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A creative product by an elite author, good luck for sales.

Man, you’re on fire! :D

Cheers dude! Need to find time to sleep now! haha

Another great item! Keep up the good work Tom.

Cheers Mike! Thanks so much :)

Nice work! Good luck, friend ! ;)

Well done! Good job! ;)

Seems cool. I think im going for it.

Now is installed on my website. For everyone who have any doubt about the theme i have to say that its really well documented, really easy to install and it works perfect.

Five stars for this theme. It gives you what it promise.

Awesome :D

If you ever need any help, feel free to join me at;


Nice work, once again! :)

Cheers mate :)

Awesome work as usual.. good luck!

Cheers! Much appreciated :)

Impressive… again! I whish I had your level of productivity!

Thanks dude! Great to meet all 4 of you this weekend :)

“harvesting sales” :D
Good luck Tom!

haha thanks! :)

An “other” special one!
Wish you the best , wonderlicious work!

Kind Regards,

Haha! Thanks so much, that means a lot to me :)

Nice to see the TommusRhodus theme making factory isn’t slowing up!

Cheers mate! Great to meet you this weekend :) I was certainly drinking to having had this uploaded on friday night!


The typography is so clean and beautiful! I love it! I am wondering if it possible to put Vimeo videos on the front page instead of photos?

Hey there,

Thanks! :)

As for Vimeo videos on the front page, I think this would be pretty browser intensive having to render and organise all those iFrames at once. A much better idea would be to simply drop a fake play button onto each of the images, then when a user clicks this, the video will be loaded in the next page by AJAX massively reducing the required server load, and likely massively improving cross browser compatibility for the idea.

What do you think? :)

I like the idea, then it’s mobile friendly too :) Thanks for your quick answer!

Awesome :) If you buy the theme, feel free to connect with me any time if you need any help at my support site;

cheers :)

Awesome work of course. Keep it coming. Good luck with sales!

Thanks so much! :)

Very nice work my friend!!!!! Awesome!!!! ;)

wonderful theme! can I ask whether it’s possible to have each portfolio page play a specific background audio track? If the theme is not set-up for this, is it possible to hire a developer to implement this feature? Thank you!

Thank you so much :)

This isn’t a feature of the theme, so you’d need to hunt for a plugin to do this, such as;

But make sure you investigate the plugins thoroughly, I’m unsure if the above would do exactly as you need.

if you need any further help, you can contact our customisation partners here before or after purchasing the theme;


Something you threw together on the train back from London right?! Awesome stuff as ever, and a privilege to meet you this weekend. Good luck

Haha, yeah knocked it out in a few hours :) Been working on this one a while, there’s a few little tweaks in the back end which make it more user friendly which I’ve featured for the first time, multiple featured images, etc. I’ll put together a bit of a showcase for it in the morning :)

Was great meeting you too mate, and thanks so much for the lovely comments, and the pint! :)


Pleasure mate, look forward to more from you [after you get a rest!]. Enjoy the Xmas surf!

Awesome theme man! you’re very fast.. GLWS

Hey Tommus, will this transition easily from My Folio and your other WP themes? I want them all! :)

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Hey there,

You can move to Other easily enough from all my themes, Other is a deceptively simple theme that just makes decent use of my portfolio post type :)

Thanks so much!

Quick question before purchase.. Is it possible when adding video to a page to make it “almost” full screen? Or at least at the boundaries in which the homepage is and not the portfolio pages current width.. BTW I am just going by the video on the demo page.

Hey there,

So you’d like to make the post width a little wider? (currently 1000px) no problem, if you buy the theme shoot me a message, I’ll show you how you can increase that width if you need to.