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Having few issues with Login/Registration.

1. If I click “Sign Up”, I type a username and my email, but I get redirected to /wp-login.php straight after, as well as never getting the email!

2. If I click “Sign in”, I type my credentials but I get redirected to the standard /wp-login.php page and have to login a second time?

3. How to customise the sign in/sign up login popup box. I want to edit ” I agree with OptimaSales Terms & Privacy Policy”, and maybe add some more fields.

4. Everytime I logout, it takes me to wp-login.php again…how can I redirect the logout to go to homepage?


Glad you solved some of your issues.

I managed to solve the issues with points 1, 2 & 4 above (was a conflicting plugin that edited my login details in the .htaccess—Better WP Security Plugin. Disabling it works now).

However, Point 3 is still valid. If I click Sign in without entering any info, it redirects to the wp-login.php standard page. Anway to valid on the actual popup login, without ever having to go to the standard wp-login.php page?

You can edit pop up in the file footer.php starting from this comment
Sign in form is based on function wp_login_form. You can read about it here

Hello, How do i activate the coming soon page ? thx.

i already found it xD sorry for my “stupid” question … nice template by the way, i like it very much! thx :)

Hi, I bought your theme yesterday. It’s very good !!

I have some questions for you that i cannot find in documentary. I will be glad if you answer my questions when you have. I already sent you a mail.


Hi aet63,
Thanks for buying OptimaSales theme and kind words!

Answered you via email.

Hello, Great theme, but one question, How do you change the font size? Thanks

Hi mcurrie360,
Thank you for appreciation!

Tell me please where you would like to change the font size.

Hi there,

Thank you for this great theme. A question : is it possible to use custom icons for the ‘services’?

Thank you

Hi ivoaerts,

Thanks for choosing OptimaSales theme!

You can use preset icons. You can also extend current icon set, but this requires some knowledge of php.
If you want we can add icons you like into theme.

Hey there!

We downloaded the theme and I am trying to install the sample data you provided on our server. We installed the 2 plugin requirements (contact 7 and the mail chimp one) it was asking for, and now we can’t seem to get the sample data to load or show up in the admin panel.

We used the wordpress importer tool inside WP, navigated to the “main-color-sample-data.xml” file inside the “4. Sample Data” folder and it does not work.

Can you please assist us, thank you!


Thank you for choosing OptimaSales theme!

As you described you’d done everything properly.
Tell me please what notifications/messages you get that announce you inability to import sample data. Please be more specific on this issue.
Another way is to give me admin and fttp access via private messages

Thanks for your help, but we started to build the website without the sample data and found it easier to just go that route and then insert the short codes where necessary. Thanks anyways.

I love the theme but have some questions about the services page. I would like to know how to add more icons and I would like to know how to add more than 10 services.

Thanks for the awesome theme and responsive feedback.

Thank you for choosing OptimaSales theme!

1) There are 10 preset icons in the theme. If you want to add additional icons, please go through the following steps:
1. Icon array is defined in the file includes/theme-servicemeta.php (line 21)
2. Add new value, for example, ‘sample-icon’
3. Now you have to stylize new icon. You have to add background image for new icon in the css file css/base.css (after line 2189) .icon.i-sample-icon { background:url(PATH_TO_YOUR_ICON); }

2) Go through the following steps:
1. Create custom post Services (Services > Add New)
2. Increase custom post quantity while pasting shortcode [services num="YOUR NUMBER" offset="0" link="true"]


I have a problem with emails.

1. When a user registers to the site, I get an email about new registration but the FROM field is from my hosting provider: .....@just82.justhost.com To prevent this, I installed a plugin called: WP Better Emails. This resolves that problem, but causes another issue:

2. The other issue caused by the above, is that the Contact Form 7 sends the message to me, BUT it does not provide the customers email address, as the plugin: “WP Better Emails” pre-populates all emails received with the name of my site, and not any user ones. Therefore, neither in the body or the FROM field, can I get a users email address to reply back to them!

Any ideas how I can counteract this problem?


Ignore above, I found a solution! :)

Glad you found the solution :)


What can i say that has not already been said. Your theme is just amazing. Since i just start building my website, i may have some questions. I’ll try to gather them, in order to avoid to bother you often :)

My question : can you have a look here please ? http://www.webvisitenkarte24.net/shop/produkt-kategorie/wordpress-webvisitenkarten/?min_price=0&max_price=160

It is NOT my website, it is one of your customers website. I just wanted to know if your theme allow to make this kind of filter (right sidebar) ? If so, i would like to create some categories (Cat 1, Cat 2, Cat 3) and to filter on them, so that the client may see which cat 1 products we sell, which cat 2 etc….How can i manage to ?

