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Awesome Work!! Wish you more many sales :)

Any chance to you do a WP theme with this ?

Yes I will definitely do a WP after the HTML is finished (which should be this weekend depending on approval :) )

Looks good. GLWS

I’ll buy it for WP, but can i give a suggestion ?

More choice on colors, if you can do one white + blue will be perfect.

Thanks and i gonna wait your release for WP. =)

Awesome suggestion. I will add black and white for the WP !

Great theme will buy for Wordpress!

When will this come in HTML and WP?

HTML will be tomorrow hopefully!. Regarding WP… end of December :)

Very good! could you email me: admin@pipilia.com

when you have the HTML version in themeforest so i can buy it? :).

Yes no problem! However check back tomorrow, it should be there :)

I’m wondering if it is ok for me to hire someone to work with this so he can get my forums to look similar to the site, or is this against the license?

You can purchase the design and create a forum section if you want. You are just not allowed to sell it or copy it without the purchase :). The HTML version will be out tomorrow hopefully and it also includes all the psd :D

Apparently I’m a little slow. I purchased this thinking it was a WP Theme. Well there’s $10 gone.

Hey dude sorry for that, unfortunately I cannot give refound. I will release the WP theme around mid December, I guess you are more interested on that one :)

Any update on the WP or Joomla theme for this?

The WP version will be out sometime early next week (if everything goes ok) :). There will not be any Joomla version I’m afraid

Still nothing on the WP theme?

Drop me a private message and I’ll email you when the WP is out. I can say that its nearly there, I’m making the final tweaks and creating the instructions and video tutorials :)

I am new to “Site Templates” would I just edit it in dream weaver or something? or does it come with control panel

Site templates stand for the HTML/CSS only. If you want the admin panel I’d suggest you to wait until the WordPress is out (next couple of days) :)

Hello, this is amazing. I’m sort of new to this site, so I would like to ask if I buy your template, how do I make it work on my website? I mean, I know I have to code the page so they can match the images, but I lack the experience.

Anyway, I’m really tempted to buy this template and make it work. I read a comment in which you might upload a WP version, has it been uploaded yet? I really think this template is perfect for my bussiness.

Thank you for your time

Please do, I really liked this template.

Does it have any space to link with Twitch.TV or any other stream media?

Hey there, the WP is out! Yes there is space for stream media in the posts :)

I just bought it 1 minute ago, literally.

Thank you, I’m quite happy for having this. I’ll keep working to get the most of it.

Thanks again.

Hello I want to purchase your theme and have a few quesstions before decide to purchase!

1) This theme is for wordpress or it is html version? 2) If I purchase your theme will it be possible to create such style see this link


3) Is your theme fully responsitive? 4) One purchase is for one domain or I can use your theme and extension many times on many domains?


1) This is HTML version. You can find WP version here: https://themeforest.net/item/orizon-the-gaming-template-wp-version/3792360/comments

2) You will be able to make something similar to this.

3) Theme is fully responsive. However, in case you find something that’s not responsive, we will fix that.

4) One purchase gives license for one domain.

If you have more questions, you can contact our support at zorz@support.skywarriorthemes.com if you want to check theme features.