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We have recently taken on this website for a client. I am having trouble finding where the images on the slider on this page ( are being brought in from? Could you point me in the right direction.


Hi, use our support forum please –

Hi I’m trying to upload the xml file (wpm-config.xml) but I’m getting the following error message: Sorry, there has been an error. This does not appear to be a WXR file, missing/invalid WXR version number

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Crik0va, I have but I have not had a response

Hi, give me please the link from the forum. I didn’t find any messages from you on our forum.

Hi, the post is at

Sorry, I must have missed the email telling me there had been a response. If you could help answer the question it would be great as I can’t really proceed until I have the demo content.

Don´t buy this theme. Is the Worst I´ve ever purchased. Bad documented, difficult to configure….

Hi, if you have any problems with our theme – use our support forum.

Hi, I am having trouble with the submenu on this website the submenu disappears to quickly. it is not clickble. ( Afspraak maken). how can this be fixed?

Hi, use our support forum please –


I have some problem with theme,

Home page you can use only 3 boxes i have add more boxes on home page editing the aletheme/config.php file…everything works fine, except image…constantly dragging the image from servicebox 2? Can you help me….

Hi, can you be more specific? any examples? use our support forum and paste the code you edited.. probably your code is wrong, i will check.


Very nice theme. I wanna buy it, but please tell me if there is an appointment form.

Thanks! Adi

Hi, what do you mean “appointment form”? Support forum is also in Romania, if you are from Romania. We speak romanian!

Formular de programare, asta vreau sa zic. :)

acest formular poate fi realizat cu plugin.. exista multe plugin-uri gratuite care fac acest lucru. Pe support forum veti fi ajutat. Nu vad o problema in asta. Foarte simplu. Principalul sa va placa designul)


ldamian Purchased

Hi I have an install of this theme and I cannot scroll properly (it doesn’t move when I swipe) on my Android (6.0.1) and latest Chrome

I also have this issue with the live demo. With or without the themeforest frame. Please advise


ldamian Purchased

Nevermind, fixed by disabling custom scrollbar in theme options

yes, disable the custom scrollbar.


ldamian Purchased

Hi there, I noticed that the inside banner is not responsive, is there an update where you can make it responsive?


kelpo Purchased

I made the wrong register on the forum. I can not enter. Or recover my login. Can you help me?


artt77 Purchased

Hello! 1. These additional parameters are included in the topic, which I buy, or they have to pay more money?

More Search Options Theme Logo Download Background Download Favicon Upload Change site color Change module Comments Enable Ajax Comments Enable Social Sharing Change Copyright Adding Google Analytics Add Footer Code Add Custom CSS Code Edit modules from main page Sidebars Good HTML codeClean Valid SEO-optimized, HTML5-code Blog is Post Format Ready styling: standard Gallery video

2. Is there a file with demodannymi?

3. Are the plugins and theme is used whether or not they are included in the sales package? Or the theme will be empty?

4. You can help her to set up? Thanks for answers.

Hi, the theme comes with all data presented in the demo preview. All plugins and demo content is included in the download archive. We also have a support forum and we also speak russian language.


artt77 Purchased

Здравствуйте еще раз! В теме не работает мобильная версия: на всех устройствах под управлением Андроид, показывается только слайдер. Все что ниже – не видно. Отправил вам на почту письмо с данными для входа на сайт пока тишина.

Hi there, loving the theme, only Services are not working on mobile? You only see one and a short peace of it…. you can’t scroll. Online it’s looking and working perfect. You’ve got an idea?

Hi just bought the template and have installed everything, however, your template will not allow me to set up my own menu please can you help

Many thanks

Hi examples? Could you let me know how to post on the forums – I need to sort this navigation out and no one is helping -

Do you have a link to show me how to post on your forum so I can get this issues resolved.

I have used many wordpress templates and I cannot get you navigation to work correctly as it will use the new menu that I have created it keeps using the default menu

You help would be appriciated, many thank in advance

Hi, this is a simple wordpress manage issue.. If your menu doesn’t display why you do not edit the default menu? remove items from the default and add your items.

Hi agree it is a simple WordPress and I have used many – I was using your default menu as a template I did not want to remove that until I had seen all the levels available to me.

I have resolved it now I deleted your menu and its working fine thanks

Good morning, I requested help 14 hours ago to build on the template that I have bought from you. I also went to your support section, as I was given a link to go there for the help that I need.

I am finding it extremely hare as to where to submit my query so that I can place it into the forum. Please could I get some assistance.

Many thanks in advance

You should open the Forum -> Orquidea Theme -> Create new Topic.

Hi there thank you I will try this

Hi thanks will do that


lafente Purchased

Hi there,

nice work. Could you please tell me how to inlude photos/slider in “single service” template on the the bottom right of the page under “photos from our work”. Thank you very much.

Hi, just press the upload media button and upload some new photos from your computer (attachments). These new photos will automaticaly go to the slider. The slider usses posts attachment images.