Thx a lot,



1. You can add left sidebar here Appearance > Theme Options > Blog & Portfolio > Sidebar Position

2. You can create menu via standard widget “Custom Menu”


Thx for your quick answer :)

1. Can the sidebar be displayed in any page, event if it is not a blog or a portfolio page ?

2. Ok thx :)


Sidebar displays for “Default Template” page template

I love the starburst filter in the background of each slider image on the demo content. When I look at the sample images, however, it doesn’t seem to be there. Is this something that you’re adding programmatically?

Hi psheil,
Thank you for choosing OptimsSales theme!

We didn’t do any program manipulations with these images. They are added in general way. You can find this images in theme zip 4. Sample Data/images/

For example, first slide image:
4. Sample Data/images/main-color/slide1.png

If you can’t manage this, please write me via private message


ADH Purchased

Hi, loving the theme.

There must be a way of turning off responsiveness? – can you please let me know, even if it means adjusting a stylesheet etc, I can do this…

This is really important…

Thank you.


There is no special function to switch off responsiveness. You have to delete manually part of css code in these files:


You have to delete code in each media query. For example,

@media screen and (min-width: 480px) and (max-width: 767px) { ... }

hello, i need some help.

i have a plugin for widgets. but this widget has no title. where can i find the codes for generating the sidebar? not the sidebar-init.php and sidebar.php what i’m looking for is the code where the structure in html is created. so i can just put their the title manually.

thank you. please reply ASAP. great theme.

Hi Mike,

Code which generates title for each widget is in different files. Title generating for custom widgets occurs in the appropriate widget files.

For example, for Social Links widget includes/widgets/social_links.php line 28

echo $before_title.$title.$after_title;

so i need to generate it on my own? how do i get the value of those three? before, title, after.. :(

my problem is solved. i did another way. using javascript I manually added text in h4 tag.

thanks for your response :D

to understand more.

in sidebar-init.php, register_sidebar(array(... there is before and after title and the value is only h4 tags my question is where can i see the code that generates the title. that will put into the h4 tag.

I’ve been looking into it and i can’t find it. :(

Answered above

i have another problem, my optima twitter is not working anymore in widgets.

here is the error Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 410 (Gone)

Answered below

twitter error {“errors”: [{“message”: “The Twitter REST API v1 is no longer active. Please migrate to API v1.1. https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1.1/overview.", “code”: 68}]}

Probably you haven’t updated your theme. You’re using older version than 1.2.
Twitter widget was updated at March 25 due to new twitter API.

Please update theme.

and thats what I’m worried about, I have my own codes in some php files, like in header, footer, page, single, blog, and also some css. i don’t know if I can trace them. i probably forgot some files too.

You can just update twitter widget, but you have download update version of OptimaSales and go through the following steps:

1) add folder includes/twitter-includes/*
2) add file includes/widgets/twitter_widget.php
3) please paste this code into file functions.php //Twitter oAuth require_once(PARENT_DIR . '/includes/twitter-includes/twitter-feed-for-developers.php');

4) further instructions are described in documentation (chapter about twitter widget)

P.S. Before editing theme please make backup version

How can i prevent to show the slide Title on slides?

Hi elratonmaldito,

Thank you for buying theme!

You have just delete title for required slide. You can do the same with button and text below the title.

Hello i want to embed the following code on a new page with a full width template:

<script type=’text/javascript’ src=’http://widgets.ziftsolutions.com/hp.ziftsolutions.com/js/8ac9be293f79242b013f826aa0934130' charset=’utf-8’></script>

How can i do that? if i just put that on the text doesn’t work, some help?



Here’s a post about wordpress recommendations how to link scripts http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_enqueue_script

- OptimaSales script file is optima/includes/theme-scripts.php
- find function conditional_scripts in this file. This function links a script according to requirements.
- in this case you have to add something like this into function

if (is_page_template('full-width.php')) { wp_register_script('name', '’http://widgets.ziftsolutions.com/hp.ziftsolutions.com/js/8ac9be293f79242b013f826aa0934130', array('jquery'), '1.0'); wp_enqueue_script('name'); }

olechka, but if modify the template will apply for all the pages that have that template? or there’s a way to load that just on a single new page?


In code above, script will be linked to all pages with full-width.php page template

If you need to link a script to particular page you have to use condition is_page()
You can read about it here.