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Great theme! I have been using it for about 6 months, and just updated to the latest version because of the theme, however, the carousel javascript doesn’t display the images correctly on Firefox ONLY – all images in the carousel look perfect in other browsers. This worked perfect in previous version of the theme – can you let me know if something changed? Thanks!

Thanks for buying OptimaSales theme!

We’d tested theme in different browsers and didn’t find any bugs. Please give me a link to your website to find the reason.


We have two pages that need separate slideshows. One being the home page, which will have 3 sliders. There’s another page, only needing 1 slider.

I have been able to find how to do this is in the documentation. Can anyone please advise? Thanks in advance.

Thank you for buying OptimaSales theme. I’ve answered you via email.


Nice work! :)

What CSS customization options there are in the theme? Are we looking at “TINKERING” with various files or there is a customization ‘window’ within the theme options area?


Hi razzc,

Thank you for appreciation! Both variants are available in the theme.

I would like to download and install the sample data from the overview page. could you point me in the right direction. I just purchased it. Optima Sales Theme

Just answered you via email.

I really like this theme, the only hesitation I have with purchasing it is, the link icons you have for “collaboration in realtime”, “precise calculation” and “professional support”. I’m concerned that if I use my own images, it won’t blend in as well as your custom icons. Can you provide me some websites that have used your theme?



Thank you for appreciation!

Unfortunately I don’t have base of website samples. However there are always solutions for any kind of a problem. Please show me your graphics and I’ll try to help you.


From within the portfolio section, is it possible to change the text that links to the website? By default is days “Launch Project” but I would like to say something that make more sense like “View this site”.

Is it possible? I’ve had a look in the code but I can’t find anything obvious.



Hi kevquirk,

Please go through the following steps:

1) Open single-portfolio.php
2) Please change “Launch Project” text on line 131
3) Save

That worked perfectly, thanks. :-)

You’re welcome!

How do I theme a drop-down menu?

I’m trying to create a contact form with a drop-down menu but whenever I add one it’s defaulting to the horrible looking grey windows one. I’d like to have the themed ones used on the Form Elements page on the demo site.

I’ve tried changing the div class from “field clearfix” to “field clearfix custom-select-3” but this still doesn’t work.

How do I do it?



Hi Kev,

If you have used sample data, there is Form Elements with select examples.
In any case you have to add code below

<div class="field clearfix custom-select-3">[select menu-666 class:dk-select "Option 1" "Option 2" "Option 3" "Option 4" "Option 5"]</div>

Do it compatible with Woocommerce 2?

Hi prs_paulo,

It definitely works with 1.6. We have made express test for compatibility with 2.0 and it works properly.

How to make features links to open _blank in new window?

Hi asphericall,

Thanks for choosing Optimasales theme!

Please be more specific on what links you want to add open _blank?

I mean links, to be opened in new window. As this links usually links to our clients (differen domains), I would expect them to open in new window.

Now the shortcode looks like: [item link=”#”] IMAGE [/item] and there is no option to setup this link to be external.

Hi asphericall,

Sorry for delay.
Please write me via private message and I’ll send you fixed file.

Hi Great theme, Thank you, I am having an error when trying to go into my website when it has the www on the domain name, the error is the following: Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/socialsk/public_html/index.php:2) in /home/socialsk/public_html/3.0/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 876

How can I fix this?

Just answered you via email

How to get listed only certain portfolio category items on the gallery page? Or at least how to use portfolio categories?


There is Choosing certain portfolio category to display chapter in documentation which helps to manage portfolio.

I have missed that part of manual :) Thank you!!

Can’t find pricing table template. Can you explain where to find it? Thanks

Hello, I’ve a problem for installing mailshimp even when I paste the pluging via FTP and I refresh page it stay blank. I think it’s due to hoster php setting that I can’t change. Can I use another similar plugin?

Hi berrada212,

Thank you for choosing OptimaSales theme!

Please read instruction Mailchimp Newsletter Subscription Form in documentation again and verify if you did all steps properly.
Please give me access to admin panel, so we could try install plugin with the help of our mailchimp key.
However you can use alternative plugins, for example, this one

Cannot find the pricing table page. Can you help me locate it.

Got it

quintessamedia said:
Hi Olia, is it not possible to add more than 5 lines to the pricing tables? that’s a bit odd. you would think you can add as many as you wished. Thanks, QM
Your answer was:
It will be done in future updates.
Is it possible now, after 8 months? Thanks in advance!


You should check update history in item description. Please be more attentive.
It was ready in version 1.2. from January 22, 2013

Hello, Sorry for not observing the update history, but for my page, it isn’t working. What I need is a pricing table with 6 columns on the same row. When I put 6 columns, it makes 2 rows with 3 columns each, which is not good for me. Is this how it is supposed to work? Or is it a way to make the 6 columns appear on the same row? Thanks!


I’m a little bit confused as your first question was about lines. Could you please write me explanation via private message

The shortcode for Typography -> Button does not work. I have disabled all plugins that do not come with the theme, and still cannot get it to work.

Please advise.


If it doesn’t work on local server, it means that the problem is in local server configuration. Probably there is a lack of extensions but it’s hard to say which ones.

Im not sure I understand what you mean when you say “lack of extensions” are you referring to wordpress or to php ?


Sorry for delay.

It refers to the server settings, i.e. php part.
Unfortunately, we can’t say exactly what is a problem as you’re working on local server.

I really like your theme a lot. I am using many of the features. One of them has me stumped right now. I added some videos to the portfolio and they play fine when the image is selected but they do not play when the title is selected and you go to the page for the entry. All seems to work fine for the imported data entries but my new ones are not playing. I can not find any differences between yours and mine but something must be different. Here is the link to my portfolio that has both your working youtube videos (at the bottom) and my non-working youtiube videos (at the top. They work fine on this page, but not on the single page.



Do you think this change in Wordpress might have caused a problem in the gallery video play feature? http://codex.wordpress.org/Embeds

Hi debradager,

Thank you for choosing OptimaSales theme!
Please write me via message and I’ll send you fix file.

Hi, I purchased your theme with my company account, not this one, and it works great, good job ! I would know how can i choose wich features i want to display when I use this : “[features num=”3” thumb=”true”]” I used this in 2 different pages and I would display differents features according to a page. Can you help me please ?

Thanks ! :)

Hi kidlovera,

Thank you for your purchase!
Please write me via message and I’ll send you fix file.

Hi!! It’s look nice and i’m think to buy it for my indie game company. ¿It’s tested for Wordpress 3.6? ¿How long do you keep supporting this theme?

And, another, i don’t see the normal blog sample in the live demo, ¿how does it look like?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for appreciation
Theme is compatible with 3.6.

What do you mean saying “normal blog”?

Thanks. I purchased the theme and it’s excelent. Good job! (About my english… well, it sucks, i know, sorry about that!)


How to add a Cyrillic fonts correctly?

I’m select a ‘Marmelad’ font on ‘Theme Options’ – ‘Styling’ page (this font has support a Cyrillic symbols, see http://www.google.com/fonts) for Primary Heading & Secondary Heading, and changes are applied (I see that: font are call in HTML-code), but the font is not fully connected – I don’t see this font in cyrillic letters – olny for latin.

For example, here is correct html for call this font (works on another site): <link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Marmelad<strong>&subset=latin,cyrillic</strong>' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

This code: &subset=latin,cyrillic is not present in html for this template.

Any ideas?


Thanks for choosing OptimaSales theme!

Please write me via private message and I’ll send you fix file.