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Hello Olechka!

Great theme, beautiful colors… tempted to buy, but just wondering if you had any plans for side tabs (like your beautiful top tabs) and for a pricing table like @ – I don’t like price boxes :(


PS You can remove link after you check it :)

Hi Philla82r,

Thanks for an appreciation. Your requirements will be considered in next update. Stay tuned ;)

Best regards, Olechka

Great Theme, good luck with sales ! ;)

Thank you very much, Holobest :)

Finally! Fantastic job! Good luck with sales!

Thanks, mate, for your kind words :)

Congratulations! :)

Thank you, Dimka ;)

instead of the search engine on the right hand side in the blue bar can i insert text there or a photo instead?

and am i able to add a custom photo instead of the blue in the theme? THANKS

Hi Hollysnails,

Regarding search replacement, it can be done personally for you.

Yes, you can change blue background and place your custom images. Thanks in advance for your purchase ;)

can i use it for wp 3.5?

Definitely you can. It’s Wordpress 3.5 ready. You are welcome to buy ;)

Yraaa olechka! krassivi theme. Ydachi !

Thanks, mate!

Looks nice, good luck!

Thank you very much!


In the smallest view, the slider looks a bit off. If you compare it to the HTML version, you can see that in the WP version the slider doesn’t fit nicely, and below the blue part, is a “gutter” of some 30 pixels that is just plain white, that isn’t supposed to be there.

Something else I noticed (a very small issue), that is in both the HTML as in the WP version, in the smallest view, is that the spacing between the arrow under “What is OptimaSales?” and the first icon, is very small and it would look better if the spacing is more like the rest.

I’m looking to buy, but the first issue I addressed here troubles me a little, second one I can fix myself.

Hi Lorenz0,

Thank you very much for letting me know about bags! It’s so nice of you. All problems that you had mentioned earlier were fixed and will be available after review.

Best regards, Olechka

The fonts in the slider also look a little bit different in the smallest view / mobile version. Looks like the HTML version has a more bold font.

Other than that, very nice work, very clean and neat looking template. I’m looking forward to using it.

Thanks for an appreciation :) you’re welcome to buy theme.

P. S. hoping reviewer will approve fixed theme during this day.

Good news ) Reviewer has just approved fixed theme.

Beautiful work, good look with sales :)

Thanks a lot :)

I need this theme to work with woo commerce store plug does this website work with woo commerce? thanks

Hi Hollysnails,

We haven’t check this issue, but it will be working in next update.

On my wish list!

Will be waiting your purchase ;)

Hello, Does it has the mobile version ? Regards, Maciej

Hi Masiej,

It is responsive theme, so it works on mobile devices. There’s no need in additional mobile version.

P.S. Your purchase is appreciated. Thanks

Best regards, Olechka

Hi there, first: Really great theme, I like it! It will rock a new service I am creating right now ;)

I tried WooCommerce, as you didn’t tested it. It seems like it pulls all the main content to the left. See here:

Please send me an update when you made this awesome theme WooCommerce-handy :)

Thanks, Gabor.


WooCommerce compatibility is ready.

Perfect. Thank you very much! :)

You’re welcome;)

Hi GaborKatai,

Thank you very much for purchase!!! I’ll definitely let you know about update with WooCommerce compatibility.

P.S. Many thanks again ;)

Best regards, Olechka

Keep up the good work.. I have not seen any mention of color options…. Obviously the html5 version has 3 choices ? What is the story with this wordpress version?

Hi 100XTV,

Thanks for your question. Additional color schemes will be ready in update 1.2.

Best regards, Olechka

Great theme! Instead of the home page slider will it be possible to add a video?

Hi Brelle,

Thanks a lot for an appreciation!

You can use page “How it works” for your purposes

Best regards, Olechka

Love the theme but why does the theme slow my admin interface to a crawl? Is there any way to fix this?

Hi JulianM91,

Thank you very much. Tell me please what WP version do you use and what plagins you have used. Send me private message in profile. Thanks