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Thinking about buying does Orange work on WP 2 .7?

@marcoporzio Thanks, much appreciated.

@Willpowers This is pure (X)HTML/CSS template, however there are a lot of guys here who would convert this to WP theme. Just ask someone for quote.

are you able to have drop down buttons?

@s2kacreative it’s not implemented but please send me a PM and I’ll do that for You and everyone else who will need drop down menu.

Are there plans to include a slider where the image is located? How much would an adjustment like that cost? I am definitely interested in this theme, the only thing missing is a slider.

@akdacquel Please send ma an email with the, I’ll implement it for You ;)

To Marko, vozdra text je pravi …Glorious baklava ex librus … zaboravio si napomenuti jos i burek i c’evape !

Yeah, great design Marko, I am wondering if you are considering to implement some flash stuff for your Orange or Corporate template. I am thinking about Flash flv player, simple slide show or mp3 player. This will make your template really complete . Do you already have something like this ?


Pozz Miso…

Hi there, never thought about that. I could implement well….everything but I’ll leave that for customer requests like yours. If You want me to do it for You just send me the with your requests and I’ll look into it.


I bought Orange Marketing template, but I can’t use php form…I have a Linux hosting, do I need some particular plug in, or something else? I don’t know php code, I thought the form was easy to set, but I can’t do it… I changed the email, I put mine but notihng happens…. Can u help me, please?

Maybe I need some files in cgi-bin folder…

Hi afasciolo , don’t know how it works on Linux but if You have problems then for whatever reason, the server is denying access to your script via the POST or GET method. This could be as simple as having the wrong file extension (usually .cgi but occasionally .pl), but it’s more likely that the directory is not set up for CGI . You’ll probably have to get your hosts to set it up for you, but it might be worth creating a .htaccess file with the line:

Options ExecCGI in your script directory – this might work depending on the server’s configuration.

I hope this helps. For further question please contact me via my profile page. Cheers.

Marko – Thanks for your super quick help on the contact form – love the design and I modified it how we needed it in just a day.


I’m having the same issues with the Contact form, has anyone figured out how to solve?

Hi there, in contact.php look for <input id="button1" value="send" type="submit"/> and add name=”button1” so that it looks like this <input id="button1" name="button1" value="send" type="submit"/> That should do ;)

Hi. Im am about to by your great template. But have a question. Is it posible to insert a flash file instead of the picture on the frontpage?


Of course it is, just replace image with .swf file with same dimensions. That’s it!

Perfect… thanks i will buy it.

Hi Segen, love this one – perfect, and simple for me as an amateur. One question, and this is more to do with my lack of knowledge than anything but I cant solve it.

In the services page, there are 3 div’s classed “box” for displaying various services. I’ve added a 2nd row – duplicating the first, with a spacer br (

What can I do to make the content in “side” stop changing the layout of the box divs?

many thanks

Hi, can you please give me a link to the page? Thanks.

Hey Segen – thankyou for fast response. I think i answered my own question – it was using the br spacer inbetween the two rows of box divs. Took that out and everything worked as it should. Sorry to bother you… thanks again tho. Dave

Great Dave!

can the orange image be removed and replaced with a different one?

Yes it can.

Hi I would like to purchase this but I wanted to see if this worked with WordPress 3.0 and if it works in IE8 or IE9 ? Thanks

This is a HTML template, not WP.

Please could you help.

I cannot get the php contact form to work correctly at

The emails do arrive but are not formatted correctly.

They all say they are FROM the email address I have altered in the code ie. MY email address when it should be FROM the email address the User inputs into the form.

Title field in the body of the email is blank – it should be the contents of the Subject field on the Contact form.

Is this me or is the code incorrect.

I hope to hear from you very soon.


Ho John, I can’t see it from the link you gave me but this is the code you should have:

<?php //DONT EDIT BELOW EXCEPT FOR CHANGEING YOUR EMAIL ADRESS :) if(isset($_POST['button1'])){ $naslov = htmlspecialchars($_POST['subject'], ENT_QUOTES); $lastname = htmlspecialchars($_POST['lastname'], ENT_QUOTES); $mail = htmlspecialchars($_POST['mail'], ENT_QUOTES); $message = htmlspecialchars($_POST['message'], ENT_QUOTES); $emaile = explode('@', $mail); if($emaile[0] != '' && $emaile[1] != ''){ $to = ''; //CHANGE THE E-MAIL HERE $subj = 'Someone sent me a message'; //subject $headers = 'From: '.$to.'' . "\r\n"; $headers .= 'Reply-To: '.$to.'' . "\r\n"; //$headers .= 'MIME-Version: 1.0' . "\r\n"; $headers .= 'Content-type: text/html; charset=utf-8' . "\r\n"; $mess = '<htm?><head><title>CONTACT</title></head><body><p>'; $mess .= '</p><p><b>CONTACT</b></p><br />'; $mess .= '<b>Title: </b>'.$subject.'<br />'; $mess .= '<b>Name: </b>'.$lastname.'<br />'; $mess .= '<b>E-mail: </b>'.$mail.'<br />'; $mess .= '<b>Message: </b>'.$message.'<br />'; $mess .= '</body>'; $mailsend = mail($to,$subj,$mess, $headers);//Slanje poruke unset($_POST['subject'],$_POST['lastname'],$_POST['mail'],$_POST['message']); }else{ $error = 'Ivalid e-mail. Please try again. Thank you'; } } if (isset($error)) { print '<div>'.$error.'</div>'; } ?>

Also make sure that the HTML code is correct. Hope I helped.

Cheers, M.

Ok…its the same as yours.

I am very bad at coding but I here is the solution I THINK (well it’s working for me) to make THIS ASPECT of the form work properly.

To make the FROM display the correct info in the email CHANGE

$headers = 'From: '.$to.'' . "\r\n"; to $headers = 'From: '.$mail.'' . "\r\n";

To make the Title in the body of the email display the information entered in the Subject field of the form, CHANGE

$mess .= '<b>Title: </b>'.$subject.'<br />'; to $mess .= '<b>Title: </b>'.$naslov.'<br />';

Hope this helps


Glad you solved it John! Cheers, M.