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Hello! The template is beautiful. I have a problem with firefox and Expoler updated scroll mouse does not work! How can I do?

Seems on the demo, in safari version 5.1.10, the rollover text on the home page does not show up.

Sorry, we do not support Safari 5 as this browser has been completely abandoned by Apple and has a lower user share than even IE6.


Do you know of a way for the home page to default to one of the sorts? Like .web-design for example?

Yeah, you would edit the isotope call in /js/main.js to your needs. Docs:


Class .content has default enable loader. How can I disabled it ?

I’m not sure what you mean, could you explain a little further?


Theme use preloader but I’d like to disabled it. How ?

#loader { display: none !important; }

Would get you started.


Hey there, great theme, is there a way for the mobile nav to hide back after you click the sort on the home page? It’s covering the items currently

Hey there,

You could edit /js/custom.js to tie in a menu hide into the filters click JS, but as you point out, the template doesn’t do this by default.


Hi, I got the website recently, its beautiful code an i’m in love with it. One small issue i cant seem to find how to rectify?

When uploaded one of my own images the size increases?

Same size :)

Hi ! I love your template, but I have a small problem that I can’t figure out. On my computer it works fine but not in mobile version… let me explain :

- I can load your theme from this address on my iphone and the gallery display properly, I see the titles over the images and all is fine.

- It wasn’t working on my own website so I thought I had done something wrong while editing it, so I uploaded the original template, the whole thing straight from the zip file without any modification on my server, but it still won’t work.

What I see is the horizontal pictures, with white squares over them (without the text in it) and I see the titles all together below the images… It’s a bit hard to explain.

Well I was wondering, since the unaltered template works on your server but not on mine, do you know what could be the problem ? The vertical gallery works fine…

I hope you can help. But thank you anyhow ! :)

Hey there,

If you need any help, please contact me with the account that purchased the theme and provide your URL.


Theme beautiful a question I can connect the external links to the photos in the index? Thank you very much

Yes, this is a html template, not a wordpress theme though.


ummmm …. I’m seeing the issue from a friend who bought it but not riuscieco understand how to do it, if I put the link eg with target _blank nothing happens

Hello! Have to say, best template I’ve seen in a while.

I’m having trouble achieving the “portfolio” look as it is shown on the demo on the site. I’ve already linked the correct sizes for the pictures, however when I hover over them and try to click them, it’s not opening a larger image. Would you please help me with this?

Thank you!

Hey there,

The portfolio runs off AJAX which needs a server environment to run, set up a local server or upload to your webhost to see it running as our demo :)


Hi! I love your theme!! but I have a small problem with accessing single-portfolio.html from gallery.html content, when I go through Project Title. When I go there through left menu is it ok, but when I hit Project Title in gallery.html it is just showing that loading squares, Would you please help me with this?

Thanks a lot!!

hey there, for all support please leave a ticket at and provide a site url. Cheers!