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I’m interested in purchasing this template and am wondering if it’s possible to add dropdowns to the navigation?

Hi designerfox2012

Thanks for your interest.

The theme comes not with a drop down menu. Submenu items are displayed in the sidebar (See demo). However, it is possible to customise the theme to get drop downs, with just basic HTML and CSS skills. But as this is a customisation it’s not covered with the support forum.

Kind regards CI

I’m on Wordpress 3.4.2, and got this message trying to install:

Installing Theme from uploaded file: Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hi paulrademacher You need to unzip the downloaded file first. In there is the you can upload to your WP instalation.

For further assistence post in the support forum at please.

Kind regards CI

hi, nice theme. the icons are included? there are more icons to use inside pages?

Hi, the icons are not “officialy” includet via shortcode but you can save them from the themedemo to use them. The code to create the text widget bixes with them like you see in the demo you’ll find in the support forum.

Let me know in the forum, if you need support with that.

Kind regards, CI

Hi, Nice looking theme, however I have been unable to get the sub-menu items to display as per the demo and the PDF instructions. I’ve set it as per page 3 but no luck – your help would be appreciated.

Hi, I would kindly ask you to post your request on the support forum at If you send me your URL and some login credentials via email I have a look at it.

Kind regards, CI

Hi, how do I update the theme?

Hello 9thinsight You find in detail instructions on how to update and what to take care about in advance in the changelog.txt file.

Kind regards, CI

Call me crazy but it looks like WP 3.5 made the slider not slide. Checked it in all browsers and disabled plugins. Im posting this on the forum too.

Has be taken care of in the forum.. :)

I installed this today but the widget functions didn’t move with 3.5 Wordpress. We took away jQuery from the code and then it worked. I hope you have plans to fix this.

Looks like you’re not using the latest version. Please redownload the theme from your download area here at themeforest. Unzip the file you’ve downloaded and have a look in the changelog.txt in the theme folder for instructions on how and what to update.

Is this theme compatible with 3.5?

Sorry for the late reply! Must have overlooked it. Yes, it’s compatible with 3.5. You can’t use the theme styling settings of wordpress but have to use the ones the theme comes with but the media manager and so on is working and you don’t get any errors…

What is the name of the font in the demo I cannot seem to find it anywhere in the font settings. Please help this is the whole reason I purchased this theme.

The font is called “FFF Tusj”. It’s the default font and due to that not listed “by name” in the dropdown for the fontselection but with “default”.

Unfortunateley I dont get that please take a look at to see what I get

Hi, I had a look and would ask you to post your support request in our support forum at as it’s a post sale question.

Hi there – I’m using your theme on WP 3.5 and the widgets are broken. Can’t drag and drop or edit them at all. Tested in two browsers. They worked fine before I upgraded. I’m trying to launch this site in the next week or so. Please help!


Nvrmd – I see that I need to download the latest. Sorry!

This looks like a beautiful site and I’m close to choosing it for a non-profit site I work on, but I do have one question: The default font is awesome—is it easy to change the color of the font (a quick style sheet change or spot on the theme settings?)

Hello lewisnelson In the backend you can set the brand color which is in the demo the green of the headlines, link hover status etc. So, yes, you can change that with one click. Furthermore there’s a custom code field where you can add CSS code.

Let me know if you have any further questions! Kind regards CI

Slider doesn’t work. Help!....

Hi Could I ask you to open a new support request in our forum at please. Don’t forget to post the URL of your site so we can have a look at the issue.



I have the same need as a few others have expressed. I have bought this theme and i do have som basic html and css skills but i still don’t get it where to add the code for a drop down menu. Could you please give some hints on where to do this?

Kind regards Robert

Hi, same answer to you. The theme does not support drop down menu by default and there’s no switch to enable it. It needs custom code to add this. But I can not create a tutorial how to customise the theme in this or that style. Kind regards, CI

Hi. I am so far enjoying the theme but I’m not a programmer and have some questions. I’ve been trying to add a sidebar with submenu and doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve tried logging into the forum but I don’t know where to find my “purchase code” and no other passwords are working.

Next to the purchase code field is a blue info button. Click it and it tells you where to find the code. ;)

Do you have sample of people who have used this theme?

Hi here are three URLs from people who requested support and posted there websites address on the forum:

Kind regards CI

Hi, i’ve installed the theme and its great but i’d like to make the background content body of the pages white. Is it possible?How? Thanks :-)

Hi gbalza Thanks for your purchase! I’d like to ask you to post your support request in our support forum at

Thank you very much in advance. CI

I am striving to adjust the photo sizes appropriately for the slider. They don’t automatically adjust… How can I do this?

Also how do I get the title on the photos in the slider? I tried the caption and alternative text box in the image file, but that didn’t work.

The images that you have in the “Who We Are” “What We Do” boxes…How can I place images in those boxes?

Hello rayjmuhammad Please note, that support is conducted via our support forum at only. Kind regards CI

How do I set up the Menu Boxes like the “Who we are” and “What we do”. I can’t seem to figure it out, Please Help thanks!

Hello bestofmma Please note, that support is conducted via our support forum at only. Don’t forget to post your URL when you request your support there. Kind regards CI

Nice theme, easy to set up and customize within the parameters of the theme. 4 stars. Would have been 5 if we could have the ability to customize the home page widgets (being able to specify the number of blocks rather than being locked into 1/2 or 1/4) without having to change the php, but since the code is cleanly written, it’s not difficult to follow. All in all, well done!

Hi Thank you very much for your kind words and your rating. Please post in the support forum at how much widgets you need next to each other and your websites URL. The number of widgets can be changed with a single line of custom code. :)

Kind regards CI