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Organic Web Shop - An Organic and Responsive WooCommerce Food, Farn and Eco Theme

Organic Web Shop - An Organic and Responsive WooCommerce Food, Farn and Eco Theme

Organic Shop Wordpress & WooCommerce Theme

Organic Web Shop is a Premium eCommerce WordPress Theme with WooCommerce Webshop integration that offers you a wide variety of easy to use customisation options and features. It is perfect to sell all sorts or organic and eco and farm products like food, fruits, cosmetics, seeds, fruits, coffee and more!

WooCommerce ready Responsive Design Visual Composer Slider Revolution Theme Option Panel Multilingual ready

Main Features:

  • WooCommerce ready
  • $53,- in Premium Plugins included for free!
    • Revolution Slider
    • Visual Composer
  • Responsive Design (Optimised for Tablets and Smartphones)
  • Extended Footer with widget area
  • Extensive theme option panel to change the appearance with no coding
    • Unlimited colors
    • Custom Background image
  • Clean Design
  • Additional shop menu
  • Multilingual with .mo & .po files included
  • Themedemo files included to get the themedemo up and running in 5 minutes
  • Fully responsive to have a optimised website for Smartphones and Tablets
  • Extensive documentation
  • Extensive Shortcodes
  • Sticky menu
  • Right-To-Left (RTL) support
  • Premium support forum
  • And much, much more!

Theme Option Panel:

Organic Web Shop comes with an extensive theme option panel that allows you to select from an unlimited number of colors, change the background image, the logo, the favicon, set the number of columns for the footer and the extensive footer. Furthermore you can easily link to your social media network profiles.
To see an screenshot of the customisation panel and dive into all the options you can easily customise click here


  • WooCommerce 2.6 compatible!
  • Multiple Images per Product
  • Create variable products to offer e.g. different sizes, volumes, etc per product
  • Multiple Payment options like: PayPal, Direct Bank Transfer, Cheque Payment, Cash on Delivery
  • User Login and Order Tracking
  • User review system
  • Customer coupon codes / vouchers
  • Currency converter (requires WPML licence)
  • Cart layer with Ajax


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Need Support? Jump into the forum!
Support for all our themes and templates is conducted through the Colibri Interactive support forum only.
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See changelog for further details.

16.April 2017

### v3.1 ###
- Feature: WooCommerce 3.0+ compatibility improved

24. Mrz 2017

### v3.0 ###
- Feature: Catalog mode added. Hide price and cart buttons and display products only
- Feature: Shadow of productbox can be disabled
- Feature: Bordercolor of productbox can be set
- Feature: Backgroundcolor of inputfields can be set
- Feature: Extended footer color can be set

18.Feb 2017

### v2.6.3 ###
- Fix: MiniCart link in thumb fixed

9.Jan 2017

### v2.6.2 ###
- Feature: Discover Credit Card icon can be displayed as gateway
- Fix: MiniCart link fixed

18.Dec 2016

### v2.6 ###
- Feature: TGMP updated
- Feature: Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.6.4 improved

15.June 2016

### v2.6 ###
- Feature: WooCommerce 2.6 compatibility improved
- Feature: Visual Composer Plugin updated to 4.12
- Feature: Revolution Slider plugin updated to
- Fix: Misc minor fixes and updates

18.April 2016

### v2.5.1 ###
- Feature: Visual Composer Plugin updated to
- Feature: Revolution Slider plugin updated to 5.2.5

18.March 2016

### v2.5 ###
- Feature: Productdetails can be displayed fullwidth
- Feature: Maximum number of related products to show can be set
- Fix: Various UI improvements

6.February 2016

### v2.4 ###
- Feature: Related products listing added
- Feature: UI of payment gateways improved
- Feature: Height of the product meta area can be defined in pixels
- Fix: Variable product supports custom attributes
- Fix: Hover size issue with checkout button fixed
- Fix: Misalignment of 'Add to Wishlist' text fixed
- Fix: UI of "Added to cart" message on stream page improved
- Fix: Font of 'TOP' button improved
- Fix: UI improvements for Firefox (e.g. :focus outlines removed)
- Fix: Many minor fixes & improvements

