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Hi Olechka,

I am sorry for bothering you again. I have two last changes to do and I hope you could help me with them..

1) When I click on a product category to see the list of products within it, I need it to look like portfolio 4 columns, rather than the blog.

2) It would be so great if there is a way to get the portfolio filterable – to display the list of categories at the top of the main portfolio page and be able to filter them when selected. I have found some plugins for this, but I have already uploaded all products in the theme’s portfolio section and I wondered if you could give advice for this.

Thank you very much! Rosi

Hi Rosi,

So sorry for delay!

1) Your note is fair enough. We will add this to our update list.
2) We can’t guarantee proper work of third party plugins.


I want to know if it’s possible to change the features link ? Instead of linking to a feature, linking to a page that i create ?

best regards, Gabriel

Answered via email

Hello, My says that his contact form is not displaying the “message sent” text once the contact form is filled out and submitted. Do you know how to correct this?


I am using 3.7.1, the latest version.

Sorry, I was not using the latest version, but I have since updated and updated to the latest version of WP, but I’m still experiencing the same issue. Any advice?

Send me please login and password to admin panel via private message and we’ll try to help.

can it be changed from the css. current search form?. I mean remove it from its current position or modiciar colors, for example? On the other hand, would like to add buttons to the main menu. It can be done from .css?.


You need base knowledge in CSS to make this changes. You can use developer tool (chrome) or firebug (firefox)

Form style is in the file css/base.css from the line 1943 (look at the code comments)
Custom styles have to be added to certain field in WP Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > General > Custom CSS


KEF Purchased

Hello, I want to have two independent sliders on my website. That means that I want to have other group of slides on the second slider. I can make new slides but all are connected to the one slider. How can I make the second slider? thx Maciej


Answered via email.


KEF Purchased

Hi, thanks. Since its not possible, what do I have to do to have 2 independent sliders? It’s realy important


If the previous solution doesn’t feet for you, you can try third-party plugin for this purpose. Try WP Slider Plugin http://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-slider-ssp/ or something similar to it.

Hi. How do I remove the ‘Sign In’ & ‘Sign Up’ at the top?

Hi vavivo,

You can remove this here:

WP Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > General > Top Header Bar and choose Disable

Hi How can change the single services order in service page? http://themeforest.net/item/optimasales-responsive-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/3609807


Hi, I have 18 different services and what I want to do is choose those to display in different pages

I want to display in the File Sharing page some services and in the Cloud page other services.

I want is something like the following:

[services num = “1,6,3” thumb = “true” link = “true”]

Another question : what are the numbers 1,4,6? Are the order of creation of services?

Please contact me and tell me how.


You need to use the following parameters to showcase services:

num=”” – number of displayed posts?????????? ????????? ??????
offset=”’ start of showing posts (numbers starts from 0)

For example, you can create 8 posts and display first 4 ones on one page.

[services num=”4” offset=”0” link=”true”]

then display the rest 4 posts on the next page

[services num=”4” offset=”4” link=”true”]

How to make menu item start with upper case? right now it’s all lower case. Thanks

You should change text-transform option for .sf-menu a. Write ‘capitalize’ instead ‘lowercase’.

If you want change register only for main menu item (left nested in lowercase) should override “text-transform: capitalize;” in .sf-menu > li > a{ }

I cant find ’.sf-menu’ in .css, can i add it via custom css? if so what would be the line? thanks


Menu styles are in optima/css/superfish.css
However, we recommend you to make all changes here WP Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > General > Custom CSS

Social Media widget is not properly displayed on the side:


How to remove the arrows?


Please open WP Admin > Appearance > Theme Options > General > Custom CSS and add the code below

#sidebar .widget .social-links li {background:none;}

It still show the arrows as you mouse over/highlight the link, how do i remove that?


Please use the code below

#sidebar .widget .social-links li {background:none !important;}


I keep getting this Error when I upload the theme (I have followed all your instructions)

Wordpress 3.8.1

Screenshot: http://puu.sh/7ZJ93.png

Any idea on how to fix this ?

Thanks in advance


Thank you for choosing OptimaSales theme.

Such kind of error can happen while importing sample data. You can solve this by downloading files archived in gzip format, not xml files.


ADH Purchased


I wonder if you can help as I am struggling here – the site is up and fine, but I am getting this error message when trying to log in to the site…

Warning: require_once(/home/j18cesl/public_html/esp/wp-content/plugins/wp-robots-txt/inc/options-page.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/j18cesl/public_html/esp/wp-content/plugins/wp-robots-txt/robots-txt.php on line 29

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ’/home/j18cesl/public_html/esp/wp-content/plugins/wp-robots-txt/inc/options-page.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/j18cesl/public_html/esp/wp-content/plugins/wp-robots-txt/robots-txt.php on line 29

Can you please assist? I can provide ftp etc?

Thank you very much for your help – you are my only hope!


It looks like the problem is in third-party plugin wp-robots-txt

We can recommend to go through the following steps:
1) delete folder with the plugin (plugins/wp-robots-txt) via ftp
2) reinstall this plugin or try to use any other similar to it

Is the theme compatible with Wordpress 3.9? when will you be issuing an update to the theme?


