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Fresh and very nice job. Good luck with your sales :)

Cool. One constructive point is that it would be useful if the customer could click “Find my location” type of button that could auto fill the Street field.

What a lovely work! And not flat! Wish you good luck with it, it is well-done job, definitely.

Love the photo on this site. Good luck!!! ;)

Hi is vector file of the car part of theme files?

Thanks in advance.

This theme is so beautiful, simple and clean just fill the form and couple of social buttons are fair enough. Good work and all the best for your sales. If you are coming up with more versions than try to add up few features like accepting pre-paid charges or tariff.

Thanx, we are preparing something like you said, but won’t be with same graphics…

Nice work. I would have purchased if it was responsive version available. Option to use video instead of taxi image would also be good. Let me know if you add these features and I will purchase multiple licenses.

Good Luck With Sales :)

Thanx. We will see what we can do!

I add my email on file, but it is not working,,.. I did not get any email from my site!


try to change email with Notepad++ with Encoding “Encode with UTF-8 without BOM” (change this before open php file). Before you upload new file, delete old file first.

any news?

Hello, the answer is above your comment! Thanks!

Hi! Could you please make a black theme, for black taxi/cab?

Hey how did you guys set up the website did you use WordPress?

Hi I want to buy this theme, but can you do some customisation ? such as include paypal payment and credit card? also find me location? I can pay more for it something like £100.00. please replay me thanks.

Hello, sorry, but we don’t do custom work!

Hello I want to buy this item If i have purchased this item how i will put my E-mail in contact form to receive the message from customer Best Regards


instructions can be found in the template documentation attached in purchased theme.

Best regards

The sending of e-mail does not work