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cool night concept!

Thank you;)

Very good work! Good luck :)

Love this, so wish it was for wordpress! any chance?

At the moment, no.

We’re happy to announce, that WordPress Theme is in it’s late phase of development. Hope it gets out this week :)

So I am not a programmer, If say I choose to use this template, how difficult will it be to change and add content, comparing to WordPress.

Its a nice theme, but I need to know before I purchase.

Maintaining a html website requires a little more knowledge than using WordPress. Although the theme’s markup isn’t complicated and was written with ease of usage in mind.

So, if you feel that you’ll be able to edit those files manually there shouldn’t be any problems.

would like to request the possibility to have more than 1 event per day, like if you hover the mouse over the day, the events “pop up” side by side, horizontally.

We will keep that in mind if there will be any updates.

Is this by any chance available for joomla?

Unfortunately, no.

Awe, too bad. Great Job on the design and layout :)

Hi. The contact.php file isnt available with my download. Where can i get it?

You have page-contact.php in your download, Cheers ;)!

I am talking the contact.php file that handles the action on the contact from. action=”contact.php”. I cant find it anywhere

When it comes to the form itself – we’ve made a html form template and an optional php form-model, which you can use. Regardless to that, you need to write a little bit more code to have a fully functional form that actually sends mails.

As you can see in the content_page-contact.php file, the function that’s responsible for sending content is blank. Its nothing more than a good starting-point to make your own fully functional form.

We did tis on purpose, because most of buyers will customize this form and probably use third-party cms software to handle forms.

Although, we see that it concerns you so we’ll try to cover form-handling in future updates.

not a lot of exp here. just wondering how do i change (add/delete events) the event calendar items. also if i want to keep a default color scheme as pink without leaving the options to change scheme. i think that’s it. Thanks in advance.

We’ve covered that up in the docs. Check it out;)

Oh, and when it comes to adding something in the calendar – open up the jquery.event-calendar.js and near the bottom of the document (line 134) copy the entire line and set the desired day at the very beggining of the line – that’s the pure html solution. In a perfect world you should have a PHP API that should return an array with events. Hope this helps You.

Got it thanks and Cheers!

Got it thanks the JS looks different than the Doc file “Deleting the color switcher”.

We had to re-upload the OrangeTheme and during that process we’ve altered the code a little bit but forgotten to update the docs.

Although everything’s well documented so we hope that you didn’t have any problems. If there’s some troubleshooting, ask we will be happy to help You ;) Also, we will keep in mind to update our docs when releasing an template update.

I am VERY interested in purchasing this theme, However I was wondering if there was an update on the WordPress Compatible version?

Hello, sure we will keep the theme up to date once WP updates.

Hi nice to meet you. I have some questions.

1 – I could send a “contac.php”? 2 – In the event calendar section, I would like to know how to set the current month that the days I want to just leave that month. 3 – I could send the html to share in socials icons?

Check http://ideas4design.es/jquery.event-calendar.zip. Hello can check my. Js. I want to be in current month only to see the events for that month. What happens is that the event is repeated every month.

Hello, please check this file http://cl.ly/2u0q1U342s1G, also if You’ll have any more questions please write email to support@yosoftware.com Cheers :)

Very nice template! 5 stars!

Pls. can you send me the contact.php. I do NOT know how to make that. You wrote in one of your comments, that you will update that in future. Pls. can you send it to me now??? It is urgent for a client of me….

Thanx a lot in advance…. :-))

Hi, glad u like it. Sure we can help with contact, can u please e-mail us support@yoSoftware.com


Great!!! I send you an email…. :-))

hello, i am in need of the contact.php file also, i am not sure how to make this, in all other html templates it is usually included…can you please email me the file asap?!?

hello silkysack, please open ticket at http://yosupport.freshdesk.com/ and we will send You some example of contact.php file, cheers :)

Hi, a question: I want the days in the calendar are not repeated every month. Why is that?

Check URL -> http://s437941385.mialojamiento.es/clubmarismas/fiestas.html

Hi, quick static example of 4th July 2013 only event http://pastebin.com/a0uSSLEe

I replaced the code but there is no change. Check http://s437941385.mialojamiento.es/clubmarismas/fiestas.html

Hi ideas4design, please open ticket at http://yosupport.freshdesk.com and ill guide You from there. Cheers :)

are the psds available with the download? please advise

looking forward to purchase if psds are available thanks

Hi chachan11, PSD are not included in HTML version but they are included in Wordpress version. Anyways if You will buy HTML version i could send You psds via email. Cheers ;)

Purchased! you are awesome.. kindly send me the psd files.. thanks :)

Please msg me via email form on my profile page just to let me know Your email address :)

Can you please send me a code example for the contact.php page? I sent an email to support@yoSoftware.com requesting this same info.

The Help Desk link asks for a Purchase code and I am unable to locate that code so I cannot submit a ticket for this request. Can you tell me where I might find it?

Hi, sent You an email with contact.php code

Thank you very much! :)


Its an awesome template, thx for the work.

I have problem with the calendar as seen on the picture.


I dont want the event on the 1st august getting repeated on september too. How can I solve this?

Unfortunately I cant find my purchase code so I cant open a support ticket.

Can you help me?

Hi, first of all… great job! I need to know how to create events on the calendar without repeat each months. So if schedule events on 6th 10th 15th 22th november … i have that repeated on the same days in december :( Pls, give me a solution to fix it. Thx a lot.

I have to agree which is why I purchased this template. It’s just amazing. BUT…...... like everyone on here is wondering how to edit the EVENT CALENDAR. I’ve been trying every different way and have tried all the links to different .js files etc. with NO LUCK. Anyway I can get help with this. I can set events for a month, BUT it repeats for all the months.

Thx in advance and again AMAZING template and I can’t wait to get it up and working for myself.

There is ajax call on each month change, you need php script which will return json with events for active year/month. If you still need more info open ticket at https://yosupport.freshdesk.com Cheers :)

I love the template and I’ve found it really easy to customize. However, I do have a question regarding the “HOME” Navigation link in mobile devices. On my PC the “HOME” button links you back to the homepage. However, when you click “HOME” on mobile devices it doesn’t do anything….it just sits there on the same page.

Even your own demo in mobile status doesn’t connect back to the “HOME PAGE” once you navigate to another page. It won’t take you back to the home page.