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How do I change image size?

1) go to ext/css/mj-template.css
2) go to line 1438 or search the ”.centerBoxContentsNew .product_image img” in the file.
3) remove the with:auto property defined for it.
4) log in to your admin panel of oscommerce.
5) go to configuration -> images.
6) the image height/width you need to change here is “small image width” and “small image height”, default values would be 150 and 80 respectively. You can always change the parameters here as per your requirement. It would always be in pixels.

Details changes of osmart V2.

Change Log for Osmart : 12-4-2013

File Names and Path :

1) header.php – includes/header.php

- Edited for breadcrumb issues.

2) breadcrumb.php – includes/classes/breadcrum.php

- Edited for breadcrumb issues.

3) mj-template.css – ext/css/mj-template.css

- added the css for breadcrumb.

4) mj-cyan.css, mj-blue.css, mj-green.css, mj-slategray.css, mj-red.css, mj-brown.css, mj-navyblue.css, mj-pink.css

- ext/css
- added the css for breadcrum color arrows.

5) product_reviews.php – -root_directory/product_reviews.php

- minor bug fix for product review page.

Can you show OSMART admin?

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