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Thanks segen :)

nice i like it, i think if you coded it people would buy it.

I agree with iCandy, since I’m one of those people lol.

Awesome work.

Great work :)

Which font have you used for the banner text?

Wow this is nice… if you convert this into CSS XHTML more sales coming im sure. Nice work

@everyone – thanks :)

@iCandy, CyberSpy, mabuc – Thanks for the idea, when I get time, I’ll see what I’ll do.

@coolcom – I used Helvetica 47 Light Condensed (I think)

wave this is nice theme

thanks chsunilkumar!

I am really REALLY hoping this gets coded soon. Wordpress would be even better!

This looks great!

cool! thanks keithv :)

nice. Very nice. Great colors.

Thanks hansv!

Yay! Orange is coded, get it here!