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great one.. make it WP version too

asap i think :)

A good template. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Great template! Does it support video’s from Vimeo also?


Yes, but page background video doesn’t support vimeo

If anyone else has any problems removing the music player.. 1. Remove all references to jplayer: js/jquery.jplayer.min.js, js/jplayer.playlist.min.js, jplayer.css. 2. Remove the playlist script. 3. Next remove the div containing the player. 4. open main-fm.min.js and locate ”#jquery_jplayer_1”);self.audioPlaying=true, and set self audio playing to false. (pages will not load correctly unless this is done)

Hope this helps & If there is an easier way I would appreciate a post.

Just contact me through my profile page with details, i will help you

Hi, I need support please!!

I want to put in HOME only 4 images in the center of the screen and always stay in the center regardless of screen size. The distribuion be two up, two down focused, forming a square with the 4 pictures.

I do not know if I have explained.


You can do it only by freelancer work, You can see so many freelancer in

thank you!! Regards

Hi i have another question,

Im using the panner page as an intro.

Is it possible that after 3 slides it automatically goes to the !portofolio page?


great great theme.

Just contact me through my profile page with detail and your site link i will help you

HI,i bought theme a few days ago,i found Form doesn’t work in contact html,please help!

replied to your email

I would like to add a link to the fullscreen_gallery.html but does not work please help me

Contact me through my profile page with details

Hi FMedia! First of all congratulations! I have a question. ¿How can I create a new section with a fullscreen video like project 3? I want to make a section with only video appears. Sorry for my English.


I explained about this in Help document, if you have problem just contact me through my profile page with details and link

Hi there, great theme. Is it possible to have an image title and small description on each image in Project 6 -fullscreen image slideshow? If so how would I do that? And style it?


Just add the below code near each img tag to add the caption.
<p class="flex-caption">Captions and cupcakes. Winning combination.</p>

Example: see the slideshow page

Thanks but I’m not quite there. I am within the div class”flexslideshow” and then inside the slides class. Each image is listed within an anchor tag within a li tag.

If i put your code after the end of the a tag but still inside the li nothing happens. Where should I place it?

Just use the below format
<div class="flexSlideshow">
            <ul class="slides">
                <li><a class="lazyload" href="images/portfolio/image7.jpg" data-src-small="images/portfolio/image1_s.jpg" title="Some text">image</a>
                <p class="textBackground" style="z-index:100; position:absolute; top:50px;left:20px; ">Captions and cupcakes. Winning combination.</p>
                <li><a class="lazyload" href="images/portfolio/image8.jpg" data-src-small="images/portfolio/image8_s.jpg" title="Some text">image</a></li> 

Sorry another variation…. On the portfolio_column1.html page in the flexslideshow div. Is it possible to have a Title and description on the image itself similar to the first slide in the slideshow.html page that reads “Captions and cupcakes…” This is very important that I can caption each image within a project.


i need to insert a simple table are there any possibilities to incorporate tables into tabs

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Music on live preview is soooo anoying :\

Great job By the way :)

If I set up the home page with the Full screen Gallery in my iphone the pages doesn’t scrool down. Please fix it. Thanks

contact me through my profile page with details

The music starting to play on every page load, simply super annoying…!

hi very nice theme love it!! i added to my cms very easy, i have a issue with music player, i send you a message to your profile, wait for your help, thank you!

Check out the ‘Features’ page, turn off the music then click on accordion tab and.. you’ll hear the music again :) Any update for this great theme?

I fixed the problem. Just download the file

Oh, that’s great! Thanks. One of my fav theme, almost done the Wordpress version :)


hi i have a problem with music player, suddenly stop working, and disapear, allso i see the same problem in your demo, please help

Here it work perfectly , can you contact me through my profile page with more details

Hello, My logo Is longer in width and for some reason when I change the logo width in main.css its not changing. Help please?