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this is great man. is the contact page workable?

yea… like u said.. freeesshhhh :)

gallery for portfilio would be nice..

@kegsquared : Contact form with working PHP , just change email. @g3niuz : Yes! Actually You can adjust it to Your needs.

Didn’t receive the .psd file in the download. Is it mismarked?

@originalanalog: look for .png file, You can open it with Fireworks. Thanks for purchase. For further assistance contact me trough my profile contact.

little misleading that it says PSD included.

not everyone uses fireworks. in fact probably a small percentage compared to photoshop users here.

fortunately if you have photoshop CS4 the layers should open in the png file.

@author if you have photoshop you should include a version for people

@sandlog Yes, it’s up to the TF devs to include a PNG option. I’ll strongly consider Your suggestion and include a PSD version in future uploads, although You should have no problem to edit the file in PS.

actually i’m not happy because i was interested in this template but earlier in the day it said a psd was included over there in the right hand side description.

i wrote to them telling them that it wasn’t and i either need a refund or a proper psd with layers.

now they change it to say psd is not included over there on the right.

that’s not how you keep customers happy. you don’t change things and then not respond?

@segan – if it said psd, then it should have one. i’m not saying it’s your fault but i got the file, counting on it?

@sandlog Item is in update cue with PSD included so You should have no problems re-downloading the item for free. Once again, sorry for the inconvenience.

np – i buy alot of stuff from flash den and now probably this site so i’m sure i will get more of your works eventually.

-take care

Updated, PSD is also included with PNG for Fireworks.

Hi, Segen nice work! I am having some issues and would appreciate it, if you could help. Please contact me, if you would. Thanks.

@frankmonne can’t contact You couse You have no contact form in Your profile. Just use my contact form in my profile and let me know for anything You need. Thanks.

I don’t have the font in the psd file (“Simply fresh Ideas”;)

Can you please tell me what font it is?


It’s a Yanone Kaffeesatz Thin, but I think I have sated it somewhere in the help file. Thanks for purchase, if You should need more assistance just email me trough my TF profile.

Thank you!

You wrote: Valid HTML : Yes This template is not valid W3C Your live preview: W3C :

You can solve this problem? Thanks

@marcoporzio It’s because the HTML is scrumbled only for the preview purposes, otherwise it’s valid of course.

Hello Segen, ok, you’re right, I bought your template, is validated 100% I voted: 5 stars great :)