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google map on the contact page doesn’t seem to update when changing the coordinates. has anyone else run into this?

Please check again your coordinates or maybe you forgot click Save Options. In any case please try again, if nothing changes let me know.

the only way I could get it to work was deleting the contact page altogether and then recreating it. then the new coordinates would take effect. i have the theme installed on one other domain and it doesn’t have the same issue. very weird.

Really it’s weird. As I presume the problem is resolved and everything ok?

If you have any additional questions, please contact me via private message.

Ok first 24 hrs and figured a lot out. Stuck on logo issue. Kindly check out My logo is in perfect postion but the menu has shifted upward. How can I readjust menu. I assume its in css but where? Thanks..

Hi Gforce,

Here is solution:
Appearance > Theme Options > General > Custom CSS
.sf-menu {margin-top:40px;}

Have any additional questions please contact me via private message

Where does this go? Under Navigation in CSS

Worked!! Thanks… Next time I will contact via PM.

Hello there,

The theme itself looks good, but I have a small bug when viewing my website (also the live-demo) on an iPad or Samsumg Tablet.

The 4 column galery pages first display 2 images, then a set of 4, then again a set of 2, instead of 2 sets of 4. (

Is there a way I can easiliy fix this?

Hi aandagt,
Thank you very much for choosing OptimaSales theme and kind words.

Thanks for letting us know about this issue.
Here is solution:
1) Open js/scripts.js

2) Change this code
$('.gallery.cols2 li:nth-child(2n), .gallery.cols3 li:nth-child(3n), .gallery.cols4 li:nth-child(4n)').after('<li class="clear" />');

Into this one
$('.gallery.cols2 li:nth-child(2n)').after('<li class="clear" />'); $('.gallery.cols3 li:nth-child(3n)').after('<li class="clear" />'); $('.gallery.cols4 li:nth-child(4n)').after('<li class="clear" />');

3) Save changes.

Hello Olechka,

This has indeed fixed our issue. Thank you very much for the fast reply and fix!

Hi, can you tell me how to remove the grey background from behind the text on the home page please. I just want a plain white background. Also how can I change the text colour to the actual colour I select rather than it always being over-ruled by the grey (in the paragraph). Thank you

Glad that everything works! Enjoy the theme ;)
If you like theme please do rate it.
Follow me on themeforest to track OptimaSale updates & new items. Thanks in advance!

Hi, I will do just that.

Another quick question, I have tried a few css mods but I can’t get the main nav to go to capitals. Can you help please?

Thank you

Here is pass
Appearance > Theme Options > General > Custom CSS
.sf-menu a {text-transform:none;}

Hi there,

I’m struggling to get the slider to work properly. I uploaded the theme to one of my test domains so I could see how things were set up on my main site.

My image is a lot smaller than the one on the sample data but it is still far too big for the slide. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong? My site is

Hi kjarva,
Thanks for buying theme!

By default slider images size is 940×470. Therefore to avoid additional css-code editing it is recommended to download image of this size

lol I realised that earlier today – it’s all working awesome now. Thanks for the amazing theme! I’m still trying to figure a lot out but I’m getting there :)

You’re welcome! Enjoy the theme ;)

More of general question so why I am writing here incase others have same issue. In Chrome the Icon shows up on my tab but not to the left of my URL. (just the paper with the corner folded, that default image.. Any idea?

So in Summary Chrome shows in tab but NOT URL (Shows default folded paper icon) Works in IE in BOTH tab and url. (Yaaaa!) Mozilla shows in tab but NOT URL. (Shows default world icon)

Hi Gforce,

Here is article about this issue

Thanks again. Love you themes.. Perfect balance, will be buying more in future.. Not to mention the support is great!!

General Question and Feedback I hope can be useful for others as I am sure there all all different levels of skillsets when customizing your template.

1) I have been using Chrome’s “Inspect Element” and finding the CSS portion that I need to adjust to fix an issue then adding it the the “Custom CSS page” and it has worked all the time! Is this the correct way to do it, I just stumbled upon it and has worked great so far. Maybe everyone already knows this and I am a newbie but thought I would share to help people attempt to solve own issues before writing you (LIKE ME 10 TIMES!! Sorry) :)

2) Anyone know is there a widget horizontal carousel that scrolls testimonials with the format similar to the static testimonials element you provide that would integrate into your page seamlessly


1) Thank you for your advice. We will add this stuff into documentation.
2)Theoretically it’s possible to do. We will add this requirement to our update list.


I’m trying to make some of the body text bigger as it’s far too small by default (IMHO of course). I’ve tried adding the following to the custom CSS section but it hasn’t worked. Any ideas please?

{ p { font-size: 16px; }


Hi kevquirk,
Thank you for your purchase!

