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Any forsee-able issue with the theme and the new Wordpress 4.4?????


we haven’t found any issue with wordpress 4.4

I see 4.5 has made some changes. Will the new changes cause any issues with Orizon?

I haven’t noticed anything. It looks good to me. But it is better if you can wait for a day or two so developers can check all our themes, and you will be informed about compatibility.

is it possible to add other social links via add_action()?


they have to be added manually in header, footer and options.php

Hi, I just recieve like a gift this theme. And i want put it here: The sponsor buyer must give me also a new host for that domain, but i must wainting few days. Can i play with the theme until then on another website and after that to import on the mentioned one? Or that will block my theme if i use it for 2 diffrent website? Both are mine so it’s ok?


it is ok, you can use it.

my text is hanging outside the carousel box. how do i get it to stay within the box


please start a new topic in our support forums and our staff will help you about that.

The demo data no longer imports on the latest version of WP.


is your database empty? It has to be empty for demo import to work.

Other than my user account, yes it was a fresh install.

Can you please start a new topic in our support forums? Our staff will help you with that.

Any change at getting the Advertising section to accept media queries so when the screen goes to 767px it will show a different ad? Orizon Theme?

nvrmind jut needed to think it through

A thought….. You have the updated Isotope Gallery included yet?


Need comments on pages, I managed to add, do not understand php.

You can provide the code to separate the of the page of comments?

Page.php content >

[code] <!- Body Start -> <?php the_content(); ?> <?php endwhile; ?> <?php comments_template(); ?> [/code]


please use our support forums for support questions:

Thank you :)

Does this template come with a PSD. I want to buy it! Looks amazing!


yes PSD is included in it ;)

Pre-sale question, is it possible to change the search form on the member page to a more advanced version, where you get filters?


it has to be custom coded but it is possible.

hello is their going to be an update to this theme the last one is very old it looks like. I just bought this theme and i have a few problems with it already wordfence detects vulnerabilities in the theme itself along with old plugins that have same issues. I also put in a support ticket because the demo install doesn’t work at all.


I have spoke with our support in forums, and they said they replied to your topic. Can you please provide additional info to them and also list other issues you occured so they can help you?

Is it possible to get a refund for this theme. I hate it. Im sorry, Maybe could I switch to a different theme you guys have? This one infuriates me.


Sorry for bad experience. You can contact Envato and we will exchange your theme for some other prom our portfolio.

Thank you for your honest business, I have contacted them.

Thank you for your awesome work. I have buy it, i have a big hope for my new projekt / website. :)


we are glad that you are satisfied :)

Hello, – I purchased this theme a long time ago,- and I still love it! I’m looking for something similar, same color schemes, same layouts, but that fills the entire screen for a more updated look. Got anything like that in your portfolio Skywarrior? I love your work!

Disregard,- I just figured out how to find your portfolio. Duh. Thanks :)


in case you need support with theme, you can always start a new topic in our support forums: :)