21.January 2016

### v2.3 ###
- Feature: TGMP adds theme setup plugins
- Feature: WooCommerce compatibility with 2.5
- Feature: VisualComposer 4.9.2 added

6. October 2015

### v2.2.1 ###
- Feature: Visual Composer updated

27. August 2015

### v2.2 ###
- Fix: Some productlinks had issues to be opened on touch devices
- Feature: WooCommerce file version updated

5. August 2015

### v2.1 ###
- Fix: Default MO and PO file updated
- Fix: 'Back to top' button fixed
- Fix: Disabled product categories are always hidden
- Fix: Category grid view optimised
- Fix: Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.3.13 improved
- Fix: Responsiveness optimised
- Feature: Visual Composer updated to version 4.6.2

17. July 2015

### v2.0 ###
- New: Long price mode
- New: Background Cover Mode
- New: Products can be browsed in grid or listview
- New: Optional header background color
- New: Optional header shadow
- New: Optional header fullwidth & boxed header
- New: Product variant labels added
- New: Short description text added to product detail page
- New: Product upsell added
- New: Product crosssell added
- Feature: Pagetitle structure improved
- Feature: Display of product categories on shop stream page improved
- Feature: Various responsive design improvements
- Fix: Implementation of translation improved
- Fix: Misc small fixes & improvements

24. Apr 2015

### v1.5.1 ###
- Fix: Librari & Plugin update to fix a XSS vulnerability
- Fix: Improves compatibility with WooCommerce 2.3.8

05. Mar 2015

### v1.5 ###
- Feature: RevSlider can be used on page templates: fullwidth, sidebar right, sidebar left, portfolio
- Feature: Payment gateway icons in the footer are disabled by default
- Fix: Amount arrows of the amount field on the product detail page in Firefox fixed

18. Feb 2015

### v1.4.1 ###
- Feature: Visual Composer 4.4.2 added
- Fix: Improved compatibility with PHP version 5.2 and below
- Fix: Improved implementation of icon font
- Fix: UI of WC Product Search Widget improved
- Fix: Version number of WC files updated
- Fix: Minor fixes

21. Jan 2015

### v1.4 ###
- Feature: Compatibility with VisualComposer 4.4 added
- Feature: Compatibility with WooCommerce 2.3 added
- Fix: Responsiveness of images and images with captions improved
- Fix: UI of comment section improved
- Fix: Mobile Menu improved
- Fix: Misc fixes and improvements

19. Dec 2014

### v1.3 ###
- Feature: Error 404 Page added
- Feature: Displaying product categories can be disabled on product stream page to use longer product titles
- Feature: Optional shop design without product images (images can be disabled)
- Feature: Text color and Background color of infobox can be set via customise panel
- Feature: Icons improved for HiDPI displays
- Feature: Number of products per page can be set in customization area
- Fix: Double SKU issue fixed
- Fix: UI for active filter improved
- Fix: Minicart 'View Cart' button UI changed according to cart layer button
- Fix: Translation improved
- Fix: Price calculation with/without tax improved
- Fix: Footer background image fixed
- Fix: Misc fixes for RTL version
- Fix: Misc fixes and improvements

01. Dec 2014

### v1.2 ###
- Fix: ChildTheme compatibility improved

29. Nov 2014

### v1.1 ###
- Feature: Stickymenu added
- Feature: Layout of product meta improved
- Fix: Fontsize of single product pricetag improved
- Fix: Cart widget in sidebar improved
- Fix: Interface of productsearch fixed
- Fix: Searchpage with no results fixed
- Fix: 'Not sufficient rights' issue for TGMPL Lib on WP multisites fixed

20. Nov 2014

### v1.0 ###
- Initial release


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