Discussion on Orizon - The Gaming Template WP version

Discussion on Orizon - The Gaming Template WP version

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The current version doesnt seem to be compatible with WP 5.9

Hey, we will check it.


LeonGeb Purchased

i wont need support but i will gladly buy it to support this theme once it works for 5.9 :)

Is there any other way to upload a logo as I’ve tried using the Skywarrior page but it wont do anything wont upload or bring up the prompt to find on my PC

try customization page. But theme options should work! Please make a post in our support forums. Support.skywarriorthemes.com

hi there. i really like this theme. i cant decide if would buy this one or blackfyre. i like this one a bit more because it has a more modern design. but it doesnt fit the color theme of our gaming community. is there any chance to change the colors on this theme or is it really just red or blue?

oh. and another question. can members register themselves on this theme or not? because right now we have theme where i ( as the admin) have to add every member manually and that doesnt work in a community with more than 80 members across several games.

hello. Sorry for the late reply. Choose blackfyre, is a much more updated version of this theme!

I have never successfully setup this skin, there are so many things wrong from missing images, functions that don’t work or can’t be uploaded or put together so it looks like the preview on this site.

Really great work here, but I can’t seem to get it to look exactly like the preview, either things are missing, or can’t upload. Sadly it isn’t the template I bought I got.

The footer top and bot on the blue design is missing, so the design can’t be immersive. And is replaced by a light blue footer or background.

If possible I would love a solution. The blue background with the moon is awful, and I can’t add the preview blue background.

Sorry without checking your website we cant really see whats wrong. Can you please make a post in the support forums or join our discord.

I did skywarrior. The problem is when I upload the theme, and choose blue, its not the background or footer that is displayed in the preview, and even though I can see the files that are shown in the preview I can’t choose them.

Also when I go to wordpress customization, and choose to watch the site in phone view it shows the actual preview background but kinda messed up. like its not big enough ,or wide.

Is there a way to centre the navigation bar?

you will need to do it with HTML/CSS

Is there any way to remove the breadcrumbs? my website www.apsnewcastle.com shows Home> Australian Poker Series i want to remove this. Also is there any updates for the theme as its been a while

You will need to do it in coding i’m afraid. The theme has some years now

if i buy this, is there a way for me to take off the “orizon gaming template on the top” ?

Yes, that’s the logo and it can be changed.

bottom LATEST MEDIA How did you do it? Why isn’t it provided? I wonder how to add the same as yours? Is there a way to add it?

Hi, it is in theme options. If you need help with that please open new topic in our support forum: https://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

Does this theme support RTL?


I’m really sorry for this late reply. Not sure how I missed your question. Yes, theme offers RTL support. If you need more info you can contact our support at zorz@support.skywarriorthemes.com

Hi, I’d love to use this template for one of my clients again since the last one was very impressed. In order to have more individuality I would like to use WP-Bakery as the editor. Is it compatible or would it mess with the template settings?


please contact our support at zorz@support.skywarriorthemes.com about this.

when is the update for php 7.2 be out ?


it is scheduled for an update queue. So it should be soon. It wasn’t updated for a while.

Any update soon ? :) Thanks !


it will be soon. It is vacation time, so it goes a bit slower, but you can expect it soon.

Hello, – I purchased this theme a long time ago,- and I still love it! I’m looking for something similar, same color schemes, same layouts, but that fills the entire screen for a more updated look. Got anything like that in your portfolio Skywarrior? I love your work!

Disregard,- I just figured out how to find your portfolio. Duh. Thanks :)


in case you need support with theme, you can always start a new topic in our support forums: http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/ :)

Thank you for your awesome work. I have buy it, i have a big hope for my new projekt / website. :)


we are glad that you are satisfied :)

Is it possible to get a refund for this theme. I hate it. Im sorry, Maybe could I switch to a different theme you guys have? This one infuriates me.


Sorry for bad experience. You can contact Envato and we will exchange your theme for some other prom our portfolio.

Thank you for your honest business, I have contacted them.

hello is their going to be an update to this theme the last one is very old it looks like. I just bought this theme and i have a few problems with it already wordfence detects vulnerabilities in the theme itself along with old plugins that have same issues. I also put in a support ticket because the demo install doesn’t work at all.


I have spoke with our support in forums, and they said they replied to your topic. Can you please provide additional info to them and also list other issues you occured so they can help you?

Pre-sale question, is it possible to change the search form on the member page to a more advanced version, where you get filters?


it has to be custom coded but it is possible.

Does this template come with a PSD. I want to buy it! Looks amazing!


yes PSD is included in it ;)


Need comments on pages, I managed to add, do not understand php.

You can provide the code to separate the of the page of comments?

Page.php content > http://perolanegra.org/home/?page_id=1164

[code] <!- Body Start -> <?php the_content(); ?> <?php endwhile; ?> <?php comments_template(); ?> [/code]


please use our support forums for support questions: http://support.skywarriorthemes.com/

Thank you :)

Any change at getting the Advertising section to accept media queries so when the screen goes to 767px it will show a different ad? Orizon Theme?

nvrmind jut needed to think it through

A thought….. You have the updated Isotope Gallery included yet?


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