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First off, great theme olechka! It is excellent!

One question. I’d like to have the menu button on the homepage scroll down to the features on the homepage when that button is clicked. For example if someone clicked “features” on the menu it would simply scroll past the sliders and the What is Optima text to the 3 features. It would not go to a different page. Is this easy to do? Thanks for the help

Hi Tylersf,

Add to menu items, for instance,
where features is id for your element

However this change requires significant customization (shortcodes, elements). There is no embedded user-friendly functionality.

Has anyone used WP e-Commerce with this template? I’ve installed the plugin and when active, it “breaks” most of the JS associated with the theme. For example, the sliders, toggles, and tab shortcode features no longer work. I’m sure the scripts are conflicting, just not sure how to fix.

Hi bryanburns,
Thanks for choosing Optimasales theme!

We didn’t test theme on WP e-Commerce compatibility earlier.
However we have installed this plugin and activated it after your comment. There are no problem with widget work. Maybe there is any other reason of this issue.

Tell me please what plugin version and theme version you use for better understanding your problem.

Thanks for the reply.

My template version is 1.2 and my WP-ecommerce version is 3.8.10 We also have an extension plugin called Gold Cart for WP-ecommerce that extends gateway payment options, version Those two plugins are the only plugins we have installed. When active, my shortcode features do not work. When deactivate, they work fine.

Hi Bryan,

Thanks for letting us know. We will check this issue and give you feedback.

Hi Olechak, AMAZING THEME! I love it! :) I am trying to change one of the colors of the “main” color scheme from green to orange. Can you direct me to the main areas where I would have to change the color code? Not sure if this is possible, but I would ideally like to keep the gradients you have in some of the pages, assuming of course they are CSS. Thanks for any insight!

Hi Itlevel3,

Thank you for appreciation and your purchase!

Main color settings are here: Appearance > Theme Options > Styling
Probably some elements have to be changed via css.
Please be more specific on what element you want edit. Thanks.

Hi, just bought your theme and i am wondering how I could customize the coming soon page? Since my page will take more than a month to be ready i want to display the month, or XXX digit days, e.g. 125 days

Just sent you email

Hi, I’m creating a contact page on http://www.arkadia-communication.fr/contactez-nous/ and I would like the same table for form and contact in three columns like on http://themeforest.net/item/optimasales-responsive-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/3609807 but I don’t succeed. Could you help me please ?

Hi VirginieGiron, Thanks for choosing OptimaSales theme!

Maybe it would be better to install sample data. It is easier way.

Here is contact form code:
<div id="contact-form" class="contact-form clearfix"> <div class="grid_5 alpha"> <div class="field clearfix">[textarea your-message watermark "your message..."]</div> </div> <div class="grid_3 omega"> <div class="field clearfix">[text* your-name watermark "your name ..."]</div> <div class="field clearfix">[email* your-email watermark "your email..."]</div> <div class="field clearfix">[text your-subject watermark "subject..."]</div> <div class="btn-wrapper">[submit "Send"]<i class="btn-marker" /></div> </div> </div>

There is Contact Info widget on the right which you have to move to Contacts Sidebar area.

thanks Olechka. I succeed :-) Thanks for your rapid answer

You’re welcome ;)


I’ve got woocommerce on my site, but for some reason I can’t display a sidebar on the shop URL. I’ve setup “Shop Sidebar” from Appearance >Sidebars, and I’ve also populated it with widgets. The page itself if setup to be the “default” template so it should work…shouldn’t it?



Hi Kev,

WooCommerce widgets should be displayed from WooCommerce Sidebar. Checkout widgets from WooCommerce are Cart + Checkout on shopping cart pages.

Tell me please what theme version you have.

How do I create a slider on a page that’s not the homepage?

I’d like 3 sliders on the homepage, and 5 on another page.

Thanks for choosing OptimaSales theme.

Unfortunately, theme allows to use slider only on homepage i.e. using “Homepage” page template.

This theme has been selected as Top Theme for WordPress

Thank you :)

When I set the front page to show a static page, the slider shows up twice. Can you tell me how to get rid of the duplicate slider?

I got this error by going to settings—>reading and changing “front page displays” to Home.

I created a blank page for the post page, but it still shows a duplicate slider..

Hi Studyright,
Thanks for choosing OptimaSales theme!

Please give me link to your website. Ftp and admin access are also appreciated, send it please via private message

Hi Olechka

Good theme. Just one question. How do I change the button colour. I’ve looked in the theme files under images but cant seem to find what im looking for.

If you look at the send button here http://universalgraphicsuk.com/ you will see its yellow.

