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Can’t get it to work !!!! Logo wont upload!

If you download the latest version there shouldn’t be any problem :)

my rating 5/5 stars, beautiful code!

Awesome thanks a lot!

missing image within the design, just compared blue and red; red seems to be missing a image within the template. Image shows my point of view.


Another Error: This is located on your Support page on The Href link for your support site has a bracket at the end which shouldn’t be there, i have placed your html below. ”.com/)” href=”” same as the no follow also has the extra bracket “)”


hello , can you pls help me i wana change the top slider direction form ltr to rtl i want the picture going to left side and the text to right side pls help

Quite happy with this item! Lovely design, easy to modify. 5/5

Will this template ever be upgraded to V3?

Is there a chance that this theme be converted to Bootstrap V3?

Unlikely sorry

You know the search box, how do I go about removing this?

never mind solved it.

Love this template, easy to use and an awesome desgin. Just one question: How can I make another dropdown menu inside another? I mean like this: menu -> submenu1 -> submenu2

simply drag and drop the menu in a lower level

Hi, I got myself a long time ago the 2nd version. Can I download the latest version and now I have to buy?

you can redownload it for free :)

ok thanks. ^^

just downloaded the html version. but all the images are blank, after I unzipped the file..what would be the issue?

That is strange. All images are black. It was not mentioned on the download page that the images will not be there. Additionally I created 1.png, 2.png, 3.png but they still don;t show up in the site: The image I upploaded is here:

but it does not show up above. Let me know what the issue could be?

kindly check on this. It seems (while inspecting elements in Chrome) that the images and text are far right, and not sliding. Also the “HotNews” carousel is showing all six, instead of sliding. Please suggest what needs to be changed. Thanks

Hey vijishvanya,

Please make a post in the support forums:


It does not come with the PSD for the orizon logo

No, but you can use our logo if you like

Very good theme – thank you very much! Just a question: Is there a way to get the template of the social media icons at the top? I would like to create an icon for Twitch instead of the RSS icon. Thank you in advance!


yes. Go to main.css line 261 and change this: #rss { background: url(../images/rss.jpg) top left no-repeat; }

Hi Skywarrior, we’re very interested in this awesome template. When playing around with ‘Responsive Design Mode’ in our Safari browser (it changes the page size to simulate viewing on different devices) we noticed the social icons at the top sometimes get a one pixel spacing between them. Not sure if this is just because of the way we’re resizing the page or if this always happens. Can we expect this in the downloadable html version? Many thanks!


I’m not sure what you talk about since I cannot reproduce it. But if that is some responsive bug, please let us know and our developers will fix it. If you can send us some screenshot or video with that issue that would be great.

Here is an example of what we’re seeing.

Ok, thank you. I have forwarded this to designer, and in case if that is a bug, it will be fixed. Thank you for reporting.