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Really excited to start my project once the WP version comes out. I could possibly use the HTML version, as it has everything I need, but the WP version will make life so much easier. Eagerly awaiting it’s release! (:

Hey guys, good news!

The Wordpress version is out! :) Please check it out here:

Hi I was looking into purchasing this template and was wondering if the blog post function is currently functional on the HTML version or if it is just for show?

Its just HTML, if you want to it to be functional you have to purchase the WP version :) :

I really need help, Just purchased this and I want my tab selector thing like click the red team or blue team… Please help?

Please post a message on the forum, I can send you that. Thanks! ^^

Dont mind this message :P

Okay posted a message in the forums

Love the template! The CSS is a bit annoying though (changing from blue to green)

Yes (Minus the buttons for read more and stuff)

Everything should be either an image or in the css. Please note that this kind of requests are customization, which we do not do free of charge :)

Alright I understand, thanks for the help :)

Brilliant and very original.

I especially like it for how it looks as a mobile website. This makes it stand out from the crowd.

The only thing is misses for me is no lightbox.

It has lightbox for the images :)

Which page shows the lightbox?

Can the lightbox also have youtube videos and html content?

Click on the bottom images. In latest media. Sure it can :)

Nice Template. Complete PSd Files Included?

Yes the PSD is included :)

I cant get the top slider box to work :( can anyone help me

Whats the matter with it?

the html is not clean! hard to use as a template no offence but i really wish i never bought this theme

Hey there. I dont know what to suggest. The code is commented and you also have a instruction file, maybe its not the html that is the problem :)

im not complaining about it but it hard to break down as a template and still have everything working the way it should, i must say it looks amazing

Well the design is quite complex so its not super easy html. If you like it I would suggest to get the WP version, which is way easier to work with, so you dont have to update every single page when you make a post, and you can still change the HTML to make it look like you want :)

Love the template but what font is the logo? that was one of the main selling points if im honest.

Best template i seen on themeforest and have to say well done!

Great template, so what I gathered is the WP version is basically a WP theme and WP knows how to handle all the elements and such and is already configured (in a sense) to use. Whereas the HTML version is just the HTML and you have to use your own backbone to run the website. Is this correct? If it is, are the pages in the WP version still very customizable? Thanks! :D

Hi there!

Yes basically the WP allows your to run everything automatic without needing HTML knowledge and easily with a few clicks. The HTML version is just HTML files, so if you dont know HTML you arent gonna go far :D

Awesome! Thanks for the speedy response! :)

Hello, I was wondering how I get rid of the responsive design.

Thanks, BMX

A word of note: Deleting that will give you a weird thing by the menu because it has a#pull in it. ;)

Oh ok, either way I was just pointing out where the responsive css is, I suppose you know some HTML/CSS since you bought the HTML version ;)

I know, just making a note in case someone else runs into the problem. Anyway thanks again :)

Hello! The Twitter scroll doesn’t work for me (Safari,Firefox…) neither the Facebook Social Box and the Contact page. Could you help me?

Hey Khonnor. Please make a post in the support forum so we can help you further:


Hello, I am new to this and bought this template because I don’t know how to create a website from scratch. I have loaded this up in Dreamweaver CS 5.5, Frontpage 2003 and Kompozer and all display it funky and I don’t know how to make it looked formatted so I can edit it. If I view it in browser it looks ok but is all messed up in my HTML editors. Anyone able to help?

Hi there,

Yeah unfortunately working with the display option in Dreamweaver its not the best idea, you should ideally work with HTML only. I would suggest either learning HTML/CSS (loads of tutorials available in the web) or purchasing the Wordpress version which automates everything for you.

Great works! Thank you for your effort. It was pleasure for me to buy this theme!

How do I embed the Facebook page to this template? It seems like it’s ready but it’s not working or I’m doing something wrong…. :(

Use this, and paste the embed code where you want:

The Twitter JSON query is no longer valid because API 1 is no longer active, we need the 1.1 connection

Sorry we will update it asap. We already did it for the Wordpress version

I have made it by my own, using a private php. I can send you if you want to see the code

Sure that would be great thanks!

Is there any way you can do a sub-sub menu of the dropdown on the navigation? I place the sub-sub menu code in the HTML and it overlaps the menu. Please help me. Thanks! :bigsmile:

Hey. Yeah it doesnt support double submenu, please make apsot in the support forum and they may be able to help you out :)

How do I change the top slider to be a full image instead of half text, half image? Thanks.