Thank you for kind words!

Buttons are made with the help of css3 gradient.
Button styles for dark color scheme are in optima/css/colors/dark.css line 449
You can use default buttons on the page “Page Elements” or add your custom gradient.


Do I need to use a specific page template if I want it to have a sidebar? No matter which sidebar I choose, I can’t get it to appear!



Hi Dan, Thanks for choosing OptimaSales theme!

Sidebars are available for Default Template and Contact Us page templates


I love this theme. However, I really need to add a video into the slider. I am having an extremely difficult time in doing this. Can you please help?


Hi Sdogen,
Thank you for your purchase and appreciation!

Unfortunately at this moment theme slider doesn’t support video. This issue is in our update list and will be released in future updates.



We are also having one more issue…

We would like sign up button at the top of the page, and the buttons in the pricing table to have have pop up quote form to be filled out by the user. If possible, in similar fashion as the default “sign in” pop up you have in the demo. My developer is having issues with this. His description of the issue:

we can arrange lightbox on any place where content can be arranged as html where we can put hyperlink manually becuase lightbox plugins are expecting a css class set on particular hyperlink indentify it without any option to arrange a class code on any hyperlink …. lightbox plugins fail to identfy the link and same is happing here on signup page – theme settings only allow to put a link location not the hyperlinking


We’ve used jQuery Reveal as base for lightbox plugin. It can connect link via data-attributes featured in html. You can read here

Hello, and thank you for your beautiful theme. I have a question though, i can’t find a way to add a video (like the in the ‘how it works’ template) in the Home-template, there is only the possibility to add a ‘featured image’ Any idea?

Hi Wepingo,

Thanks for buying theme! Sorry for delay an glad you found solution ;)

Hello. i’ve found the answer to my question by myself, but i’ve got another question now.. I would like to create a new sidebar to add a widget on my header. is that possible ? what do i have to do ??.. thank you :)

Hi Wepingo,

You have to create widget area in the header. Here is tutorial how to do this

thank you !! :) it helped

Thank you for your previous responses. I have 2 more issues… The slider is not rendering properly on smaller screens such as an iPhone. Please see: www.roamassist.com/dev

Also, the map is not working either. It will post the map no matter how I enter the address or coordinates… i.e. 28.6667° 77.2167°

I will PM you login details. I appreciate your help!

Hi Sdogen,

Thank you for choosing OptimaSales theme. Sorry one more time for delay reply. Glad you solve problem with map coordinates.


I am having a CSS issue with your Search button icon, which is present on both my site and your demo: http://themeforest.net/item/optimasales-responsive-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/3609807 The search button doesn’t have the same height as the search text field. Its a few pixels off. And in different browsers, the height is either too big, or too small, but not perfect. If I edit the CSS for it to adjust it, other buttons get messed up in height (Like the Add a Review button).

Please assist and fix.


Hi Jobspex,

You can see a few button pixel off in live demo because of locally installed fonts.
But the fact that you see this bug on your own site is strange. Button has fixed height and this doesn’t suppose to happen.

Please give a link to your website to look through css.

Hi I have sent you a private email for URL. Please check.


Hi Jobspex,
Sent you email answer.

Hi olechka, I would greatly appreciate if you could respond to my earlier question. I have resolved the map issue. However, I still have the issue where the slider images do not render properly on mobile phones, like an iPhone. They are too big and out of place. Can you please help?

Hi sdogen,

Sorry for delay. It’s Easter holidays in my country.

It seems that you have edit css styles. For example,
#banner .btn.large .btn-inner { font-size: 18px; min-height: 26px; padding: 16px 70px 5px 25px; }
This code rewrites code responsible for text and button display on mobile devices.

So as you see the problem is in custom css styles.

Hi Olechka, Fantastic work on this theme – we love it. One question though: Can you tell me why are my tags being stripped out of my new photo gallery page? (https://hiabdealers.com.au/?page_id=370). The thumbnails won’t appear without the src tag, and I’ve checked all the uploads, and the pics are all labelled correctly. Really appreciate your help!

Sorry, didn’t mean to post that twice!

Hi Perry,
We have good news for you. Script author agreed to fix his script. So we just have to wait.

Thank you Olechka!

Hi, I love this theme.. nicely done. can i somehow change the layout width from “stretched” to “fixed”.?


Hi AdeUsuf,
Thank you for your purchase and kind words!

If you are talking about switching off responsiveness this option is not provided by OptimaSales theme.

You can do it yourself following these steps:

- delete part of code in the file skeleton.css
- switch off file layout.css
- edit file flexslider.css
- delete script jquery.mobilemenu.js