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If you have considered my request, please forget about it.

I am currently having an issue on the home page of the template. Under the “Gallery” carousel I cannot alter or add any links to the images. It keeps popping up a window that says, “The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.” Why is this happening? Is there a fix for it? Please help!

What is your site please?

I have not uploaded it yet. Is there a way I can upload a screenshot?

Slider buttons (prev-next) on the homepage does not work on Chrome, but are OK on Opera.

I’d like to have an answer…

We just tested our live demo in Chrome and slider buttons are working fine. Have you made any changes ?

It was an issue due to Flexslider, you’ll have to change ligne 19 and 20 by touch = ((“ontouchstart” in window) || window.DocumentTouch && document instanceof DocumentTouch) && options.touch!==false, eventType = (touch) ? “click” : “touchend”,

It is relative to touchscreen devices i think. See :

Hi there, having multiple jquery tabs on the same page doesn’t work. Is there an easy way to fix this? Thanks!

What is your site?

I haven’t put it online yet…it’s local. What I’ve done is put 5 sets of tabs on the same page and it doesn’t work. Any ideas? Thank you.

Any luck fixing it?

@musanna19 it is relative to the gallery class of your carousel div, change it by another class (there a several classes possible in the templates).

Think the gallery class is only working to resize images in the dialog pop-in you saw

hello i just purchased this theme, where can i go for support?

hello i just purchased this theme and it wont upload to my wordpress. Please help!!!!!

interested in purchasing tmeplate, but what all browsers has this been tested in?

hi, i just purchased this theme but i want it rtl (right to left) can you please send the rtl version, i can pay more for that

hi i just purchased this theme and it wont work to my site help please.

anyone know or have a site that works this template of word press?

I bought this theme a week ago and at this time i haven’t any support at all, i have wrote multiple times asking for help but none answer, seriously i would reconsider before buy again.

i´m still waiting for an answer…

where are the php files????

@Rafael what problem do you have? This is html version not php.

I thought the documentation would be more supportive… Is there any help for the backend regarding the “Comments” section?

I assumed there would be some sort of backend integration, including PHP files and admin page for this. Not. I am unhappy about this and would like a refund.

At Index pagination BUSINESS tab that is not responsive. First page shows two columns, next pages shows one column will you fix it ?

We will fix this on the next them update. thank you!

Is there anyone with this theme that can give any assistance at all? I have emailed multiple times with no response. This is ridiculous…....

The only email we have received from you was last day. And we have replied to that email by asking you for some more information!

Hi, got the same problem as musanna19, when clicked on image it says “The requested content cannot be loaded.”, do you have a fix for this pls… Thx.