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Hello, i have troubles adding gallery to portfolio. It is asking for gallery shortcode, where i can get a documentation?

well ty. i got it fixed already documentation helped. i got another q – is there a way to change reorder the works in portfolio? they just sort by added date on main page.

Install and use this plugin to reorder portfolios:

Cheers :)

Cool tnx a lot )

Hi Does the theme work in wordpress 3.8? just want to check before i upgrade Thanks

Yep, works perfectly, go for it :)


Great looking theme! Seams that you have made a great code in this wordpress theme. The Masonry layout is also great!

I have four questions before purchase:

Can you inside a portfolio video post add more images below the video and text?

Can you fix the sidebar to the left so it isn’t scrolling up and down?

When you are inside a portfolio/blog post can you in some way center it? It looks a little bit awkward on a 1440p 27” screen, even on my 15.4” laptop screen it looks a tiny bit off.

When you are pressing the load button can you change how many that will be loaded?

Great coded theme the experience is awesome!

Hey there,

1. Yep, the video posts are just regular posts with a video on top (or up to 5 videos) you can add to the post content as usual.

2. Yeah, just a simple bit of Javascript to remove, I can show you how to do that. I’ll add a control to the theme in an update to disable this.

3. Hmm, potentially not, might take a little extra CSS work. We keep it aligned left so that the background image is available, the theme supports per post background images so we’re trying to feature them a little.

4. Yep, you have full control on the posts per page for portfolio load.

Cheers :)

Ohh coool! Thanks a lot! Thinking of uppgrading my wordpress site with a new look and navigation.

I’m on Wodpress 3.8 and I can’t find the shortcodes anywhere. Am I doing something wrong?

Hey there,

Other Works perfectly in WordPress 3.8, but the theme comes with no short codes. All elements are created in the page builder.

If you need short codes, please use a short code plugin, such as:


That way you can take your short codes with you if you ever change themes.


How can i center a gallery in the team seccion? Every gallery always appear out of the margin. I leave you the link if you want to check what i’m trying to ask.


Hey there,

Please leave the above at my support site, where my support team can help you with a little code to sort you out :)

You might also want to put your gallery short code into the ‘gallery short code area’ after choosing the ‘gallery’ post format instead :)


awesome theme so far, looking forward to the store addition. Question, how can i add an additional “team” page. I want to use one as a team and one as a list of services, while keeping the portfolio just the way it is

Thank you so much

Hey there,

1. Exactly, the portfolio categories are driven by the portfolio layout option in the theme options, if they’re showing blank that’s because the content of your portfolio items (featured image(s) used) don’t match the portfolio layout chosen.

2. Yes, thats what you need, you’ll find the subtitle code within single-portfolio.php


Can you please be more helpful?... i’m trying to get this to work.

Your answer to #2 is vague and what i tried did not work. Can you please tell me what line to edit and exactly what to replace it with.

For #1, please visit the website:

I have set-up the two images correctly, the portfolio is showing up fine as you can see if you visit the website. It’s the categories (after you click the image, not before) that do not work. Please go to this page (as i linked already before) , click on a category and you will see the blank page.

Help us fix these 2 issues please. Thank you


1. May be an issue, but I’m doing everything I can to help you! Please consider this before calling me unhelpful, especially since 2. is a theme customisation, not a theme issue!

If you’d like further help on both points now, please leave a ticket at my support site:

This thread is getting too long for my comment section now. See you at ticksy :)


Hi, is possible to align the website in the center of page and not on the left? tnks

Hey there,

This is something we will be looking into for the future, but currently isn’t an option in the theme.

Cheers :)

Pre-Purchase Question – Which areas are widget ready within the theme?

Hey there,

The sidebar area underneath the menu is ready for widgets only.

Cheers :)

Beautiful template, documentation for it is amazing and helping me as a complete newcomer to have an easy enough time. I was looking for the same thing MoxieHQ was when she asked,

“Beautiful template. Looks excellent via mobile devices, too. So, is this homepage masonry style limited to images from the portfolio or can they also be linked to blog posts?”

You said that it was included in an update, but I can’t figure out how. Any help?

This is truly an excellent theme

One more question. Is there a way to change the text in the search bar?

Hey there,

Yeah totally :)

Go to appearance => “editor” from your WP Dashboard, and click on searchform.php in the right hand list and modify as you need.

Cheers :)

I have a problem. How is it if I choose the blog medium and large blog, I always have the same layout? If I choose mansonry layout, when I click on load more, I reappear articles that I can already see above. How so?

Hey there,

It would be best that you leave a ticket with your site URL at our support site for help here:


+1 for Woocommerce!!! <3

Really good job !


