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Fantastic Design! Well done :)

Thank you very much :)

Very nice , i love the music from background :) and the display images is grate . Nice work ! :)

Thanks SirChristian

Great job! :grin: Hope we’ll see this design for Wordpress :)

Thanks zAAz, sorry WP is not availiable :(

Wicked design. Perfect for my artist page :) 6 stars!

Thank you very much for your great review and purchase :) , It’s really appreciate me to create more work like this ;)

You are welcome :)

One thing if possible in a future update. Please make a “Back to top” link :)

Okay, I will add it on next update :)

Impressive! Would be great to see this in WP version… Hope

Thanks westkast

Hi, FMedia! Good work, nice theme! :) My question, in one-page preview some pages (features, blog_post and blog) not working – links to separate pages. It’s a bug, or what? I have plans to buy this, but want full-working item.


Hi, i just show the blog, feature and post page in separate file , it’s not a bug you can easily add those pages inside the one page version file, if you have any problem to implement just contact me i will help you :)

Could you tell me how to set the map location in contact us page.

In custom.min.js you see the Google map Code in 576th line, just change the google.maps.LatLng(57.0442, 9.9116); value that’s all

Thanks for purchase :)


Hi, amazing theme, I love it! One little question: Is it possible to play fullscreen background video on the pages? If yes, will buy it straight! Thanks in advanced for your answer. DW

Thanks darrenwillard

I am also interest to add video background :) Now I am currently working on video background implementation. I will confirm this within two or three days.

Awesome, thanks! Let me know when you add it. Cheers!

Thanks ProfMe

I’d rather not have the background music. Can you tell me what code to eliminate or change so the music doesn’t play? Thank you.

just remove the variable playList on each html file or remove the musicPlayer div that placed in footer.

If you still have any problem just contact me through my profile page with details

Great template :). Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thanks JFthemes

What is the best way to go about enlarging the header area? I need to be able to have a larger logo in desktop, tablet & mobile layouts.

I noticed the #bodyContent div has a top margin of 60px, but I could not figure out where to replace this. Firebug didn’t seem to reference a specific stylesheet.

Thanks for your help.

In main.css file Just change the height of .logo class. If you need to adjust the navigation position, change the margin-top value for .header .nav and .highlight style.

If you change the logo size for mobile version, Please make change those value in @media only style.

If you have any problem, just contact me through my profile page with details

Hi there. Excellent work pal ! Really really love it ! Just a question though … How do the Tags and Share features work on the theme? I can’t seem to work it out. Can you give an example please? Best, CA.

I am very happy that to like my work,

actually its a html file, it doesn’t have search or tag features, i just add the front end design, you can make it live using server script. To share the project/work page just add your social network website profile page link

That’s great thanks. How do I remove the player from the page completely? If I try and remove the code below then, the rest of the tabs don’t load correctly.

<div class="five columns musicPlayer"> </div>

Just contact me through my profile page with details

simply fantastic, congrats! :)

Thanks NicolasDV

Great theme, i love it a lot!

Any chance you can provide me with the new style twitter social icons and maybe the instagram social icons?

Thanks in advance

Just contact me through my profile page with details, i will do it for you

Great template, just 1 Q though. I’ve noticed that the music continues playing through most navigation, but cuts out on some page changes and starts from the beginning of the track. Is this a browser thing ? (firefox).

I will check it

I’m unable to install this theme on wordpress 3.5.1 – i’m receiving an error message that says that it’s missing a stylesheet. I don’t understand how there isn’t a stylesheet in the template I downloaded and paid for. Can you please assist me?

I just noticed an earlier comment that this theme is not available for wordpress. I think this should be why I can’t upload it. It would have been nicer to make this clear. I just paid for this theme

Hi all! I need to Know, if this Theme also is for joomla 2.5!! Thanks


Sorry, but, I could modify this HTML with Dreamweaver, without need one CMS how Joomla, This Theme have all files for can do it?


I am really sorry, i don’t have any knowledge in Joomla, please contact freelancer for this issue

Thanks, I’ve already purchased and this by modifying the code directly, to be easy. Very good template … If I have questions contact you…

The template is very good but I have a problem.

When visualized in small resolutions or the pc do the browser screen smaller, the menus do not disappear and are all open, is there any update to correct this?.

It happens with Internet Explorer 10

thank you very much

I will check and fix it soon, In meanwhile just contact me through my profile page with details