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nice. can u code to oscommerce for me?

Yes, we can convert this template to oscommerce, please contact me…

I like it, clean, crisp :) Great work

looks fresh…

coded for xt or os commerce this would be a burner :D

Great looking template, I am also interested if you can code the cart into this template as a customised service. Thanks

What cart do you need to convert this template? for custom service please contact me…

Thanks all for the feedback :)

We will consider to convert this template to oscommerce.

For custom services, please send me a message.

wow this is very clean theme… good job mate

Nice, it would be nice that you incluide some color variations :) .

Hi does it come with an installation manual, and can I have a look before I buy?


This theme is html only, not the ecommerce template. There is a Help files for make modification to the html.



The osCommerce version is available, please see at http://themeforest.net/item/oscomm-oscommerce-template/64045


Was wondering once I change the content of this template, do I still need to set the height of the main content in the CSS ? Or is it coded so that it would automatically push down the footer based on body content?

Hope the question made sense. Thanks in advance for the reply. mjbenzon

Hi, It will automatically push down when you add longer content. Thanks.

Hi there

I,m looking at producing an online store with oscomm, what is the best way of altering the graphics to suit my products.

Buy this theme (psd, html) re artwork some graphics, then resave the html files.

Buy the Oscomm theme and import the new files(psd, html) into the oscomm theme?

Would this be the correct way of producing an online oscomm shop with my re-artworked shop based on your template. Your store looks like a great layout that woul be suitable for the products I have, but i’d like a different background image and a few colours changed etc.




Do you mean you want to change the default sample products with your own products?

Yes, you can buy this theme and change the products info and images then resave the html.

If you want to change the background, you have to edit the psd and slice the image again.

If you need to use ready made ecommerce system with this template we have the oscommerce version here: http://themeforest.net/item/oscomm-oscommerce-template/64045



Hi Stephen

Yes I need a ready made ecommerce system, but I would want to change the psd files to suit my products and existing corporate colours etc.

I couldn’t do this with the oscommerce version though could I?, I didn’t think it came with any PSD files?



Yes, the oscommerce version doesn’t include the psd, but you can also purchase this html version which include psd.

Do you have a tableless CSS version of the oscommerce version?



This is html/css version… if you want to use the oscommerce version, please see at http://themeforest.net/item/oscomm-oscommerce-template/64045


I should have asked this on your oscommerce version comment page… sorry… But, do you have a css version of that? It has tables….

Actually the oscommerce version is base on the html version which is use css, but since the core oscommerce still use table, we also use table for some core element.

Can you add/change the rows of products from 2 to 3 via the css/html?

Yes, it easy to add more rows…

does this work with joomshopping?

Hi there. I would like to purchase this template and i need to use it for an online shop. Is the os comerce already implemented or do i need to do that myself. Do you have a version that is already built with an online shop? Ty.