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Great templates from this guy with great support – what more do you need 10 out 10 + 5* Would use again and again

Hi 264support Great to hear that your happy! Thanks for your kind words and your rating. That’s very appreciated!

Have a good day. CI

Hmm. Can’t seem to close the slidebox in the demo. Opens fine but won’t close. Once it is open, you can’t get to the menus anymore. Stuck.

As I play with it, it seems to respond to closing ONLY on the leftmost edge of the control.

Pre-purchase question. Is it possible to have the slider on each page or a set header image at the top of the page (under the menu)


Hello socialhandlers The theme comes next to a few others with one pagetemplate called homepage which displayes the slider images. So you could use that pagetemplate on multiple pages but there’s only one place to add slide images and they will appear on all pages with that homepage pagetemplate. Furthermore you’ll have the same homepage widgets on all those pages – if you set some…

All in all I would answere: No, it’s not realy possible. At least it’s not meant to use it that way but technicaly you could..

I hope I could give you and answere you can use. Feel free to ask again if any question is still open.

Kind regards CI

How can I put the content of the tags widget ? I am stuck with that.

Hello ctala Sorry, I don’t know what you mean. If this is a post sale question use the support forum please. You find it at Register there with your envato (themeforest) username and the item purchase code. If it’s a pre sale question please go ahead :)

Thanks CI

How do I get access to support forum, after buying this environmental wordpress theme?

Hello troystp You find the forum at and you get access after signing up with your envato (themeforest) username and the item purchase code.

Kind regards CI

A good, but not the most user friendly theme I’ve bought. A dedicated area for custom css would be great, as I had to dump new CSS code on the bottom of the style.css file. Still, cool price, and the shortcodes and range of embedded fonts were really cool – lots of built in variability for those not so schooled in modifying HTML /CSS…


Hello UBand Thanks for your purchase. There is a dedicated area for custom css, javascript etc. It’s on the general theme option page and it’s called custom scripts. See screenshot:

Just wrap your CSS code in <style>YOUR CSS CODE </style> and it’s pasted at the end of every page before the closing tag.

Cheers CI

Hi! Ive got another question! The icons that apears in the home page…can i change them, uplode mine? Or there is a set of icons to choose? Thanks!

Hi amaiauriarte The icons on the start page are used in a text widged. So it’s totally up to you how you design that area. With your icons or without icon. You don’t even have to use a text widged there. Use the video widged or whatever you like. The theme itself comes not with any icons included.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Kind regards CI

Hello kann you tell me which Font you use for the “What we do” and “who we are?” I need it for a Draft – so i can show them how it look like with their text! – If they like it we will buy it for shure !

Thanks for your support!

Hello Shop-Revolution The font is called FFF Tusj.

Kind regards CI

Hi there, is there a multi language option for this theme? Thanks

Hi again, sorry I just read the bullet points and see that there is indeed a mo/po option! I have another question: is there a calendar? Thanks!

Hi organicouy The theme does not come with an extra calendar but you can use the default calendar widget for the sidebar to display posts from your blog.

Kind regards CI

Hi there, coming back to the language theme, I can’t see where the flags are for the multi language theme. You have it as a bullet point Includes .po and .mo file But you don’t show the flags. It’s really impt to me that I can have the site in Sp and Eng so need this clarified please. Also you have a calendar widget option but I need a Calendar of Events style calendar which I can use from Google but will that work with your theme? I’m not too technical savvy about all of this, still learning, so any laymans language you can give me would be great!!! thanks

Hi organicouy I would ask you to use the support forum at for post sale questions.

Thanks in advance CI

No drop down menu??

About and Other Services both have several pages as sub-menu items. Not showing up in this theme however.

Homepage widgets aren’t showing up:

Have four enabled in Widgets but they aren’t appearing. (Yes, homepage is set up properly based on your instructions.)

Hi peteratomic I would ask you to use the support forum at for post sale questions.

Thanks in advance CI

Hello, I am using Organic web ( I love it! Would it be possible to use drop-down headers? Can this be enabled? Thank you. -Ezra

Hi ezwear1 I know that you’ve already got an answer to that question in the support forum, just to give it to the public as well: A drop-down navigation is not part of the theme “as is” but you’re free to customize it. With some basic wordpress & html/css knowledge that’s absolutely possible.

Kind regards CI

hello ! i would like to know where i can find the tabbox shortcodes???

thanks in advance .

Hello azerty1452 You can see the tabbox shortcode in action at the demos start page. When you’ve purchased it it’s located in the shortcodes menu. (See documentation for further details).

Feel free to post your post-sale questions in the support forum at

Kind regards CI

great theme. really working well over here:

id like to see support of submenus however. Also the slider has a major delay in chrome and the slider arrows look funny in chrome as well.

Hi tech4eleven Thanks for your feedback. Have you seen the submenus in the sidebar? See:

Kind regards CI

Is there a way to edit the code to allow a logo larger than 175px in width? Thanks in advance!

Hi steveclick There is a way. I would like to ask you to post your support request in the support forum at

Kind regards CI

Hi, very nice theme. Is it possible to configure the homepage to show the slider, then the four boxes and then instead of “our projects” (as set up in the demo) show a number of blog posts?

Thanks & regards, Frank

Hello fsluijs The area with the four boxes (text) and the one with the two (Our projects and video) are widget areas. So you could use the ‘recent posts’ widget to display blog posts instead of the ‘Our projects’ tabbed boxes. If you don’t want that, you can use the text widget and customise it further.

Let me know if you have any further questions. If you need help after your purchase jump in the support forum at to get quick support.

Kind regards CI

Sure, but that link doesn’t work – did you mean: ?


I can’t find a way to submit a ticket there :\

Hi steveclick Yepp, the link I posted is a redirect ;) I’ve seen you’ve posted your question in the meanwhile and I replied.

Kind regards CI