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Great work,. Congrats bro,.

Looks awesome, would love a WP version.

I want use this as a blog/informational site which I will use a lot of links. When I copy and paste a link I want to make sure that an image will automatically be generated. I don’t want to have to insert my own image along with the link. Will your site automatically add images?

Great theme! like it Good luck :)

Please could you tell me where to enter the twitter info for the feed and how do you change the countdown days, I cannot find the correct section in jquery.countdown.js

Many Thanks

WordPress yes, Joomla NO!

I thought this was a wordpress template and I bought it! What the crap!

Looks great aside from a few issues with the template i experiance. Slider doesn’t work on a computer but does on a tablet. random Dots next to the slider too.

Highly considering buying this when these issues are resolved :D

slider works very well on computer!

hi do you have an ETA on the WP version of this? Great looking theme

We are working on it and we will publish it as soon as possible!


how do you modify the google map location?

Please open script.js and edit the coordinates at the line: //Change a map coordinate here!

This was the first time I have used a HTML page, I had been using Joomla up until now. Very easy to set up and spent about 5 hours changing the style. Great work :D

thank you!

I just saw the demo. Are you going to make a WordPress version? :)

Yes, we are working…

Great layout theme. One item I cant resolve is the bullets seen in the slide next to the arrows. Seems to only be an issue only in Firefox. Can you resolve this in the css and forward. Other than that, fantastic job!

Any progress on the WP version?

Is this template for joomla and how am i to use it because i wanna buy it


There is a loss of sharpness on the images. It’s not something that you can notice at the first glance, but there is light blur applied on the images.

This is a issue for me because the image quality is downgraded. When you delete style.css, the images are sharp. When you put back style.css, the image quality is downgraded,

I have tried to amend “style.css”, but I haven’t got any good result so far. Please do you have a fix for this?

Thank you for your feedback.


The loss of image sharpness is caused by .container in “style.css”.

Actually the loss of sharpness is caused by foundation.css.

The template is nice, but there is a problem of image rendering caused by the CSS files. It’s a big issue for me. Can you tell me if you can fix this?

Thank you for your feedback.