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Hello there Skywarrior! I’d like to know if the theme supports tags in posts, I mean I want the tags to be shown at the bottom at every post. Thank you! :)

Also even if the tags aren’t shown at the bottom, they are still active right? I mean people will be able to search my posts using the tags.

Hello Is your template compilable with WooCommerce / WP e-Commerce i mean can i use it if i add the plugin for WooCommerce / WP e-Commerce

Not yet, we will roll out an update in january but on our new gaming theme Oblivion

Hi, I just installed the theme but then I have a strange error :

Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘optionsframework_page’ not found or invalid function name in /htdocs/wp-includes/plugin.php on line 429

There is a solution?

Hey sorry for the late reply. If you haven’t please make a post in our support forum so we can help you further:

Happy xmas and new year!

Any word on theme update, and being able to replace slider with video, or put video in slider? Will purchase when that is possible!

Hi at the support forums noone writes an answere….

my question is where i can find the CSS code to set the backround as fixed and not scrollable? My second question is how i can use custom backrounds?

Thanks for your help. Kolga


Firstly, this theme is great, so thank you so much for making it.

I have come across a few bugs on the page layout – The first thing is that if I start a paragraph under a heading, the first few words end up getting pushed to right edge of the page.

The second thing is that on the mobile version of the website, pictures aren’t aligned properly, and text does not fit on the allocated page space.

You can see what I mean at when visiting from a mobile

Is there any way I can fix this, or any way you can fix this? :)

Thank you again,

I bought it and I’m having two issues with this theme:

1) I can only show posts from one category? Is that ok? I have a lot of different posts in different categories, but only shows one category on main page, how can I fix that?

2) When I use other WP theme my blog shows the home page like “Inicio”, it is in portuguese… But using the Orizon Theme, it’s showing “Home” and “Inicio”, there is no configured blog page… I checked on header.php and there is a static “Home” plus the wp_nav function, so my WP, with this theme, is adding a menu with the static “Home” and the “Inicio” from the WP function, how can I fix that?

Unfortunately, I tried a couple things to fix these problems, but nothing seems to work, so if there is no fix, I will have to ask for my money back… :(

How do you change the parallax slide speed?

There’s an error with the text widget in 3.8 (DIV tag overrides the theme’s). This theme needs a 3.8 update :)

Hiho, when do u plan an update for Wordpress 3.8 ? I test ur theme and can see it does´nt work with the newest wp version and i´m giong to buy it if it does.

regards Dennis

We will next week hopefully. How did you test it exactly? :)

A friend use ur theme w an old wordpress, we made a new install and use the theme.. result .. there is no footer with wp 3.8 .. that was enough for the first view… :)

I Love this Design. :inlove: Very very nice <3

Hi,just purchased,compatible 3.8 ?

How do you add the 404 page?

its automatic :)

xml file you can send yourself not

Requesting updates! Posted on the forum 6 months ago and stuff is still not fixed!

Does this come with some dummy content and the pages shown in the live preview?

Any luck that we might see a 3.8.1 WP update for this theme? I upgraded my site recently – and unfortunately the theme broke :(

I reverted my site back to 3.6 in the mean while

We are busy with a new theme but as soon as it finished we will update Orizon and another theme we have waiting, sorry for the wait!

Thanks for the update :)

The thumbnails on my website are not being generated for the gallery. I believe it is due to a permissions conflict. What file generates the thumbnails that go to the folder ‘uploads/thumbs’?

Mmm please make a post in our support forums:

I’m not so sure about the backend sorry :/

Very good look, there may be a version for joomla?

No Joomla i’m afraid :(

ç_ç plz help, is not working with 3.8.1.

waiting ç_ç :(:(