I understand ;) Thank you…i’m novice :-/

How can i configure a page with the mansory layout ? i don’t find the option in the administration page…sorry

perhaps this would be easier if you could leave a ticket with your site URL for me:


No problem ;)

Hi there Tommus, Great theme! I’m about to make the jump for my design firm but wanted to get an updated ETA for the WooCommerce integration.

As we will be running a web store from launch, it’s quite important we get the WooCommerce side of things up and running ASAP. With a development deadline of two weeks from purchase, is it likely this will be integrated in a version soon?

I’d be happy to crash test dummy anything you’re working on too ;-)

Cheers, Rob

Hey there Rob,

I’ll have woo commerce working (without “Other” specific styling) by the end of this week.

If you want to drop me a message on friday I can send the theme files as they currently stand :)


Things are going well with this theme my friend! Although I’m not quite using it as you intended (most likely), I’m certainly enjoying it. The background images per page are awesome. I have noticed that they don’t resize when on a mobile device. They remain way too large for a mobile screen. Is this something intentional, unchangeable, or an easy fix? Thank you, and great work!

Sorry, I did forget one thing. The blog posts, as well as portfolio posts, tend to take a bit of time to load about 50% of the time (due to many images most likely). It would be INCREDIBLY helpful to have a loading animation, just as you have one for a page to load. Currently one feels lost as all clicks are unresponsive, leaving the user not knowing if it worked or not. Could this happen?

Hey there,

1. The background pictures arrange themselves to fit the background of the screen you’re looking on (without distortion) so you’ll find that on mobile devices a little of this effect is sadly lost, but still better than squashed pictures! :)

2. Working on this for an update right now :) Thanks for confirming this is needed!


How can i show a specific blog category on homepage?

Hey there,

In the bottom of the documentation is a note of some custom CSS to add to the plugin for this, here it is:

Change the Navigation Font

When you’re using the plugin, add the following to the ‘custom css’ option you get when choosing a font;

#header.navbar .nav > li > a, 
#header .dropdown-menu li a,
.main-title ,
.main-title  span,
.parallax h1,
.parallax .lead,
.load-more li a,
blockquote p, 
.widget .post-list li h6,
.widget .post-list li em,
.format-chat ul li strong,
.item-details li span,
.sidebox .post-list h6,
#testimonials div,
.overlay a div h5,
.overlay a div h5 span
font-family: 'Allan', arial;

Replace ‘allan’ with the font name you’ve chosen, making sure to keep it in the speech marks.


i did it but still there is a character problem in my left menu.

Hey there,

Ahh you’re right, sorry, the above code was for a different theme.

Could you quickly leave a ticket at my support site and I’ll get straight back to you, don’t want to end up flooding these comments with code :)

Cheers :)


Theme looks great. Pre-purchase question:

Is it possible to change to a dark layout/background instead of the white one?


By the way, is there an easy way to add social media icons/buttons, perhaps to the bottom left just below the menu?


Yeah :)

That area is widget enabled, so just download your favourite social icons widget and go for it. I recommend ZillSocial.


Hi Do you have any idea when woo-commerce will be working properly on the theme? Hope that you can help Dave

Hey there,

I’m planning on running a theme update later this week :) WooCommerce will be working in that update, but not styled and featured. You will be able to use it with no problems though :)


Great news, thanks for the heads up

Hi there, I have bought many themes, and this is the most trouble free and looks great. Props to you mate.

1 Q tho, am I able to create a menu item once clicked, shows the full grid / masonary layout, but will not show them in the home page masonary layout? I dont want duplicate portfolio items appearing..



Hey there,

You can separate out portfolio and blogs by categories to create separate sections, go to “posts” => “categories” then click “view” on a category page, you’ll just see posts related to that category then :)

You can do the same with the portfolio as well, though it will take until friday to have the homepage masonry layout in the other category pages also.


Great thank you, but I am still confused on how I can create a second blog without it automatically giving me the content of the first. Because I use “blog-large” template – and it auto generates all my “posts”.

I went to “view” under post > categories but that didn’t tell me anything, i must have misunderstood.


Hey there,

This would be easier if you could leave a ticket at my support site then:


Hey There,

can you please publish a log, what is changed since the last update? Is there a chance now, to share the portfolio pages to Facebook or other social networks? Especially with unique links? Thanks. Greetings Martin

Yep, putting a log up now :)

No sharing buttons on portfolio pages just yet, but as I mentioned if you turn off AJAX loading in the theme options and have portfolio posts open as a normal site, then you can use your favourite sharing buttons plugin with no problems.



Bug notice: When using Safari, going to a video post on the blog and scrolling down, then back up again, the header/sidebar glitches and stays at the bottom, or acts unpredictably. All is well in Chrome and Firefox. I tried on your live demo as well as my website and it’s consistently doing this.

Hey there,

Thanks for that :) This issue has now been logged and will be looked into.