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Will you please reply in a timely manner?

Thank you

please send a message to me via my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/templatesquare including your questions/problems, your site url and theme name.

includes Translation Ready with .mo and .po files?


I really like your webshop for wordpress. However before puchasing we have a question.

In our country there is a local payment system called IDEAL supported by all financialbusinesses.

More details you can find here.


Can this be integrated into you shop. Because most of our customers do not like credit cards or paypal payments,

Please looking forward to your reply,

Best regards, BackuPs


You can try the wp ecommerce plugin and check if it compatible with your local payment system…



A-G Purchased


I’m having problems with product images not looking like the product eg. to squashed is there a way of rectifying?


please send a message to me via my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/templatesquare including your questions/problems, your site url and theme name.

Hi, I have just purchased the theme and would like to know if you have any tutorials available?

Hi again, I am having difficulty adding text content to the homepage slider. Would you please be of assistance? Thank You!

The tutorial says the following on how to change the color of the theme…

b) Color Options

Color options is made as child themes, you can activate the other color that you like:

Click the ‘Appearance’ tab. Click the ‘Themes’ sub tab. Activate the color that you want. Done!

Activate what? there is nothing to activate, only other themes???

Would you please be of assistance? Thank you!

Hi all,

If you have purchased this theme and need support, please send a message to me via my profile page http://themeforest.net/user/templatesquare including your questions/problems, your site url and theme name.

We will answer support request via email.




I have a few questions regarind it. This cart can have these features:?

1. Easy adding products with many images. One main image and others (5 images) as a mini gallery

2. Produse similare / din aceeasi categorie / cine a cumparat acest produs a mai cumparat si…, top 10 produse vandute (cu posibilitatea de management)

3. Top 10 products sold by the store (this feature to be edited by the webmaster – yes you may say that this is not correct but we want to influience the sales editing the top ten).

4. Similar products. Who puchased the produc X also purchased the produc Y and Z

5. Products tag

6. Product description

7. Other product features. Like: T-shirt with different colours, sizes, cotton or sintetic, etc

8. Changind the product colour with simple click on the palette with other colours

9. SEO firendly

10. A product to be a part of at least two categories

11. NEXT and PREVIOUS product navigation buttons when visualise a product.

12. recent visualised products

13.Side bar filtering products (example: price range, colours, or other feature)

14. First page product listing

15. Discounts on first page



This theme is use wp-ecommerce plugin, so all the features is use the wp-ecommerce features… please download wp-ecommerce for free and you can test the features… thanks

I just wondering where can I edit the Special Promotion frame beside the slider. Thanks

I just purchased the OScomm theme and added the WP Ecommerce plugin.

I then added a couple of products and a variation to each and the site has become unworkable. Get huge error messages when clicking on a page link, when i am in the dashboard I can’t access any product page or regular page. Can’t use the view page feature. Clicking on product details doesn’t work. Price doesn’t show up.

Please check the site at http://marysgourmet.com/estore/


I have emailed you via support here and at Templatesqure. I have had some responses and have provided you with admin access to the site http://www.marysgourmet.com/estore/

As I mentioned the page and widget titles don’t appear on your OScomm theme in IE9 . Also the shipping modules don’t work on your theme. Regardless what plugin I use, shipping doesn’t show up on the checkout page. These plugin work fine on other sites, so it is the theme that is the issue.

It has been over a week and i haven’t heard from you. No update, no progress report nor a timeline for the fix.

My client is losing patience. If it can’t be fixed i would rather you tell me now so i can get a refund and move on to a template that is ecommerce compatible.

No rancor, but i just need to know.


I sent a question through your profile http://themeforest.net/user/templatesquare but no answer yet.

It was about how to add images to the slider.

Thank You

Please send support questions via http://www.templatesquare.com/tf-support/ thanks

Before purchases is there a limit to the size of the logo/company name at the top of the page.

Is this theme responsive? We need it to be easily viewable on a phone.