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I assume something happen, and thus reason why it’s not released yet. Give him time, and he’ll release one. Rush him, and you will get a broken WP theme with lot’s of hair pulling going on.

Hi guys. Sorry for not giving news lately, I have been working round the clock with the developer to have the Wordpress finished. Due to the template not currently achieving the quality standards that I wanted, I have decided to delay the deadline til early January. I want you guys to have a top notch WP theme with video tutorials. If you want me to send you an email alert when it’s released please send me a personal message. Fear not though, I assure you that it’s shaping up pretty well, and I can send you a screenshot as a sneak peak too if you want :).

Thanks again for your patience. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

Thank you Skywarrior for the update, i’m sure that is worth waiting, merry chrismas to you too

Are there any shortcodes in this theme?

Hi. No, the theme has no shortcodes at the moment :)

This looks promissing, but does not gamers also review tech stuff like mouse, keyboard, headsetts? would it be alot to rewrite to get this? also waiting for the WP version ;)

Super, then i will wait for the wp version!

Any ideas about pricing on wp version?

should be 40$-45$ but themeforest setup the prices so I cannot say for certain :)

Hi skywarrior,

I assume that you are working on v.2. Am i right ? Is that so, i would love to know if i purchase this item, can i get updates for free ?


Hey. I’m currently working on the WP theme which will be out very soon. The v.2 of the HTML is already out. You will get the futures HTML updates free yes.

I need nested menu items for top menu. How can i do that ? Can you help me?


I would suggest to wait for the WP version if you dont know how to do it in the HTML. It will be out very soon :)

Great theme. You can manipulate it to fit many different types of sites. For the price this theme is set at it truly is one of the best themes out there. I am more than satisfied with my purchase.

I hope you can create more “gaming” style themes.

Keep up the great work!

Any chance this theme could be created into a Joomla 3.0 theme, am willing to spend $$$ on this is possible.

Hey dude, It’s very unlikely that it will be made for Joomla since I’m not familiar with its backend… Sorry :/

I am interested in the WP Version. I bought the HTML one but I know word press is a lot easier to manage. Please let me know when you release the WP version.

Kind Regards Valdez

Absolutely love the design but – having never bought anything before – does the package include all scripts, such as comment processing, sending of e-mails (contact form), etc?

For some reason I cannot edit my previous message anymore but I also wanted to ask how the menu bar is configured, is it a separate html file to be included using ssi (or similar)? I certainly would not want to update all pages manually if I add a new menu option!


The contact form works, the commenting system does not.

As for the menu, you have to edit each page individually to change things.

I absolutely love your theme! I’d love to buy a Wordpress version of this!

this is the time that the feed should be working!


could you annonce here when the wp version is up? i am so looking farward to this!

Hey, any news about the wp version?

I sent it for review but I need to make some amendments before its ready. Just a couple of days sorry :)

great news! thanks for the reply


I understand you are hard at work with the WP version. Any chance I can get an email when it’s ready?

Thanks, Eliott

I still waiting the WP version, make all thinks you need.

Take your time to do a great WP theme.

Would you mind, if I skin this for a Invision Power Board theme? I have already purchased the HTML/PSD version and would love to get started.

If you are not going to sell it and use it only for personal use then sure, go ahead :). Also, send me the link once done, id love to see it :D

Ok will do bud.

termination make one for phpbb also hehe :P

Is the amendments going as planned?

Kinda, sorry for the wait, wont be long :(

Dont be sorry, it will be ready when it is ready ;) we Are just waiting because your work other work on this design Are so excellent ;)