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Is it possible to use the slider more than once on a given page? If so, is there any special changes I need to make in order to do so?

Hi sleeplessmedia,

Thank you for choosing OptimaSales template.

Slider can be displayed only on homepage in this version of the template.


Hi! I really love this template, but I’m having a problem trying to set up the twitter widget. How can I set it up?

OptimaSales v.1.3.4


Thank you for purchase and appreciation!

There is a part How to setting up Twitter widget in documentation with detailed information.


How to make the accordion closes when clicked

thank you

Hi dunbar,

You need to replace the code below in the js/custom.js

// --------------------------------------------------------- // Accordion (Toggle) // --------------------------------------------------------- (function() { var $container = $('.acc-body'), $acc_head = $('.acc-head'); $container.hide(); $acc_head.first().addClass('active').next().show(); $acc_head.last().addClass('last'); $acc_head.on('click', function(e) { if( $(this).next().is(':hidden') ) { $acc_head.removeClass('active').next().slideUp(300); $(this).toggleClass('active').next().slideDown(300); } e.preventDefault(); }); })(); /* END Accordion (Toggle) */

with the new code below

// --------------------------------------------------------- // Accordion (Toggle) // --------------------------------------------------------- $(".accordion-wrapper").each(function(){ $(this).find('.acc-body').hide(); $(this).find('.acc-head').first().addClass('active').next().show(); $(this).find('.acc-head').last().addClass('last'); }); $(".accordion-wrapper").each(function(){ $(this).find(".acc-head").click(function() { if($(this).next().is(':hidden')) { $(this).parent().parent().find(".acc-head").removeClass('active').next().slideUp(300); $(this).toggleClass('active').next().slideDown(300); } else { $(this).parent().find(".acc-head").removeClass('active').next().slideUp(300); } return false; }); }); /* END Accordion (Toggle) */

If it doesn’t work, please send me private message and I’ll send you fix file.

Upgraded to wp 3.9

Add shortcodes green plus sign not showing in wysiwyg. :(


We’re aware of this problem. Currently we’re working on it. You’ll be notified when we fix this problem in future updates.


I followed your link to see your demo site here:

And received the following malicious site warning: Just letting you know.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Potentially malicious website blocked, protecting you from hackers and cyber criminals.


Thanks for letting us know!
Here’s backup link to livedemo

Hi Olechka,

Gr8 work! Is there a way to make the newsletter button to work. I want to keep this part on my website, and when the users enter their email account and the press the button, i want to receive these info (email accounts, for future use)

thank you


Thank you for appreciation!

There is no default way how to make this form active. You can embed mailchimp form in that place by your own.

Please go through these steps:
1. Create mailchimp account.
2. Generate embed form code and insert into your website. The following tutorial may be useful.
3. Customize view via css.

Hi my website is and my main menu is not showing correctly.. please advice.. Thanks


Please, create a ticket at our support site to get qualified response to your issue.

Hi, I want to buy this template..Could you please let me know how i can integrate this template to my domain. I mean how to replace the template my domain is currently having with this one …obviously with the customization…Thanks


Sorry for late reply! Could you please specify what do you mean by domain? Are you familiar with WordPress?