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Great work! Got one question. Is it normal that there is no loading process visible if clicking on “load more” to pull further posts to the blog?

Could this be added? Where?

Hey there,

Yes, that would make a good theme update actually, I’ve made a note of this.


Is it possible to get URLs visible to the browser adress line if SITEWIDE – Use AJAX for Loading is activated?

Because i would like to unable AJAX for loading but still wana have the the url visible for sharing reasons

Hey there,

This is something we’re working on :) But not currently available in the theme.

Cheers! – Tom

Great, another really good improvement would be if you could have a better overview of search results. So if you have a portfolio item, a team item and a blog item those results are hard to distinguish. Maybe a small corner ribbon as a overlay to the post image would help to identify results in a quicker way to a visitor.

Hey there,

Fantastic suggestion, I’ve made a note of this :)



I’m trying to create the contact page, but in the documentation, you don’t speak how to integrate the map from Gmaps.

I saw the boxe to copy past the content for the iFrame, but don’t know how to obtain this piece of code.

Thanks by advance

ok… got it !

On the gmaps page, on the bottom right their is a “wheel icon”. Clic on it, and click on share and embed maps.

Just this icon is not easy to see in the first time.

Sorry for the “spaming” message.


Sweet, thanks so much for replying with the answer also :)

Hi again :)

about shortcode, in the documentation, it’s write : ” Using Ebor Shortcodes

Ebor shortcodes will make a small shortcode generator just above your WP Editor, clicking a shortcode name in this generator will add it to your posts content. you can use this plugin across other themes to ensure your shortcodes never disappear.”

Ok. But… I don’t see them !

Ofc, I have install eborshortcode plugin.

To conclude, I have to said that I found the documentation a little short.

Thanks by advance

Hey there,

The short codes generator was broken by WP 3.9, I’m getting round to fixing it.

For now, here’s a cheat sheet of short codes:

We only included short codes for buttons, if you need more short codes I’d recommend another plugin:



Can i make a portfolio Lightbox page that would not be linkable? Meaning we can only see the featured images and their title but we can not click on than? that is in addition of leaving the version of the portfolio in the normal way as well. I would like to have my home page with not linkable portfolio and portfolio page as a normal portfolio.

Thanks a lot Lilu

In which case you’ll need theme customisation, as this is not something the default theme supports. If you need theme customisation help you can use the appropriate option here:


The new wordpress update just broke my portfolio ( When you click on portfolio it just reloads the home page (which is my blog ). The content is still there and i can access the individual portfolio pages if i type in the direct URL but the main Portfolio page is gone.

Hey there,

The theme is confirmed working with the newest updates, please ensure the update did not break one of your plugins.


I’m pretty sure it’s not a plugin but the new portfolio functionality wordpress added. This is what my portfolio page looks like:

Hey there,

Your version of other is out of date, update the theme and then see if your portfolio returns :)

To update your theme to the latest version, you should re-grab the theme files from the downloads page of your themeforest account. You should then use the ‘Manual Updates’ section of this article to help you upgrade;


Is there a way to use pages (instead of posts) for a homepage portfolio? (My client already had a ton of content pages in another theme and wants those to show as a portfolio item). Thanks.

There’s an option for this in “appearance” >” customise” >”portfolio options”

Cheers – Tom

Cool. I found Appearance/Customize/PortfolioSettings/SINGLE-Display Additional Details and unchecked it. That seemed to do the trick. Thanks.

Hi, I was curious to know if the images people clicked on in the masonry home page could load very large, high-resolution image examples of photography work.

You may want to see my other theme “Kubb” for this, each of the “portfolio” layouts in that theme can be set as the homepage, and the grid lightbox option in that is probably exactly what you need:


Thanks for your reply. I’m not interested in taking up the entire home page with one image. Many themes do that already. I wanted a masonry/lightbox style portfolio home page where thumbnails can be clicked to open much larger high-res images.

Hey :)

I’m not 100% sure what you are after then, please could you clarify and maybe send an example of something you have seen that explains the functionality you are seeking.

Cheers – Tom

Hi Tom, Other is a beautiful theme. I’m really pleased to have it, so thank you.

I’m trying to integrate Drupal Commerce into it but have hit a problem just out of my skill set. I need the front page preview images to load the actual page in the browser when clicked. Currently the URL is hidden somehow and so the address stays the same. This means the variables in Commerce aren’t working. I think it might be down to line 4 in node-view-portfolio-block.tpl.php (print $node_url; etc…)

You can see the issue at – the select box on the page works – changing it changes the store variables, but if you then go to the home page and back to the page by clicking on the home page preview image the select box doesn’t work.

This is a problem for Commerce, but also a problem because bookmarking doesn’t work for anything other than the homepage.

Any ideas on this?


