Discussion on Orizon - The Gaming Template WP version

Discussion on Orizon - The Gaming Template WP version

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Purchased it , either ways , love the theme sorry for the 2x post :D but would love the reply regarding post 1 ..

Hello , as i am about to type this , i am going to purchase this beautiful theme without a doubt, can u tell me if wordpress 3.6 be released will there be an update to this theme to suit the wp update ?

and how long do u plan to update this theme to match the future upcoming wordpress updated ?

Waiting for your reply so i click the purchase button :)

Sorry, we forgot to change the update. Sure thing it works with wp 3.6 :)

Actually, there is no option to select wp 3.6 in Themeforest backend :D

You should think about adding Breadcrumb support.

Where is this “Purchase Code” for your support site? I looked at the sample image that says to click the “Licence certificate” but no such link appears on my download for this theme.

In any case the “Featured Image” doesn’t seem to work for “pages.”

Yeah sorry for that, we should update it. Please click on download and you will see the option

Hello there! my website is coming along how I want it thanks to your theme, but I would really love a forums and will pay good money for one set-up. http://crossfiregaming.net/

Can anyone here make a really nice forums to go with the theme in place?

Hey there. Please email us and we can discuss it further :)

Please could you send the email here?

Please use the form in our page :)


I really like this theme but I have one more question. Where is the style.css file that contains the script for object placement. I found a style.css file on your theme but it only contains info about the theme itself ( like the name, colour scheme and things like this )

Yeah it includes the files separately, they are located in the css folder :)

Before I purchase, Am I able to embed youtube, blip, and vimeo videos? This is vitally important to what I intend to do. Is this included in a how to on the tutorials? Thanks for your time and attention!

Yes sure you can, but in the body of the post. You simply need to copy the embed video code and paste it in the body of the post and publish

I just bought this theme and i love the looks of it. But i have some questions. First is what do you have to do to move the search box to the navigation bar. I would apriciate if you could tell me how to do it

mmmm I think the only way of doing this is to mess up with the code. Look up the wordpress code for the search bar and try to paste it in the menu (located in header.php). Unfortunately if you don’t know any HTML there is not much that you can do alone :(

Hello Skywarrior was thinking about buying your Orizon template for my website, but do not know programming and also upload to web server. I also like to make a few changes to the website.

Thank you.

Sorry my english… :S

Hey there,

We can set it up for you for a small fee if you want but you will need to create the site yourself. There are a lot of tutorials available into how to use wordpress and the instruction file comes with youtube tutorials :)

Your’d know wordpress upload and configure a web server? I just do not know anyone and your template I liked it.

Hi i buy theme today and i see some “problems” First why post tags is h2 can you make it h1 better ! 2-Warning: mysql_fetch_assoc() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in ( gallery ) 3-footer just 1 widget so without gallery this is empty


Thanks so much for this theme! great dedicated work, also very cheap!


Just getting set-up

Cool loving the particles, do you have a link to that plugin?

I’m having some problems with the twitter feed and the facebook like box. It seems that the twitter feed doesn’t work anymore and what widget did you use for the facebook like box? Thank you!

Yes it looks like Twitter changed its API so all the plugins are broken now :(, we need to fix that. Regarding Facebook, its the like box in a text editor. You can find the like box code here:


Hello just wondering how to move this checkbox and text down: http://i.imgur.com/3Svv6Gu.png

noldor Purchased 9 days ago Flag

Quick question: How can i change the speed of the parallax slider ?

Hi Noldor,

Sorry for the delay. If you open footer.php, you should see the function:


change the speed parameter speed: 300.

Hope that helps

this fuction is not on footer php, i made a post also on the forum. i only want to change the speed of the slider , how hard can that be ?

Is there a way to make the social media links open in a new window?

you need to add target=”_blank”. If you need customization work please ask in the themeforest forums, im sure somebody will be able to help you out :)

what page do i need to edit?

It should be in header.php

The theme looks nice at first but has so many restrictions and lacks many options. I feel as though I just wasted $45 on something I will never use.

The images have to be the exact odd resolution that they set for in post images for them to look at least decent. The thumbnails again, have to be the same photo size which isn’t a very common photo size. The backdrounds still say Orizon on them. I do not recommend this for anybody.

Again, I feel as though it was a waist of money. You should not be forced to have to make changes for a theme that costs $45. The theme should work with me, I shouldn’t have to work with the theme. Especially becasue I paid for the damn thing.

Again, it lacks options and only works good in the demo. Completely bull shit. There should always be a free version of a paid site for you to try before you pay for it. On here, you buy themes and then try them… Only to find out your out $45 because it doesn’t work with you like you thought it would. Unfortunate. It looks bad ass, but isn’t. A few days of hard work down the drain for this theme.

Hey Alecssw, looks you are having fun with the theme. What kind of site are you trying to make? Please note this is not a multipurpose theme, but rather a site review one. If you are trying to make a normal portfolio site with this its not your best option.

Also, please take into consideration that having a WP theme similar to this one made custom for you it would cost somewhere between 2000$ – 5000$ so 45$ its not a bad deal overall. If you need customization i’m sure that a lot of developers will be more than happy to assist you in the forums or odesk.com. Unfortunately we aren’t available at this moment.

Thanks again for the feedback :)

Tried to register on the forums but cant find my licence key in ThemeForest. But was wondering if there is any chance of WooCommerce integration? At the moment all the other pages (account, edit details) all look great but the general shopping pages are all out of whack, just wondering if there is any chance of integration with Woo?

Unlikely sorry :(

That’s OK, Where can i get my registration code so i can register on your forums as i have a few more questions?

Quick question: How can i change the speed of the parallax slider ?

Hello, i cant add another Menu (i already have Home, Forum).. if i add another one, it won’t show up? Any solutions?

Hey there. You can have only 1 menu in the top of the site. After creating a new one you can select which one do you want to choose in the left side dropdown. Please check the instructions file :)

Hi there. Does the theme have a guestbook or is it planned?


No for now. It does have buddypress though


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