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a must CMS like WP

wow this is so nice theme. good luck

Perfect Theme for me. I just hesitate to take it because a WP theme for my business would probably be better. Do you plan to make one?

Thanks for your comments!

@Electronick: No plans to make this for WP, but it’s possible.

Yes, I could also be possible to make it for WP by myself. I’ll think to this possibility.

You have done an excellent work

Lookin good! And yes everyone seems to want wordpress themes,, might be something to consider but I know it takes more time and $$$ if you don’t do it yourself.

Very excellent!

one question: How its possible to make on home a fade effect and not a slide ? Where are the parameter ?


Pretty nice and clean :) .

Good Sellings .

I bought it and I think I’ll use it for my personal use. I’ll se it on wordpress so I’ll have a bit of work on it.

As spee65, I think a fade effect could be nice. Is it possible with the actual slideEffect javascript or is it necessary to change all this part of the code?

I think it could be nice to have a blog page as in your other themes.

In every cases, thanks for your very professional work!

I too wold like a WP version of this. I bought it already but a WP version would make my day.

For the portfolio page is it possible to have more than the two columns currently displayed, with say, smaller images over each?

Thanks Chris

It is possible :) You need to make some minor changes to CSS . Let me know if you need help :)

Is it possible to force the footer to the bottom on short pages?

No, it isn’t. You could search for solutions how to do it :) “Sticky footer” could be one.

Hi, I seem to missing a “style.css” stylesheet and possibly a template from the theme.


You are probably trying to install the theme in WordPress? This is not a WordPress theme. Sorry to hear you thought so. Hopefully you can still find a good use for the theme :)