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Wow, nice work. I’m not a huge fan of the dark colors (just personal preference), but great job on the layout and different nav options, etc!

Thanks syndix!

AWESOME Admin template so far. Just one thing, no form validation? For the rest, perfect!!

I will buy this theme as soon as possible!

Hi saruman,

thanks a lot! Maybe next update, passing to devs.

Nice looking dark theme; we need more of them. A few issues I see preventing my purchase (all related to mobile view only; desktop view is solid):

1) When “showing” the header navigation, the navbar-logout isn’t aligned with the header navigation items. It would look much better if they were all on the same line so that only search was on the next line (with search having the ability to be disabled).

2) Navigation is always on. Need a way to show/hide it (hide by default).

3) Also need sidebar boxes hidden. Ideally I’d want the breadcrumb to appear directly below the blue alert bar (assuming navigation is hidden).

4) On desktop, the the user’s avatar shows, but not on mobile, but there is plenty for room for it. Also, on desktop, having name/title stacked on top of user-profile-actions is fine, but on mobile, they’d be better suited side by side for better appearance.

If those items got nailed out, I’d buy immediately.

Hi getnetworks,

Organon is extremely flexible. I’m sure you have noticed each page has different setting. You can realign elements to suit your needs, show/hide, change colors etc.. Template is built on Twitter Bootstrap framework.

I’m using bootstrap on other projects; however, I haven’t investigated how to go about hiding/moving elements just for mobile.

I would consider your alignment issues of icons a bug though in your css (both on main page and the calendar page with respect to header-navigation).

Two more display issues on mobile:

1) The modal disappears very quickly after loading.

2) Dropdown/up buttons disappear almost instantly.

This makes it impossible to use them.

I’m so jonesing to use the theme though, so I hope the issues can be resolved fairly quickly.

UPDATE : I’m thinking this might be a jQuery bug, though I’d love for you to investigate. I’m also getting horrible response with the Goodies page Accordions on my Nexus (sometimes they work, most of the time they don’t). I can’t imagine that would be specific to something in your theme, but I could be wrong. Although, your accordions don’t work properly on either mobile/desktop as an accordion is suppose to close open ones when a new item is selected. Yours are just functioning as toggles, not accordions (per bootstrap specs).

Hi getnetworks,

all issues are related to Twitter Bootstrap bugs and should be fixed with version 2.2.0+. We are currently working on update with support for Bootstrap 2.2.1.

Thanks. Looking forward to testing it (and hopefully buying it as my need is rather immediate). Great job overall on the theme.

I’ve also noticed that when viewing the demo site through Chrome, the fonts all turn to a serif font. In FF/IE, it is a sans serif font.

Can’t confirm this, but it may be caused by Google Web Fonts service timeout. Which OS and Chrome version are you using?

Windows 7 (Chrome 22.0.1229.94 m).

I don’t believe it is a timeout issue as it occurs every time with Chrome. I can open FF/IE/Chrome at the same time and FF/IE are always fine, but Chrome is not. Thanks.


im really interested in that Template. But i need a Form Wizzard. Is it possible to integrate a Wizzard?


Hi TheTechnoMan,

you can integrate almost anything. Very simple wizard is already included.

PSD of the sample pages shown would be a great addition.

Hi vsexa,

we plan to standardize PSD files for all templates. But it is not the number one priority for now.

would help me out a lot. right now

Great template. Purchasing.

Any chance on getting a “light” version to use as a frontend?

Hi joemathis,

sorry, no plans for now.

How can I hide the side bar?

Hi darknuke,

please contact our support at support.walkingpixels.com. We will need some additional details, but guys will help you.


First what I want to say is that the template is super awesome! No plan to do a light theme for it too? I would buy that for the same price. :)

I found some bugs by the way (I took the screenshot on your example page): http://imageshack.us/a/img200/8823/screenshot20130606at102.png

I’m using chrome 26 on mac, but my friend verified this happens on win too. The best I can do right now is to disable this functionality, but thats not what I really want.

I hope you can fix this in the upcoming updates.

Thanks, Laxi

Thanks! Will take a look at it.

Does the sidebar collapse?

By default no, but it is pretty easy to make it collapsible with basic jQuery scripting.

Are there any plans for further updates to this theme? Boostrap 3.0 possibly? Great work by the way. I really like it and it’s very well built.

Yes, BS3 updates are coming for all templates.

I’m really looking forward to the bootstrap 3 support :) Can’t wait. I love your theme, you’re awesome!

Working on it.

I hope that a Bootstrap 3.0 is still in the works

Hi fbiss, we will be rolling out a lot of updates soon. Sangoma 1.4 almost done, Huraga Bootstrap 3.0 in progress, others will follow.

Thanks for the update. I look forward to seeing it.