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Hi there! Great theme! One question: The blog posts are loading via ajax, right? I’ve noticed that if you close a post (after selected one on the blog page masonry) you’re redirected to the blog page again – which is pretty nice. The problem is, that you’re always returned to top of the blog page. If you have e.g. 30 posts or more it seems to be quite annoying for the reader, because she/he always has to scroll down to the older posts again. Wouldn’t it be much nicer if you’re send back to the position of the blog page where you’ve left before…? Same in Portfolios… Cheers!

Great idea! It will take some investigation, I’ll see what can be done for a future update :)


Is it possible to direct link to a specific portfolio category?

Yep, here’s the photography portfolio category;


Im looking at buying this and another +1 for woocommerce Great theme!

Awesome :) And noted, I think it’s definitely going to have to happen soon in that case :)


Hi there, this looks like an awesome theme. Before buying I have 2 questions:

- Can I configure the homepage in the vertical/horizontal portfolio format?

- I’m not seeing any social options like sharing posts on Facebook or Twitter, or “liking” a post, do such options/buttons exist?


Hey there,

1. Not currently, but this option is coming up in a future update, or if you buy the theme, contact me and I’ll send you a page template used in the demo that you can use to put this layout on your homepage :)

2. We don’t include those in the theme as there’s thousands of plugins to do this, infact, Jetpack by wordpress has a pretty impressive social section included that does just this :)


Excellent, thanks!

Purchased theme a few weeks back. Very nice.

Off the top of your head are there any compatible thumbnail gallery plugins for this theme? Most I have tried are overridden by the default gallery. And the rest just aren’t compatible.

Closest one to working I’ve found so far is Gallery Bank but I think the css is over writing the default and it altered the close button in the portfolio section.

Thanks again and very nice work on this theme.

Hey there,

Thanks :)

Nothing off the top of my head, Next Gen Gallery should work nicely, but you may need to turn off ajax post loading in “appearance” => “customise” => “site settings”


Hey mate – I really should have put a list together of little requests and bugs. Can’t remember most of them! Anyway, one little request is a loading gif (or similar feedback) when someone clicks on an image on the homepage to load a portfolio item. I had to use a gallery plugin as the theme’s one is a bit confusing for visitors and not suitable for a larger gallery within a portfolio post, and as a result it takes a little while to load. The user has no idea that anything is loading until it’s done.

Cheers, James

Hey there,

A loading animation would be a great addition you’re right :)



Is it possible to have a 2 or 3 level category filter menu for the portfolio? Also is it possible to auto close the current open window when you click on a portfolio category?

Hey there,

1. No, sorry.

2. Working on something like this for a theme update shortly, though we will probably just be hiding the filters whilst you’re in a post. :)


Hey Tommus,

This is a sweet looking site and very tempting to get it for my furniture site. But I really need woo commerce compatibility, I noticed a comment previously asked the same and was wondering if demand has proven large enough to make this a feature? Keep up the great work!

Hey there,

This will definitely be coming to Other after judging the requests for it, I don’t have a date for this integration yet though, I’ll be working hard to make it asap :)


Also, my retina MacBook Pro 13” isn’t detecting/using the retina image file (@2x.png).

Thanks for the bug report, I’ll take a look into it :)

Thanks for the retina fix :)

In addition to a loader/feedback image on the homepage, it would be nice if the horizontal/vertical galleries let you click on the entire image rather than just the title. Is there a quick way to enable this?

Cheers, James

I can certainly look into that :) Great idea!


Nice theme! looking forward to buy it, I have a couple of questions:

• Does this one has woocommerce compatibility, or another shopping cart? If it’s not, it’s going to be available in future updates?

• Can I used CSS fonts from to replace font style for menus, header titles?

Thank you! :)

Hey there :)

1. WooCommerce will be coming to this theme, I’m working on it now :) No defined release for it yet, but should be within a few weeks.

2. You can use whatever fonts you want with the theme as long as you’re ready to customise it to your needs (code) otherwise I suggest this plugin for non-coders:

Cheers :)

Thanks a lot Tommus! :)

Also, on every video gallery page (just a bunch of big Vimeo embeds on top of each other), the title is at the bottom of the page. While this is easily movable, it would be nice to have a front-end setting for changing its position to the top :)

Noted :) Cheers!

