it. Thanks !

Hi, I bought this theme installed and I have a problem with the translation, I have translated into Portuguese of Portugal and only appears me half translated, but the translation file has the complete translation. I look forward to a brief response

You can make a ticket and provide more details of your issue. We will check and help you solve it

Hello, sorry for my english, i speak not well. I faced a problem. “Quickstart” package was installed. When i try compare items, i get fatal error:
Notice: Undefined index: product in
/home/www/shop/cache/smarty/compile/b2/e8/87/b2e887431797e3c6676e6c73b6a327f3f88e8777.file.socialsharing_compare.tpl.php on line 57 Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/www/shop/cache/smarty/compile/b2/e8/87/b2e887431797e3c6676e6c73b6a327f3f88e8777.file.socialsharing_compare.tpl.php on line 57 Fatal error: Call to a member function getCover() on a non-object in /home/www/shop/cache/smarty/compile/b2/e8/87/b2e887431797e3c6676e6c73b6a327f3f88e8777.file.socialsharing_compare.tpl.php on line 57
Have you any ideas about this issue?

You can make a ticket and provide details . We will check and help you solve it

i want to say thanks for adding skin and suprise buyers i hope you support rtl in next version it is very simple : just put rtl.css in theme css dir and set classes as important tag for rtl

Thank you !


When I upload the theme in Prestashop, I’ll get the text: ’’Bad configuration file’’... what’s wrong?

I’d just upload the file I downloaded here..

you can make a ticket . We will check and help you

hi i finally bought this theme i just wish your quick start installation version of prestashop was thanx

You can make a ticket we will help you instal theme

2 kmatej8:

You must unzip archive with theme which included another archive, like:, then upload this.

Hi, you can find all tenplates in the template folder. Then choose template you want install

I’m answered to kmatej8. My question in previous message.

I want html code of this theme can i get that i buy it

Thank for your interested. We haven’t html version of this theme.


I’m facing problems with categories on megamenu. I already opened a ticket #691285 because when click on category image it goes to PAGE NOT FOUND.

I gave you the FTP and Back office passwords

The problem persist, the ticket is still opened and now (don’t know exactly the modifications done) I can’t see any category on back office; moreover, the main problem with PAGE NOT FOUND now happen also on sub categories deployed on megamenu. After 4 days I have no answers on ticket, and I have to put the website online this week

Could you please give me a final solution?

Best regards

You can follow your ticket. We’re checking it for you.

You answered me that is a prestashop problem… amazing…

Before give you the passwords the categories where shown at least on back office… now aren’t shown on back office neither !

This is amazing

Give me a solution please !

Problem solved… Thank you

I want to change list view to be primary option insted of grid view. I´m trying to do this on the product-list.tpl file. Can you provide help on how to achieve this. Actually I want to hide also grid view, I just want list view.


Hi Andres,
You can make a ticket . We will change it for you.


I have a doubt about hook elements on the homepage. I need to move the banner-static to bottom of the page, under the logos (pos logos.) And I want to disable the center column and right column on the homepage. How I make it?


Banner static is located in blockPosition2. Open: themes > pos_optima > header.tpl, on line 102, cut: {hook h=”blockPosition2”}; then open footer.tpl, copy under {hook h=”brandSlider”}. To disalbe the center column on the home page, you can open: themes > pos_optima > index.tpl, clear all content. To disable the right column on the home page, open Backoffice > preferences >themes > edit your theme > in Appearance of columns, find line has :Index, click to unselected right column. Now, your site has no center column and right column on homepage. Have fun !


Pre purchase question: Does the theme support retina screen? If not, any plan to make it?

Best regards,

This theme supports retina screen. You can use it for you website