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This is just simply beauti… waith for it….ful :) Great job, good luck with sales!

Thanks Anps! I really appreciate that :)

Came out really nice. Good luck with sales!

very nice :)

Good Luck !

Hi, can you get a live preview up, would love to see more of this before I buy.. looks really good but need to be sure its what i’m looking for.



Hi stapolin, I have had some server problems due to this huge amount of traffic. Livedemo is up again:

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Looks great, i like the flow of it. Now just need to be sure it works for the site i have planned :) Hopefully be back to buy!

All the best


Please don’t hesitate to write again if you have any questions or feature requests.

Great theme to purchase!

Thanks, Mack78. I’m glad you like it. Would be great if you rate it, too, if you haven’t already ;)


Good luck for sale!

I have take a intro review for this theme in here :

if you have themes. Please PM me for take a review.

Thank you again!

Thanks for sharing! I’ll let you know if more themes become available.

Is it possible to get some support for this theme? I am having some issues with the menu.

Hi Mack78 I’m sorry you’re having issues. You find the support forum at:

Cheers, CI

To give the solution to your problem to the public: Please make sure you name your menu ‘mainmenu’. A fix to give you the flexibility for naming your menu as you want back is coming with the next update.


Hi there, I just bought the theme, really liked it. But Im having problems uploading it to wordpress. I’m new at this so this might be a really stupid question, but Im trying to upload the zip file and keeps telling me “the package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.” any clue of what am I doing wrong?

I’ll appreciate any hint!

Hi eriku9

Thank you for purchasing the theme. That’s very appreciated.

Can I please ask you to use the support forum at to get support. That helps to build up a source of solutions others might want to use as well.

Cheers! CI


I am still in process of making my website work, but I just wanna point out the excellent care you guys at Colibri Interactive take of your customers.

Im a noob at this and I probably have the stupidest questions, and you’re always answering within minutes. Great Customer Service :)

Keep up the good job!

Thanks for your kind words Erick! We do our best to give you the support required. Would you mind rating the theme on your “download” page if you haven’t already? That’ll be superb :)

Cheers! CI

It’s a great look but needs to be responsive for me to buy.

Hello mascott Thanks for your feedback. I’m currently working on the responsive version. I let you know as soon as it’s available if you send me your email address ( You can also follow me on twitter (@colibrithemes) to get the latest news.

Cheers CI

Can we get your content xml file. I would like to see how you did some things like your boxes on the home page etc.

Hello iconixmarketing Thanks for purchasing the OrganicWeb Theme. Could I ask you to post your support request in the support forum at please. That way, other users with the same question will benefit from the request too. To give you a short question to your request. The boxes on the homepage are text, video and donation widgets and will not be included in a xml export, as far as I know. Feel free to request the code of all the elements you need in the forum and we’ll sort that out.

Cheers CI

I just did, Thank you

Rare theme. One of the best themes that i’ve ever seen

Cheers mate, very appreciated! CI

Hi! Beatifull design!!! I have some questions…

- I need my site to be in two lenguages, this template allows to change language?

-Can i change some things….like typography? And color in some pages? I mean other than the posibilities that i saw in the preview.


Hello amaiauriarte

You can select from 39 fonts in the backend which will replace the “handwritten” looking headline fonts. Furthermore you can set a custom primary color (via colorpicker / hex value) in the admin panel which will be used for e.g. headline color, link hover etc. In the demo theme the primary color is green.

You can’t set your languages in the theme but it supports multiple languages as all copy is displayed via a “translation tag”. So if you use a plugin that supports .po/.mo files (like WPML you can add as many languages as you want. See for technical background.

Feel free to ask again if you have further questions.

Cheers CI

Hi guys

Just purchased and installed the them ‘earth’ and instantly I’m down.

Really need support, but the new purchase code doesn’t register at your forum. Would this be because it’s a brand new purchase and its not in your database yet? Should I wait?

Hi tangledspider

If you’ve purchased the theme ‘earth’ you need to contact the author of that theme. I’m the author of the OrganicWeb theme. If you’ve purchased our theme you find the support forum at The item purchase code is instantly available. Make sure you register with your envato (themeforest) user name. That’s in most cases the reason if issues with registration appear.

Cheers CI

Hi Colibri

Many apologies – guess there’s a wrong link somewhere as I’m sure I cam here from the Earth theme page and assumed you’d created it. Guess that explains why the purchase code didn’t work :-)


Hello! Great theme…but just 1 question…how do I get dropdown menus to show?

Hi carm8087 Thanks for your purchase. Could I ask you please to post support requests on our support forum a Just sign up with your envato (themeforest) username and your item purchase code (click the blue info i on the sign up page for info how to get that code).

Cheers CI

We were considering this for a nonprofit client but don’t see any indication that it’s compatible with WP 3 .4.1. Are you working on an update for compatibility, and if so, when do you expect it to be available?

Meanwhile, I’m delighted to see this theme is already responsive!

Melissa :-)

Hello Melissa I don’t know of any issues that appear with WP v3.4 so it should be compatible. The “miner” versions are normal 100% compatible with lower version numbers so I don’t expect any issues to appear either. But, as I created the theme when v3.3 was the current version, the theme does not use the new features that were introduced with v3.4. Anyway, if any issues appear with v3.4 let me know in the support forum and I’ll fix them (as good as possible).

Thanks for the quick reply! I’ll let you know if we have an opportunity to use the theme and if we notice any issues.

I think you’ll definitely garner more sales if you can test your theme on 3.4 and list it as a compatible version in your description. When there are thousands of themes to choose from, non-responsive themes and those that don’t guarantee compatibility with the latest version of WP are the first to get nixed from the list of possibilities. Fortunately, you’ve got responsiveness covered, and it sounds like you’re pretty much ready for 3.4, too. You just need to let your prospective buyers know that :-)

Best wishes,

m. :-)