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Hi, this theme is one of my favourite, but before I buy it:

I opened it on my windows phone… when I tap on any portfolio items nothing happens.

Can you please check it out? Thanks, Simone

Yes, I did, but I have the same problem: ovrlay slides work when I tap on the portfolio item, but the link doesn’t work. I can’t access to the item single page

Hmm, interesting, I’ll need to do some research on this then, working perfectly on iOS & Android, don’t have a windows mobile device to hand so I’ll have to hunt one down.


Ok, please tell me when you have news. Thanks, Simone

Current Other users:

If you install the theme update and your content disappears off the homepage, just go to the homepage edit screen and click the “update page” button. You only need to do this once.

This is due to the added category chooser for the homepage :)

This does not affect new buyers.


Has anyone else had the videos letterbox cropped once updated, I cant play videos on my iPhone from posts at all, and my computer looses the player bar and full screen option. See

:O you’re right! Update on it’s way to the reviewers right now!

Thanks for solving my issue immediately! Works perfectly!

Thanks for your support, Tommus. Very cool.

I’m having an issue with the blog format. Being a photographer, I use a Pinterest plugin to add a ‘Pin it’ button for each post. When the button is clicked, the user can choose which image to pin. However, this functionality is broken completely in the ‘Other’ blog format. If I open each blog post in a new tab, all works well and I can choose any photo I want. But if I just click on a blog post from the feed on the /blog page and not use a new tab, both my ‘Pin it’ button and Facebook ‘Like’ button do not function properly. Do you know what could cause this?

Hey there,

Ok so this is because of the animated ‘AJAX’ post loading. You’ll need to turn this off so that your users can properly visit your pages on separate URLs (this is also quite good for your site SEO as well)

Go to “appearance” => “customise” => “site settings” and turn off AJAX Post Loading.

Cheers :)

Brilliant! Worked perfectly. Thank you again! I’m really enjoying the layout of this theme.


Be sure to rate the theme from the downloads section of your themeforest account if you’re happy with the theme, and with my support :)


Can I resize the boxes on the home page so that I can have a full page of small boxes(blocks)that can be clicked on, etc? Love the layout

Hey there,

To change the box sizing you’ll need to modify the theme css as currently this isn’t a theme option. In style.css in your theme files, find all instances of:

.grid li

And modify the width attribute to what you need it to be. Note that this attribute changes depending on screen width.


You have one of the nicest mobile menus I’ve seen a wordpress site use. One thing that’s missing for me is a masonry style gallery that open up full screen. If you’re able to do this I think i may have a winner here.

Like you have in milli.


fantastic. Ping me when you updated it please.

is the demo updated?

Hey there,

Lightbox demo here:

Images will go to nearly full screen depending on the size / orientation of your uploaded images.


Really cool theme, good job! Just some question before buying it; -is there any way to change the order of the elements on each page? I mean now, first comes the header image, then title, subtitle, text and the project details on the righthand side. Can I have the title shown first for example? -Also, I am wondering is there any way to showcase the image content of each post a little bit better? Right now the header image looks small for what I have in mind. I was thinking of an image showdown with a full page width. This of course means that I ll have to disable the sidebar whenever I click and enter a page. Is that possible? – Can I disable the slider functionality of the header image as well? -Finally, the project details section is a custom field made by you or is it a widget? It looks nice and it will certainly make the process of data entry much easier.

Thank you in advance and again congrats for your amazing work :)

Oh right, hmm, I won’d be adding an option to remove the left hand sidebar I’m afraid.

If I get time for the update, I’ll have a think about how I could best do a really big image option for posts.

check back on wednesday when the updates are live, and you’ll see if the theme is right for you :)


Hey there, Any change on the image section after the update? I just saw this “FIXED – Post image now properly 1000px” and I was wondering if this has to do with what I ve been looking for. Thanks in advance!

Hey there,

Not quite yet, I’ve added a lightbox to the theme, but I’m going to be integrating it more deeply soon.


I took a chance and upgraded from v1.05 to v1.07 and noticed a huge bug. The eye icon that displays the page background does not work properly. It would be far easier for you to see than for me to explain, so please see what you can do. It seems that I’m going back to v1.05, unfortunately.

There’s an update coming on Wednesday luckily, but thanks for pointing that out to me :)



The first item in the portfolio does not behave properly. When I hover over it, the dark gray block slides into place, but without any text. Clicking on it brings me to a blank portfolio page.

However, if I slide the mouse off the TOP of the portfolio thumbnail (only off the top), then the gray block will slide up, and the white overlay text will slide in right behind it. At this point, it’s possible to click on the text (on a touchscreen device only, as moving the mouse down to the text would cause the block to slide back down, pushing the white text out of the block).

I’ve made some slight customizations to the detail page and I don’t want to have to do it again, so it would be nice to know how to fix the code error.

Please have a look at


You have an improperly closed anchor tag somewhere in your sidebar, probably in your text widget which is then propagating through the site causing this issue.

Please check your HTML.


