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Hi, We have multiple office locations around the world and I would like to add more than one marker to the contact map. Is this possible?

Thanks, Dan

Hi Dan,

Sorry for delay!
Please write me via private message and I’ll send you fix file

How to add a blog items on homepage, like as http://themeforest.net/item/optimasales-responsive-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/3609807 ? The recent_posts shortcode looks no pretty.

Answered via email.

How can i hide the sidebar in portfolio category or in the whole template?

Thank’you very much…

Hi demiurgo76,

Sorry for delay!
Are you talking about this page http://optimawp.gozha.net/themes/main/portfolio-view/gallery-item-21/ ?

I’m having a problem getting my picture to display correctly in the slider.

Hi nevilles,

Thank you for choosing OptimaSales theme!

Could you please provide a link to see what’s wrong with images?

what is your email so I can send you my web url?


I tried sending through the support page as well. The menu is having issues on my site after install. Can I get some help with this please?



Hi Kyle,

I’ve just answered you via email.


Juste one quick question please : i am trying to set the UberMenu plugin, but it does not work, since it seems that there is a conflict with Superfish. Actually it works, but both menu a mixing.

For instance, if i set Ubermenu, and i make no change, the font of the main navigation is very very small (like 8px or less).

I can’t provide an URL, but do you know maybe how i can handle that (display SF CSS ? Display Superfish completely ? And how ?

Thx a lot !

Hi raph7433,

Thank you for choosing OptimaSales Theme!
Sorry for delay :(

We haven’t tested theme with this plugin. If you give me access to admin panel via private message we’ll try to help you.

Hi Olechka, excellent theme been using it for months now no problems.

I am probably being stupid but how do change the content background? I wish to have white rather than the standard grey texture.


Hi Sam,

Tell me please what device do you use? what resolution? Could you please provide screenshot


I use an iphone, unsure on which resolution.

Where shall I send the screenshot???

Thanks for your help. Sam

I love this theme, thanks, really easy to follow and install. I have a question re the carousel, is it possible to open the URL attached to the image as a new window?

Hi rkwalker,

Please write me via private message and I’ll send you fix file.

What kind of errors do you receive? Could you please be more specific on your last comment

Thanks, the https issue may be our end. Think we are leaving the site as http for then time being. (it was related to non secure content – the slider on the home page would not load etc.). I will drop you a private message later..thanks :) Love the theme! Had lots of positive feedback. (will include our URL in the private message so you can see)


I’d like, in Pricing tables, that when you click in “Select” button, add to cart in WooCommerce.

Is it possible?


Hi Pablo,

There is no such default option. You need to customize theme for this purpose.

What does select button when click on it, then?


Another question:

All home slider, in Live demo, are the same, is an error?


Can you answer this, please? :)

When will be fixed this error? I need to see the 3 sliders before purchasing it.


Hi Pablo,

Please try this links:
Onebyone slider
Flexslider 1
Flexslider 2


Sorry, I see exactly the same…


New user of this option. I cannot, for the life of me, find any options for the main navigation setting. The online live demo shows the navigation running across the top, whereas, the default has the nav stacked and off to the right.

I’m fully willing to acknowledge my stupidity if it’s right under my nose.

Hi Ron,

Customization is not included into theme price. You need to hire developer if you need to make changes in the theme.


Hi Olechka,

I’m confused. You were able to show me how to center the logo, but you can’t do the same for the navigation? I have a developer, but he couldn’t figure that one out.

Hi Ron,

Sorry for that misunderstanding. We can recommend you a third party specialist who can help you with theme customization. Here’s his oDesk profile or Elance

Hello, how do I get the widgets on the home page?


Hi Danny,

You have to use page template which contains sidebar, for example, default page template and add widgets.

Hi, can someone please give me a step by step on how to add new google fonts to the theme? Ive followed the instructions on googlefonts but it doesnt work. Ive added <link href=’http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Titillium+Web:200,200italic,300,300italic,400,400italic,600,600italic,700,700italic' rel=’stylesheet’ type=’text/css’> to the header.jsp and also added the font to both the style.css and css/base.css in my child theme. When I inspect the element I can see that the font I added is being overridden by the themes fonts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Selectbidder,

Please write me via private message and I’ll send you fix file.

Hi Olechka, I have sent you a private message. Thanks in advance for the help.

Answered you via email.

Hi, Im trying to use ‘Features’ in conjunction with tabs. I have it working as expected, except thatthe ‘Features’ being displayed are the same three each time.

I have 6 different features and what I want to do is display 3 per tab. My code is as follows:

[tabs tab1=”How It Works” tab2=”Who It’s For” ]

tab1 [/tab1]

tab2 /tab2

I realise that num=”3” gives me the 1st 3 Features in the list, what I want is something like the following:

inside tab1 : features num=”1,2,3”thumb=”true” link=”true”]

and in tab2: features num=”4,5,6”thumb=”true” link=”true”]

If anyone has done this is the past, please contact me and tell me how.

Thanks in advance.

Answered you via email

Thanks again for the prompt response. To anyone else looking to buy this template, I say do it, I have had 2 support questions and both times the developer has emailed me with the files I needed to make the template do exactly what I need. Both the template and support have been excellent.

Thank you very much for you kind words!

Hello, I’m encountring many problems whith this theme! Woocommerce dosn’t works, impossible to change permalinks … Could you please help me!


Thanks for choosing OptimaSales theme!

Could you please contact me via private message and describe your problems more detailed.

Just bought the theme :) looked really good and woocommerce is a must! so thanks. However, can you point me in the right direction, where to find the instructions for uploading demo content to how it looks in the Live Demo?


Hi tyrelj13,

Thank you for your purchase!

Please read documentation chapter C) Importing Sample Data


I just purchased your theme.

The default home page has 3 features, but the 2nd one is featured image on the right, while the 1st one and the 3rd one are featured image on the left. I want to make the features images of all the features on the some side.

What should I do?

Best Regards, Miller

Answered via email


I just purchased your theme. I saw the default home page has 3 features. The 2nd feature is different, with the image on the right. I want to make images of all features on the same side. What should I do?

Best Regards, Miller

Answered via email

Hi, I have purchased your Optima Sales Wordpress Theme, its been great so far! My question is that I have added a logo to the header and it is long in height so there is a lot of grey area in the main header now below the menu. I want to add an image to the header under the menu to make better use of this blank space. The image need not be linked. Could you please advise how I could do this? thanks

Hi aphromme,

Thank you for choosing OptimaSales theme ;)

There are several variants:

1) you can just paste image code into header.php
2) make options to download images and link them in admin panel.

1) I am trying to make the font bigger for the Main Menu aka Navigation text? How do I make this bigger? I have been looking in the CSS & can’t find it.

2) On every page other than the home page there is a blue banner/ribbon, with text, how do I make that banner/ribbon smaller? How do I make the text smaller on the banner/ribbon?

3. How do I make the banner/ribbon go away?

Thanks so much!

Answered via email