Hello. Is it possible, on the team-vertical page, to make the entire image a link?

I’d like the user to be able to click on the entire vertical thumbnail instead of having to click on the team members name.

Not yet, but looking into this :)



It would be nice, if you could implement a hashbang (#!) functionality for the ajax-loading, so that the user could use the browser-back-button. This would increase the usability of your theme massively.

By the way, nice theme ;)

Great point, noted and added to the development list :)

Hi there, having issues with the homepage gallery (mosaic) and horizontal portfolio with Safari (Mac) 5.1.10. Homepage problem: when we hover over one of the images, the black square comes up, but the title does not. As we move around the page (hover on different images), titles start appearing all over the place (but never on the one that we’re actually hovering over). Horizontal gallery: When the mouse is over a photo, the title appears on the next portfolio item down. It’s the correct title of the hover item, just in the wrong place.

Hey there,

Please leave the above in a support ticket with your site URL for us to investigate.


Thanks have done.

Great looking template! Was wondering if you had plans to make the portfolio have a lightbox option, rather than using posts? If so, will the lightbox support embedded video, such as Vimeo? Thanks!

Hey there,

I hadn’t considered that until now, but I’ll make a note on my development list and see what I can do for a future update :)


Hi Tommus, I’d like to purchase the theme, very nice, but in the preview mode I have the same problems as jamesmcd (SAFARI for Mac 5.1.7). Homepage problem and horizontal gallery problem. Is there a way to fix it quickly? Thanks!

Hey there,

I’ll be looking into this, as mentioned to james, Safari 5 market share is less than 1% (less than IE6!) so there shouldn’t be any major issue in terms of viewer amounts here for now, that being said, I will be looking into and fixing this :)



I have question about the contact page, my template doesn’t work. How do i make manual collums?

Best regards,


I can certainly add this to the next update :)


Did you already updated the theme? Or can u send it to me?

I can send it to you if you contact me through the contact form on my profile, remember to remind me what you need, I get quite a few emails :)


I’m really enjoying this template! I do have a couple of feature requests:

- This one is very important. For longer blog posts, people have to scroll for a very long time to get back to any kind of menu or way to go back. Could we make the left sidebar sticky, keeping the logo and menu there when scrolling? Check any of my portfolio posts to see what I’m talking about.

- The overlay on the feature images when scrolled over; can we get an option to make it lighten instead of darken? My business is weddings, so lighter overlays would be more attractive.

Thank you!

Hey there,

1. Thanks, actually there was a sticky header, it seems to have stopped working! I’m updating the theme tomorrow, this will be fixed :)

2. There’s currently a control in the theme options to change the background colour, I’ll add a control in the next update to control the text colour on these hovers as well :)


Seriously, top notch support. Great job!


I bought your theme recently and wanted my home page to look like the one in your portfolio.

So I chose Full Grid as the blog’s layout and my recent posts. I added in a couple example posts, but there are no images, although the fancy effect is working and I set featured images as well.

Any recommandations?


thanks for your answer!

The picture was actually under 600px width and therefore not working. Maybe you should write a note on that somewhere in the backbend. Pictures over 1180px work fine on my configuration.

No ticket needed.

I just wondered why the loop file for creating the front page could not be found for editing in the backbend. So I had to alter it offline and upload via FTP. Maybe that should be enabled.

My customization brought the categories of a post under it’s title on full grid layout. If it’s for others helpful, I’ll share my code or could send it to you for integration into an update.

Looking forward to new features, fixes and working with the theme.


Hey there,

Ahh, the 600px issue, yeah I’m working on making this more obvious, great catch though :)

Not sure why the homepage loop file doesn’t turn up in the editor, probably it’s a little too deep in theme folders?

Hey, feel free to send anything you wish through the contact form on my profile :)



you guessed right. The Wordpress theme editor only allows one folder nested inside the theme folder. Maybe you should move the other files one directory higher to show them and make ‘em editable.

I’ll send you my version of the loop with categories after I’ve finished.