First of all, awesome theme. Thank you very much. I am new to wordpress and I don`t have much knowledge on programing. Do you have a setup pdf, or text where I can learn how to use the functions? I set up a gallery, but it doesnt look like the one on the demo, for example.

Post name is a requirement of the theme for some of the functions to work. If post-name isn’t working, first try hitting the “save changes” button a few times (this flushes permalinks and can fix it in most cases) if not, drop your web host a support ticket, they will know exactly what’s going on regarding the URL rewriting of these permalinks :)

Short version – your web host support team will likely get that fixed for you in 2mins :)


Thanks a lot! Ill do that

Hi, great theme!

How or where can we change on the portfolio-site the filedsname of “Project Details”?

CLIENT : xxx DATE : xxx TAGS : x WEBSITE : xxxx


Thanky you very much! Wolfgang

Hey there,

You can change this in single-portfolio.php in your theme files. If you need to modify the backend you’ll need to change /ebor_framework/metaboxes.php


Hi, i have a little problem with this theme.

When i’m viewing the “detail page” (maybe more like a pop-up) of an element inside a category and i try to move inside another category, the detail page does not disappear. It should close automatically revealy elements of other category, right?

How can i fix it?

Another question:

is there the possibility to sort elements in a definte order?

I would like to decide what element should appear up on the page.

Elements are now linked to the portfolio category but i cannot choose a “sort method” for this.

Portfolio posts are defined by published date order, if you need finer control of this, consider this plugin:


Thank You, this is amazing!

On our site portfolio grid elements were stretching vertically on internet explorer 8 (under Windows XP).

We found applying the following code fixed this.

@media \0screen {img { width: auto }} /* Prevent height distortion in IE8. */

Thanks for the tip! :)

I am looking for the setting to change the hyperlink underline style and color, but I cannot seem to find it. Any tips?

Hmm, very true, I’ve noted this in my development log for an update.


Thank you! This may be a silly question… but how do I know when updates are posted and do I need to re-install the theme when they come out?

Hey there,

Make sure you’re subscribed for item updates from themeforest so that you know when the updated theme files have gone live. Once you grab the latest files from the downloads section of your themeforest account, use the ‘Manual Updates’ section of this article to help you upgrade;

Chers :)

I’m having a problem with “Load More”, but it may be me as I’m new to WordPress templates. I upgraded to 1.0.8 hoping to solve the problem but I still see it.

All of my Featured Images are exactly square 600×600 pixel images. They look and behave correctly until I select the ‘Load More’ action. The additional Featured Images are cropped, not square? I also notice that on some portfolios, the load more option is available even if the screen is not (16 in this case) full; that is, it looks like if they are on the load more screen for ‘all’, they don’t display on a smaller subset until ‘load more’ is selected.

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

Not dumb at all! :)

Everyone’s requirements for a theme are different, I think you might benefit from having the scrolling header disabled, would you like me to explain how to do that? :)

Thanks for your kindness as I think it may have been a dumb question :-)

I don’t know what a “scrolling header” is (yet) so maybe you could coach me on how to disable it, and maybe also send a link (if you know of one) where I could read about such things so I don’t bother you. Your help is greatly appreciated.

No problem :)

At this point I could help you more easily if you dropped me a ticket at my support site:


And I’ll do everything I can to help further :)


Hi, nice theme ! I have two little questions : - is there a way to link the homepage portfolio pictures to a page and not to a portfolio item ? - for the team members stuff, I wish I could set the text before the picture, is it possible ? Thanks !

Hey there,

1. Not really, they’re designed to work with the usual WordPress “post type” structure. If you disabled AJAX loading in the theme options then you would be able to use a post redirect plugin however:

2. Not currently, let me take a look at this for a theme update though.


Hey Tommus,

Quick question for you. I am trying to implement Yoast Video Seo plugin, but when using the ‘video’ format from this theme it seems that no videos are recognized for a video xml. They support oEmbed, so I’m wondering why they can’t show up in an XML file. Any ideas? Thanks.

Fantastic! Your knowledge never ceases to amaze me :) I would rate you 5 stars across the board again if I could!

Cheers :) Of course your can rate the theme (if you haven’t already) from the “downloads” page of your theme forest account.


Hi, quick question before I purchase you great theme. Can I have multiple portfolios?

You can indeed have separate portfolio pages :)


Hi, quick question before I purchase you great theme. Can I have multiple portfolios?

You can indeed have separate portfolio pages :)



On my video format posts, it seems as though the page renders two posts rather than one, as my plugins show up twice. I feel like the video itself acts as a post, then the post text acts as another. My social icons are set to display at top of post, and they show above the video and again above the text. I also have a footer for all posts showing up below video and below text. Weird. I noticed that on the ‘blog index’ page that shows the feed, all video posts have the footer showing underneath in the feed, but all other post formats do not have the footer in the feed. Any assistance is appreciated!

Hey there,

You’re totally right, that is exactly how the videos are loaded.

I can remedy this, but I need to update the theme to do it, if you’d like me to quickly fix that for you, feel free to drop me a WP Login through the contact form on my profile page and I can do that for you :)