Here is correct code:
body {font-size: 16px;}

Hello can you please guide me through how to edit the TOP navigation

SignON and SignUP widget, i have to make it a different sign on option.

Hi saadmengal, Thank you for choosing OptimaSales theme!

You can edit top nav here:
Appearance > Theme Options > General > Top Header Bar (Fixed Height, Toggled, Disable)
Open header.php and edit code between comments:

<!--Top Header--> <!--/Top Header-->

Also how can i smooth the fonts on my webpage, like on your website. If u can email me, i can give u more details. I need to ask a thing or two.

Great Theme!!

OptimaSales theme doesn’t provide any special font smoothing. Font display depends on chosen typeface, browser, OS.

P.S. Thanks for an appreciation!


oh, the fonts are smoother on the demo, maybe your using differnet fonts? can i get the names for it, and also please email me the code you used for the POPUP signon option leaving it as it is like Demo, and not connecting to wordpress? It would help me alot. If its okay with you. and also im figuring how to decrease slider size, please do mention that aswel, if i dont find it by ur reply! :) cheers.

Hi saadmengal,
Write me please via private message and I’ll send you solution.

I have the same question as “saadmengal”. I need to change Sing in and Sign up pages. Thanks for help and supports

Sent you answer via email

Contact form not working.

I have the contact form 7 plugin installed. But if I try to send a test it doesn’t work. I’ve changed the “to” field to the correct address within the Contact Form 7 settings for the form I’m using. If I send an email from another mailbox it works. So I know it’s the site and not the address. Any ideas?


Hi kevquirk,
Thanks for choosing OptimaSales theme.

There can be a lot of reasons of this problem. Recommend you check settings here . If contact form still doesn’t work please send me admin panel and FTP access via private message

Hi, thanks for the excellent theme.

I am having an issue with the breadcrumb feature of the template.

As can be seen here: Link

The correct format should be Home > Tutorials > Wordpress as that is how the categories are placed.

Any ideas on this issue would be much appreciated.

Thanks once again.

Thanks again for appreciation!

This request is included into update 1.3.1. It’s planning to be released on the next week.

Hi Olechka, I am trying to get portfolio to be shown as per category….i have tried the category slug given in V. 1.3 but cannot understand the difference.. I want to show my portfolio as Our Work (and then dropdown menu given below) Broadcast Fillers Broadcast Marketing Material Broadcast Promo’s Broadcast Titles Corporate Kits Corporate Presentations Corporate Videos & TV Commercials Infographic Videos Logo Formations etc

Regards, Zakir

Hi Zakir,

Filter “Category” works only on “Portfolio” pages. So there is no sense to use it for page template Services.

At this moment shortcode Services has parameters:
num – post quantities
offset – first one to be shown

Hi, please guide the portfolio category to be shown as per v.1.3 so that i’ll follow the steps you will done in our website. You already have the login details for Looking forward to your feedback on this

cheers, zakir

Hi Zakir,

There is subsection “Choosing certain portfolio category to display” in documentation with detailed description. Here is example

Hi, maybe is a stupid question but, can i set the color to my company line? (like this


Hi asanchex,
Please be more specific on your issue. Can’t exactly understand what you mean.

I have an issue with the menus. They are not loading correctly on my site. Also, I just purchased this theme and downloaded it and after install I was told there there is a new version of it. Please advise what I should do as this is a bit frustrating to encounter at a first glance. Having said this, great work on the design :) my domain is


Hi rbuttigieg,
Thank you for choosing OptimaSales theme!

1) Menu issue is described in documentation. Please check it there.
2) Update issue will be fixed in update 1.3.1. At this moment you have two ways of solution:
- give us access to admin panel and ftp to figure out the reason via via private message
- switch off Update Notifier (Appearance > Theme Options > General -> Update Notifier)

fixed the issue of the menu :) the popup for the update is the only issue left. thanks again & nice work!

Answered in previous comment.


Optima is advertising a new update. However, I have already updated to the latest 1.3 version. I could not update it using wordpress due to a (Destination folder already exists.) error, so I updated it manually. Is there a way to fix it so that I can update it in the future the proper/easy way?

Hi broadle5,
Thanks for choosing OptimaSales theme!

Please switch off Update Notifier (Appearance > Theme Options > General -> Update Notifier)

Does the increase in Menu Items make the Sub Menu items list not to be “Right Below” the parent category. Like, the Tie like Submenu items are showing In between About and Home. Hope u understand.

And please read ur email. Last bunch of help!

P.S: I figured out the Styling of bullets, it was in base.css I no more need to fix the slider. I adjusted it aswell.

Great Theme and Support…

Please give me example of this issue for better understanding.
Thank you for appreciation!

I think u should globally turn off Update Notifier Script on the downloads page! :D

Thanks for advice ;) Will be fixed in 1.3.1