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Hey there,

Excellent theme, I am certainly enjoying using it. One issue though, I am trying to get the sub-menu to appear in the side bar of the page, but even though the page in which I have a Level 2 menu item in has the primary side bar being displayed fine, it is not showing the Level 2 content above the sidebar as it does in the live preview.


Hi Glad to hear that you’re enjoying it. Please post your support request in our support forum at and we’ll give you a hand. You can also try to use the search function as there’s already a post regarding that question with an answer available.

Best CI

Excellent thanks, I had not set the pages as children of the main page.

I believe this theme includes contact form 7 styling? right? If so, then contact form 7 updated their email field class recently and thus this theme is now not displaying the email field style properly. See

Ive had this happen with other themes and they’ve had to release updates to include the contact form 7 style update. Can you heLP

Hello! Is in this beautiful theme a photo gallery template page included?

Thanks Scevra There’s no special gallery pagetype included but you can use the default wordpress gallery function. Have a look here to see the pagetypes available.

Let me know if you have any further questions. CI

Hi colibrii,

I have an issue on your theme, please check homepage at : I have 2 dashed lines displaying instead of 1, over quoted text.

What can I do to fix that?

Kind regards,


Hi vv_design, Please post your support request at our support forum at to get fast help.

Thanks in advance! CI


How can I make the “Our project” area from your demo visible? I think is a widget but I can’t find it.


It’s a text widget with the tabbed box shortcode. Have a look in the support forum at or post a request. CI


I’d like to access the support forum but cannot find my “purchase code” as indicated on the sign up form ( I just have access to this page: but no code on it..

Thanks in advance for your reply !

Hum.. I wrote back to quick.. Now I have the code but it sends me back “No valid purchase codes where found.” Thanks again in advance for your help!

Could you double check that you’re signing up with the same username that you use here at themeforest.


I was using another one.. Perfect it works. Thank you !


nice theme but I have two needs:

a) Do you have an xml-file with the demo-content. It´s much easier to work with?

b) Can you send me the psd-file? I have to work on the grafix.

Thanks for your work ´n´help.

Hi fluegelmann please post your support request in the forum at and you get fast assistance.

Thanks in advance. CI


Does this theme come with a ‘drop down menu’? I cannot see in your live-demo how it could look.

Thanks, capuchin

Hi, no, we wanted to do something different to all the dropbox themes. The subnavigation is located in the sidebar. Have a look at to see how it looks. In case you want the dropdown, you can customise that. The html elements for that all exist, you just need to write your own CSS and it’s done..

Let me know if you have any other questions.



Is it possible to have a copy of your demo content for our reference in building our website?


Hi Chrisball You’ll find the XML in the support forum at

Best CI

I cannot login to your forum using my themeforest login details. Do i need to sign up?

Yes, please use the SAME username to sign up to the forum as you purchased the theme with. Password and mail are free to choose. Item purchase code can be found on your download page here at themeforest. Click the download button next to this theme and select the licence file.

Best, CI

excited about the dropdown menu addition! thank you. Can we get a list of the files that have changed?

In the theme folder is a file called changelog.txt that has info how to update and what files have changed.

Best CI

I’m getting a couple errors on my website that I believe are preventing other plugins to work (mainly WP Layerslider). My website is:

errors are: Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘supersubs’ frontend_inline.js:122 FB.getLoginStatus() called before calling FB.init(). all.js:56

I have all plugins disabled and still get these. Can you please help?

I just had a look at it. Please post your support request in the forum (as the last times -> ). There’s an easy fix for it.

Is there the ability to make a guestbook where people leave comments? Not using the blog. I enabled the ability to allow comments on pages. The problem is then comments are on every page. I went the page options on the top and unchecked comments and discussion and the comment box was still there. Any suggestions?

Hello, Please post your post sale support request in our dedicated support forum at:

Best, CI


Can you check why the dropdown menu of this website stops working all of the sudden? We are using version 2.6.

Hi, Looks to me as when you haven’t enabled the drop down navigation on the general option page. For further theme support I’d like to ask you to use our support forum at

I love this theme for my client but was wondering if it is woocommerce compatible?

Also is it ready for WordPress 3.6?

Hello, Thanks for your interest. It’s WordPress 3.6 compatible. Technically, WooCommerce is supported (as far as I’ve seen, no guaranty!) but the WooCommerce elements need to be styled to look like the rest of the theme.

Let me know if you have any further questions. CI

Hi, when I create a child theme I get php errors. I am pretty sure I do the standard thing. Give it a try.

Hi, please post your support request in the support forum at and you get assistence. Thanks, CI

Can we please get the stylesheet updated (or the updated code) to support contact form 7’s email field? It’s looking silly.

Thank you.

scratch that. it was pretty easy. For others just add

input[type="email"] { background: none repeat scroll 0 0 #FFFFFF; border: 1px solid #E1E1E1; padding: 8px 10px; } to your stylesheet.

I reckon you don’t need support anymore? :)

Is there a way to turn off the mobile option or give users the option to switch to desktop view? My client wants their site to look exactly the same on every platform and this theme is perfect.


Thank you! Feel free to post in out support forum at if you have any questions.

Thanks! The forum helped me change the color and font size of the menu, but how do I remove the text shadow and background of the current page menu button?

Thanks! The forum helped me change the color and font size of the navigation menu, but how do I remove the background of the current page menu button in the navigation? I also posted a question about social media icons in the forum.

You got an answer on your forum post :) CI

Thanks! Still waiting on an answer about the current page menu button though.

How you you change where the contact form is sent?

Please post your support request in the support forum at Optionally have a look in the manual at page 5.

Hi again,

I’ve posted my question about how to “Turn Off Responsive Version” in the forum and appreciate your answer in advance. Thanks!