At this moment theme is compatible with WP 3.8 and we’re working on the 3.9 compatibility. Unfortunately, there’s no exact deadline for solving this issue.


OptimaSales theme is updated, so it’s compatible with WP 3.9 now. You can download new version for free.


Will be there a new version of this theme for latest Wordpress? Wordpress is already at version 3.9.


OptimaSales theme is updated, so it’s compatible with WP 3.9 now. You can download new version for free.

Thanks! You’re awesome!!!

Thanks a lot and you’re welcome ;)

Hi. The images in my carousel is not displaying like it is in your sample. For mine, the left side is empty. It displays from the 1st quarter on the left onwards. This gives it a lopsided look. Please refer to the image.

How do I configure to display it so that it looks similar to your sample?



Sorry for delay! Give me please access to admin panel via profile private message and we will try to help you.

Since WP update to version 3.9, I am having problems with contact form 7. When an error is entered in the contact form, this is not working as it should do. Instead of displaying an error message, and shows some pictures, then this is impossible to do anything more unless the page is reloaded.

Sending image with error. I would appreciate your help as I have tried everything without being able to solve it.


Sorry for this inconvenience! We’re currently working on WP 3.9 compatibility issue. We’ll try solve this ASAP.


OptimaSales theme is updated, so it’s compatible with WP 3.9 now. You can download new version for free.

Hello Olechka

After update WordPress to 3.9 I do not see Shortcodes with WYSIWYG. What can I do?


best regards



OptimaSales theme is updated, so it’s compatible with WP 3.9 now. You can download new version for free.

Hello Olechka

Still I do not see Shortcodes with WYSIWYG. What can I do?

best regards

Hi Domek,

Please check the following issues:

- if you have the latest version of the theme;
- if you have installed ZillaShortcodes plugin (which is added into theme package)

If you still fail after checking these, please provide us with admin access via private message

Today I received a notice with the following message: ”...An update to your purchase of OptimaSales – Responsive WordPress Theme by olechka is now available in your downloads…”

I downloaded the file but I see the alleged update history indicates that it is version 1.3.2. From what I can see on the update history, version 1.3.2 was released on April 22, 2013. there is an error with the update file?. Is available file to download the new update announced?.


This file is for version 1.4 You can freely update your site. We’ve just forgotten to refresh update history. Sorry!

Today I made the test upgrade to the latest version (1.4) and have had several problems.

The website plays some code like plain text. For example, Home page, the areas of primary, secondary and tertiary text, the code looks like plain text and such parts as samples were not initially configured.

Instead, the code shown, as example:

[area type=”primary” align=”justify”]


I checked all my pages and it is the same, the code is displayed as plain text and missed the settings I had.

Also, with the new actualizacón, asking me to install the plug in zillashorcode. I have installed it thinking that this was the source of the problem but I could not solve the problem.

Fortunately, I always make a backup and have been back to back and leave my site as initially.

Can you help with this please.?.

Hello again.

I’ve been checking all day and doing tests and I discovered something that might be causing the problem.

I detail what I found.

. 1 – In version 1.3.2, within the optima.zip, there is a folder called “shortcodes”. The route would be: optima \ includes \ shortcodes \

. 2 – In version 1.4, this “shortcodes” folder does not exist.

. 3 – I’ve been tested manually adding the “shortcodes” folder and all the shortcodes are back to work properly on all pages.

. 4 – However, while the problem of shortcodes is resolved, now the footer does not display widgets that were initially configured.

. 5 – I delete the “shortcodes” folder and added footer back to normal.

I think this might be the source of the problem.

I let copy of this email waiting for any of the two can reach you faster.

Hi Oli:

I just checked and everything is back to normaildad, as you say.

Based on what You explain by mail and what I’ve been looking, does the problem was a wrong installation of zilla-shorcodes?.

It’s just to keep it in mind as it happen again.

I appreciate the support and the help you have given me; proof that I made a good investment with your work.


answered in email

i read comment that the shortcut button when editing a page/post is gone after the wordpress upgrade. And saw your reply to upgrade the theme. I tried upgrading the theme but it broke some stuff because I had customized it. I didn’t want to take the time to figure out what modifications I had made yet. But I really want to use button shortcode. And can’t figure out what the shortcodes are. are they listed anywhere else I can just look instead of using the fancy button? Or could you tell me what files from the new theme I need to replace to get the button back?


In general the right way to customize themes is via child theme.
So if you want to use shortcode generator in older versions that 1.4, please go through the following steps:

1. Open functions.php and delete part

//Shortcodes require_once PARENT_DIR . '/includes/shortcodes/shortcodes.php'; include_once(PARENT_DIR . '/includes/shortcodes/tinymce/tinymce_shortcodes.php');

2. Download the latest version of the theme from themeforest.net and copy folder optima/includes/plugins/zilla-shortcodes.zip to your desktop

3. Install this plugin via WordPress admin panel.

4. After that you have possibility to create shortcodes in the WP 3.9

Before all these actions, make back up of the current theme you have. So you can come back to it if something goes wrong.