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Looks great although the only thing I’m noticing wrong is that if you scroll to the bottom in FF (most current version) it never ends. You’ll continue going down forever ;) Have not tested in Chrome. All the best in your sales.

I can’t replicate this bug. Did it happen on all pages?( Are you on Win or Mac?)


Here’s a screenshot from Firefox http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13631754/06-01-2012%201-45-08%20AM.png using Windows 7. The issue is also present in Chrome (again, latest version available). In the screenshot you’ll see I scrolled down a bit so you can see the extra space. I could continue to go on forever. Its quite fascinating :) Hope it helps. Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

- Bryce Wisekal

The bug was only related to preview but is should be fixed now anyway. Oh and thanks for your help.

Hi Louros,

This looks like a great theme – I was eyeing off the WordPress version just yesterday & was going to purchase it today but it seems to have gone missing! Is it coming back at all or should I just buy the HTML version and adapt it to WordPress myself?

Cheers, Ash

That wordpress theme was not mine. Another author used “Origin” in it’s theme title. I wont release this theme in WP version anytime soon so you will need to adapt it to wordpress yourself.

Hi Louros, Well, I can certainly see why it was taken down so quickly then! Thanks for getting back to me – I’ll certainly purchase this one soon and modify it for WordPress (though I won’t put it up on the marketplace, obviously). Cheers, Ash

Hi – I just have a question for the developer.

How does the blog work? Is there any kind of backend to it? A user friendly way to post? I am purchasing this to adapt to a site for a client, but he is not super savvy with HTML .



Nice design :). Love it!

Very nice, happy sales;