Hey Matthew,

This is the comments section for the WordPress version of Other, I believe you’re looking for the Drupal version here:


Sorry, my mistake, I’ll head over there now!

Hi Tommus,

I’m have been using Yoast Video SEO plugin with Wordpress SEO to show video snippets for all video blog posts. Until recently it has worked just fine as I’m able to find the custom field using custom field finder plugin. However, now when the Video SEO plugin is enabled, all of my video posts only show the web address rather than the actual video on all of the pages. Also, it seems that the video sitemap function is blocked. Video SEO can find all videos but cannot write them to a sitemap. I contacted Yoast and they said it was a theme issue? Thanks for your help!


sorry, the site is I have disable the Video SEO plugin right now so that my posts show the video rather than just the text link.

Hey there,

Try this, go to “appearance” -> “editor” and click on video-format.php delete what’s inside and replace with this:

<figure class='media-wrapper player'><?php echo wp_oembed_get( get_post_meta( $post->ID, '_cmb_the_video_1', true ) ); ?></figure>

though I fail to see how a theme that works perfectly without the plugin, is at fault when the plugin installs and breaks the theme, though hopefully the above will do the trick :)


Hi there

I’m thinking of using this theme which looks great (congratulations btw). On equestion though : It seems only the homepage portfolio is filterable. I’d like to use “portfolio horizontal” with category filters. Is it possible ?

Thanks in advance

Ahh right, go to “appearance” -> “customise” -> “site settings” and disable the ajax loading option for this :)


Hi tom Works great, thanks ! Could you also let me know how one can change the default HTML tags for page titles and subtitles (respectively h2 and h6) Cheers

Seen you’ve solved this,


Hello I wonder why but it seems that I have a display issue concerning single folios. See this folio for instance. The Meta column o not appear where it should… Any idea why ?

PS : I solved the previous issue concerning default HTML tags, though this one is quite a brainteaser…

In which case you’ll need to contact the plugin developer and mention to prefix his CSS to avoid theme conflicts, that would solve the issue :)


Well, I solved this by renaming columns classes in WEN’s CSS Thanks

Hi Tom Sorry for harassing you, that should be among the last questions :)
  • Is there a way to make single folio’s galleries touch reactive? Navigation is kind of tricky on tablets/smartphones.
  • Same question with keyboard (left/right) navigation. Is it possible and if yes how ?
  • I add a “ALT” to every images uploaded as galleries on single folios/articles, though it doesn’t appear in HTML code and make SEO slightly less efficient. Any way to improve this ?

PS : website is looking great, many thanks for the good work !

Hey there,

Thanks for the feedback :)

I’m looking to improve these galleries for the next update (no confirmed date yet) as just like you, I feel these could be improved, on all 3 points :)


Alright, let’s wait and hope you can improve this. That would be great

How do I set the portfolio posts as default on the homepage instead of normal posts? The Ebor CPT plugin makes it seem like I need a extra extension.

Hey there,

Just use a published page set to the “homepage” template and you’ll have a page just like my demo, further details in the theme documentation.


I have my website all up, it’s The desktop site works perfect no problems at all. However, the mobile site on my iPhone is having problems. On the homepage the website is not allowing me to click anything it just shows the portfolio and the menu doesn’t work or anything. Just the images for the portfolio are present. Please take a look and let me know if there is a fix for this. Thanks.

Found the problem, it was the plugin “Lightbox Gallery”

Hi tommusrhodus

do you keep us in the loop regarding updates? I guess there is a newer version as the last february update out there. Isn’t it? It seems that the list in the description of the item is not updated. Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your answer. I already checked the “notify me if a update is available” box on the download page. Unfortunately I receive no infos about a newer version. Do you also check the box, if you update the theme?

Of course, it’s checked by default, but bear in mind the last update was April, it wasn’t recent.


Thanks again. I will look forward for further updates :) Best regards

Hi! To first I have to say it’s nice theme. I’m glad to use it. One function would facilitate using page – it’s infinite scrolling. I tried so many plugins, but not work.

I have lots of photos in one page and infinite scroll could help with faster loading.

Do you have any experience or suggestion?

Many thanks!


Hey there,

We have a load more click functionality, unfortunately infinite scrolling isn’t a plugin job, this would require a lot of deep theme customisation.

For further help with theme customisation, you can contact our customisation partners here:



Great template! The only thing I did not expect was that the URL does not change when you open a post. This is very SEO-unfriendly. Will there be a update about this?

Cheers, Ruben

Thanks for such a fast reply. That did the job! I think why it didn’t work for me.. cookies/cache.


Any idea how I can add social media icons?

Hey there,

Where to? You can add them to the header / sidebar area using widgets.


Would buy… If I could show blog posts exactly how portfolio items are shown (filterable, boxes)